21 Amazing Air Fryer Recipes You Did Not See Coming

You expect the almighty air fryer to turn out crisp fried chicken, crunchy french fries, and other goodies with that key f-word in their names. But the air fryer is a lot more versatile than you might...

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Angelicas in sea bright

corvette johnny
by corvette johnny 7 years ago

Has anyone been recently? My wife was reading an article about them in some magazine yesterday and she told me they have a signature 2lb veal chop. That caught my attention! And their other signa...

Maine Lobster - Ft. Myers

by brandessa 13 years ago

Is there anywhere in the Fort Myers area that servies Maine Lobster aside from Red Lobster?

Are tank lobsters any good?

by iheartcooking 6 years ago

I know they're not going to be as amazing as, you know, lobsters in Maine or anything along those lines, but at my local asian grocery store there are tanks of all kinds of live fish and crustacean...

Dispatching live lobsters?

by carswell 13 years ago

No denying it: many lobster dishes are best made with the raw meat from a freshly killed lobster. Problem is, killing them is always something of a traumatic experience. Yes, they're just big bugs...

Lobster ravioli sauce

by noodlepoodle 9 years ago

I just bought some lobster ravioli at Costco and I'm not exactly sure what to top it with. I've had it in restaurants before with some kind of butter sauce. Any ideas out there? The pasta itself...

Costco Frozen Lobster Tails

by SarahInMinneapolis 8 years ago

Has anyone tried them? They come 8-9 to a box for @ $90 a box. Cold water. 7-ish oz a piece, if memory serves. Assume you thaw them correctly (overnight in fridge). Again, anyone tried them?

How long will lobster live out of the tank?

by mothrpoet 15 years ago

I would like to buy some live lobsters on Friday to prepare on Saturday evening. Is there a way to keep them alive for 24 hours or so? I'm used to doing tails, so steaming a live one is a new adven...

Sides for steamed lobster?

by frenetica 15 years ago

I've never cooked lobster before but I'm planning on serving it tonight, basic-style (boiled in salted water with clarified butter). I'd love some ideas on what to serve alongside it.

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