Eating and traveling go hand in hand, so Chowhounds have the best recommendations for where to stay when you're on the road--and of course, where to eat too.

A Bite Size Guide to Austin, Texas

Planning a trip to Austin, Texas? Here’s where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see and do. In the middle of Texas sits a neon blue oasis fluent to a litany of desires. Whether it’s delicious food...

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Good vacation rental where I can roast a pig outside?

by alixschwartz 5 years ago

I am trying to plan a birthday party. Found a caterer who can roast a pig for the party (thanks, Robert Lauriston) but now I need a venue. I was thinking of renting a house in Stinson through VRBO,...

Jerusalem: best hotel breakfast, best vegetarian /dairy meals

by noya 5 years ago

Beginning to plan our trip and of course food is the first thought! Which hotel has the best breakfast? Where shall we (a family of 8) have lunches and dinners? Vegetarian or dairy. We love hummus ...

2 nights/3 days with a tween and a teen

by fluffyfoodie 5 years ago

I'm planning on taking my kids to Washington, DC for a 3 day/2 night whirlwind trip. We'll be packing food for the most part as we need to stick to a very tight budget, but I would like for us to ...

Barcelona-best area to stay in for restaurants

by css 6 years ago

Not sure this is answerable but...booking hotel for April visit. Love to be able to walk to dinner Can stay nearer to Paseo de Gracia or Las Ramblas. Opinions?

College visit...first time in Seattle!

by manku 5 years ago

Going with my daughter to visit University of Puget Sound this week...first time in Seattle. I have reservations at the Marriott...please let me know if any Starwood or Hyatt properties are bett...

Scotland Trip

by zuriga1 6 years ago

We're planning a trip to Scotland in very early September and any recommendations for great hotels with lovely food would be appreciated. Naturally, I've made note of Helen's suggestions around the...

Hotel/Inn/B&B plus Thanksgiving Dinner around Vergennes, VT area

by Familyof4 11 years ago

We are visiting hubby's friend in Vergennes, VT day after Thanksgiving. I thought we should drive up from NY early and spend Thanksgiving around that area. Any suggestions on hotels/inns/b&bs an...

Napa/Sonoma Hotels or Resorts with Good Food

by farmersdaughter 14 years ago

Trying to plan a weekend away to either Napa or Sonoma and want to stay at more upscale hotel or spa, but one with a good restaurant either on the premises or within a 5 minute drive away. Someone...

Bali food and lodging in November

by Andy 15 years ago

Looking for a charming hotel (off the tourist track) and good restaurants in Bali. Going in November

Vegas Hotels with best restaurant combinations

by Trail 6 15 years ago

Coming in to Vegas in October from a horseback adventure with my honey. Looking to hunker down in one spot and dine, drink, soak in pool and not move around much. Would like to hear opinion...

Cape - restaurants/hotels/both?

by nomadfromcincy 16 years ago

Hello- My fiancee are getting married in late August and we want to go on an abbreviated "honeymoon" for a couple of days after the wedding. (The longer honeymoon will come later.) We are looki...

Christmas Dinner & Hotels?

by Sue Young 16 years ago

We have decided to come with our 2 teens for Christmas/boxing day this year, any Christmas eve dinner and christmas day dinner suggestions? We would like something casual but special since we will ...

Please help with upcoming trip!! Restaurants and hotels!!!

by LizR 16 years ago

Hi, I'm an Atlanta chowhound traveling to Chicago next weekend and remaining on during the next week for business. My husband and I fly in on the 23rd and do not have a hotel reservation for the ...

70th B-Day: Hotels and Dining???

by citysavage 17 years ago

We (3 brothers, their wives, and kids from Boston, NYC, and Baltimore) are planning to celebrate my NYC mother's 70th B-day in Montreal in November. She loves fine food and stylish, elegant hotels....

South Beach hotels and restaurants

by Tee Crenshaw 17 years ago

I want to surprise my wife on her 40th birthday with a trip to South Beach, but know very little about the area. I want a hotel on the beach, or as close as possible. I prefer a smaller hotel over ...

Hotels and Dining in NY

by J 17 years ago

Slightly off-topic...I am hoping someone can help. We have a wedding to go to (I will be asking for restaurant recommendations shortly) and need to get our accommodations settled. I can either s...

Montreal Hotels

by DC 17 years ago

Need some help. I'm sending my parents to Montreal for a weekend, and want some hotel recommendations. My parents don't like hotels that are too "personal" (i.e., B&Bs, which is where I stay when...

Hotels in San Diego?

by Linda from Boston 17 years ago

I need your help. My husband and I will be in San Diego the week of June 9th for a three-night stay. We are looking for hotel recommendations. Someone had suggested a hotel in LaJolla that was p...

montreal hotels

by teri 17 years ago

i'm coming for a conference in montreal in mid april. i prefer boutique style hotels that have some charm and a few amenities, without being too costly. i did find a place called the Hotel Nelligan...