Long Island

Hungry for Something New? The 10 Best New Restaurants in America

Tired of the same ol' same ol'? You're in luck. Food & Wine just announced its 2019 list of Best New Restaurants and chances are, at least one of them is within striking distance. The list, which...

Nassau County

by jnjn 7 years ago

At the risk of offending, and sincere aplogies if that is the case, I'd like to go on record and say that among nassau county, the 5 boroughs and westchester county, that nassau county, by a ...

Long Island diner

by Gastronomos 4 years ago

At dinner last night... at the diner... I was served a side monkey dish of lukewarm broccoli. I tried to add the ice cold butter from the little packet to the broccoli, but it wouldn't melt. I add...

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Route One serves family-style Italian in Larchmont...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

Get ready for the big plates! Just opened: Route One Family Style Italian Restaurant on Boston Post Road in Larchmont. It is in the same space that operated for many years as La Riserva. There have...

Having breakfast on Long Island

by Scott_R 9 years ago

About once a week, I go out for breakfast. For me this means more than scrambled eggs on a roll or a donut. I like to find interesting creations that I can sit and relax with (and I don't have muc...

Sage Bistro says goodbye

by Gastronomos 1 month ago

Sage Bistro in Bellmore has a strange way of communicating. They say "goodbye" on social media, while at the same time say they are open, or closed, for renovations, and comments by unidentified po...

Since 1963 on Long Island

by Gastronomos 27 days ago

Lots of talk about fine dining and restaurants opening and restaurants closing so here's a place that stands true since 1963: https://www.allamericanhamburgerli.com/ It's an institution. ...

Jewel gets bought and sold

by Gastronomos 28 days ago

Tom Schaudel sells his crown Jewel. https://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/restaurants/tom-schaudel-jewel-melville-anthony-scotto-1.36407600 Tom Schaudel states, “between Yelp and Facebook and try...

Cotton Candy Towers

by sgny 1 month ago

Does anybody know of any places that make cotton candy towers for purchase on Long Island. Interested for my kid’s birthday party. Thanks.

Syrian food in great neck

by KosherKing 4 years ago

Suggestions for takeout Syrian food for Shabbos? Preferably in the great neck area.

Food media on Long Island

by Gastronomos 2 months ago

With the news of FiOs1News being shuttered as of 12:01 a.m. on November 16, 2019, locals will be left now only with Altice's News 12. Restaurant Hunter will be gone. Some amazing hard-working pe...

Briermere Pies?

by Motosport 1 month ago

I was yearning for a nice Lemon Meringue pie yesterday so I went to my go to spot, Modern Snack Bar, but they were closed on Mondays. I hit Briermere and found what looked like a nice Lemon Meri...

BBQ on the Island

by Gastronomos 2 years ago

After a couple of really, really bad meals at two local (local to me that is) bbq type joints, I am still convinced that this Islands inhabitants do not know how to make and serve bbq. At all. I...

North Fork Shack (Southold, LI)

by Scott_R 2 months ago

I was out on the NoFo today (a Wednesday) and after some of my usual stops (Village Cheese, Catapano, etc.) I went to North Fork Roasting for lunch. Except that I discovered they've greatly limited...

Spud's "Pomme Fries" is Closed, Bellmore

by Gastronomos 11 months ago

Closed Edit: word has it they might reopen in an other location. Hopefully not as obviously bad as the first one.

Michaelangelo's Riverhead, long rant!

by Motosport 2 months ago

I organize an informal Thursday lunch group that meets at local Riverhead restaurant every week. I invite a slew of local residents (about 50) between 5 and 15 show up. It's a "Lunch about Nothin...

Fresh, Local Long Island Seafood

by Gastronomos 4 years ago

I know we've discussed this topic in other ways, but I'm curious as those posts are old and we need new, fresh sources and discussions. I was at Rachel's Waterside Grill recently (I know, I'm a ...

Popeye's opens in Riverhead

by Motosport 3 months ago

We went to the new Popeye's in Riverhead for lunch today. I like their ads and had high hopes. When will I ever learn?? We shared one chicken and one shrimp combo. Both had lots of tasty crunch...

Taste the Technique - LI

by Gastronomos 4 years ago

https://youtu.be/JZ3qYe2MKno http://www.greatbritishchefs.com/how-to-cook/how-to-pan-baste-with-josh-eggleton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MhzKI4q5FE Anyone know of a restaurant on LI ...

Vincent's Sauce

by GJWhite 13 years ago

Every Christmas my uncle brings over a few containers of sauce from Vincent's, one mild and one spicy. As those of you who have tasted it will know, it's got a very different taste profile than tra...

10pm craving for rib-eye or salmon in Nassau

by holyveal 3 months ago

Almost died last night from a 10pm craving. Where the heck does one get decent: (1) rib-eye (first choice); or (2) broiled/grilled salmon (second but healthier choice) in Nassau at that time of ni...