9 Summer Seafood Feasts to Have Delivered to Your Door

Craving a seafood feast but not a clue how to fish? These seafood delivery dinner options are filled with fresh lobster, clams, crawfish, crab, and more for a taste of the shore anytime, anywhere. They...

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B&G Lobster Rolls = Pricey

by CambridgeFoodie 5 years ago

"Market Price" last night for the Bacon, Lobster, and Tomato roll with fries was $38...pricey.

Lobster Meat for Lobster Rolls

by krisrishere 5 years ago

I found a local resource that is selling a 1/2 pound of lobster meat for $22. The meat is from a fairly well-known packing company in Portland, ME who "certifies" that they only use Maine lobste...

Where is the Best Lobster in Ogunquit Maine plus other must eat places?

by dinnertime11 5 years ago

Hi, we will be heading to ogunquit maine in July and I want to make sure that I eat at the place with the best fresh lobster. I heard Barnacle Billys is a must but on Trip Advisor it is ranked lowe...

Gallaghers Resorts Casino. A C

by Barbarella 5 years ago

booked a room there mid July for a business trip . Gallaghers looked good but expensive. Should we eat there or is there a better resto in the area? Looking for steak fish and lobster if possible..

Live Lobster prices- please share what you see!

by phipsi102 5 years ago

Hey everyone, I'm looking to pick up 8-10 chicken lobsters for this friday, hard to find prices online, anyone spotted any prices in the Metro Boston area lately? Thanks!

Lobster Pot Pie at Pearl Oyster Bar -- Yowzers!

by Dave Feldman 7 years ago

I've always wondered why I bother clicking on "Like" on Facebook for commercial entities. Now I know why. Pearl Oyster Bar posted a photo of lobster pot pie and it's the first time I've ever been...

How many lobster tails are usually needed for a lobster roll?

by nycguy20011 5 years ago

How many lobster tails are usually needed for a lobster roll? I prefer lobster tail meat over any other part of the lobster, and it's cheaper to just buy the tail part ($9) instead of the whole lob...

Best lobster

by Bogiesma 5 years ago

Taking a cruise in Oct. where can we get best lobster near the cruisline port. Or within a 10-15 min cab ride

Cheap Lobster

by jfmirabella 6 years ago

Fairway is selling Lobster for $5.99 a pound. It's the cheapest I have seen in years. I went to Johnny Lobster on 26th Street in Brooklyn to find out why. It turns out that these lobsters are ca...

Yummy Lobster Rolls in NYC

by willscarlett 6 years ago

I'm just wondering what some of the yummier lobster rolls in NYC are. So far, I've had Luke's, which I do like, as well as Red Hook Lobster Pound, which I thought was even better than Luke's. Ho...

lowell Restaurants

by Debra M. Schwartz 5 years ago

we are looking for a good place to eat lunch in Lowell. Maybe with lobster rolls? Thanks.

Sauce for Lobster Ravioli?

by carolinadawg 12 years ago

I bought some lobster ravioli at Trader Joe's, and I'm a bit stumped as to what kind of sauce to serve it with. Perhaps a cream/alfredo sauce? Or just a plain marinara? Any suggestions would be ...

lobster spaetzle?

by ajt13 5 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe approximating the amazing lobster spaetzle served at, for instance, Kurt Gutenbrunner's Wallse in NYC? I've seen it listed on other menus too, but have never seen a recipe...

Houston hound heading to Austin in September

by James Cristinian 5 years ago

The wifeacita is having a "symposium", I hate corporate speak, in mid September. I'm free for three days with car and need lunch recommendations. We're staying on something called Business Park Dr...

Buy lobster from fishermen in Maine

by ilovericenj 5 years ago

Hi Guys, So someone told my dad there are places in Maine where you can buy lobsters on the dock directly from the fishermen and they will cook it for you. That's all the info I have. Any id...

Help Me Build a Seafood Tower of Epic Proportions!

by soypower 5 years ago

We have a big birthday party coming up for a couple of close friends who love seafood so I wanted to create an amazing seafood tower for them. I want this tower to have tons of different types and...

"Cooking From Lobster At Home" By Jasper White, What Are Your Favorite Recipes?

by dkennedy 8 years ago

I was inspired to buy this book due to the BUZZ expressed during the July 2012 COTM nomination thread. I bought a copy used for a good price, and plan on cooking out of it as a companion thread to...

Does Stop and Shop cook lobsters for you?

by madeliner 5 years ago

They are 5.99 a lb here and I would like to buy them already cooked I tried calling the seafood department but no one ever answers :D

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