Lobster Roll

Easy Tips for Perfecting Summer's Beloved Seafood Sandwich

It really doesn't get much better than a fresh seafood sandwich during summer. From shrimp and lobster rolls to grilled Mahi and fried tilapia there are countless types of fish and seafood to use and...

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McD's lobster roll, just don't

masha bousha
by masha bousha 3 years ago

Why? Why did I think I should spend $8.99 on a cold lobster roll from McD's recently? Well, I was hungry and had some extra cash on me. I was buying a Big Mac and fries (both are currently $2.50...

Lobster Rolls in the Berkshires?

by Mimi 7 years ago

Where can I find a lobster roll in the Berkshires? Last summer I was pleased with those 99 Restaurants in West Springfield and Pittsfield and super disappointed in the one at Salmon Run in Lee. I...

Morgan's Lobster Shack - Truckee

by ricepad 4 years ago

We found ourselves in Truckee yesterday (hoping to buy some new ski boots). I'd heard good things about Morgan's Lobster Shack, and it turned out to be next door to a ski shop. I've never had a lob...

Help me plan my Lobster Roll Quest of NE Mass, Coastal NH, and SE Maine

by L2k 5 years ago

If the current forecast for this weekend (rain) improves, we'll be doing our "every 3-5 year coastal quest for lobster rolls" trip up to Maine, probably no further north than Scarborough. Yes, Red...

portland this weekend

by jamala 4 years ago

Hi, I am traveling to Portland with my husband and another couple this weekend and wanted some last minute feedback on our itinerary! We are driving up from NY on friday and are thinking of sto...

Saturday breakfast/brunch spots near 95, then lobster roll on Cape

by fillie 4 years ago

Hi, My husband and I are driving from Philly out to the Cape this Saturday for vacation. We're going to be driving through CT up to the Cape, estimating that we'll get to New Haven by 10am and wil...

Red's Still the Best

by hargau 4 years ago

Still the best value for your $$. Went at 9:30.. No line. $19.99 at least 1-1/2 whole lobsters in it. I think my roll actually had 3 tails and a bunch of claws and knuckles.

Lobster rolls in or around Norwood?

by frond 4 years ago

Hi, does anyone know of a good lobster roll in Norwood or one of the surrounding towns? Thanks.

Best warm lobster roll in Connecticut?

by mels 8 years ago

I have a friend coming from out of state to visit 4th of July weekend who is dying to try a Connecticut style lobster roll. Where should I take her for the ultimate CT lobster roll experience? I am...

Knuckle and Claw Lobster Rolls Hit Silverlake

by chowseeker1999 4 years ago

got a chance to try out the new Lobster Roll specialist in Silver Lake, "Lobster and Claw". it's a tiny little space along Sunset (near Night + Market Song). we tried out 3 of their main items,...

How much lobster for lobster rolls?

by MMRuth 10 years ago

I'm thinking of making lobster rolls at home tonight from the Pearl Oyster Bar cookbook (not that it's brain surgery, but anyway ... I'm also going to make the fried oysters and tartar sauce), and ...

Lobster rolls in DFW?

by zoede 4 years ago

Where can I find an honest-to-goodness lobster roll in DFW? I moved from New England to DFW at the end of last summer. Now that I'm far from the birthplace of lobster on a hot dog roll I am really ...

Lobster Roll- Rhode Island

by jandj 12 years ago

We are planning on taking a ride tomorrow and looking for the best Lobster Roll in Rhode Island, preferably with a water view. Destination will depend on responses... Thanks, JandJ

B&G Lobster Rolls = Pricey

by CambridgeFoodie 4 years ago

"Market Price" last night for the Bacon, Lobster, and Tomato roll with fries was $38...pricey.

McDonald's Lobster Rolls - what gives? [Moved from Quebec board]

by Haggisboy 8 years ago

I did a quick stop at a local McDonald's this morning and noticed that they have signs up advertising a new lobster roll that they're introducing. They come in two sizes and prices $6+ and $8+. The...

Lobster Meat for Lobster Rolls

by krisrishere 4 years ago

I found a local resource that is selling a 1/2 pound of lobster meat for $22. The meat is from a fairly well-known packing company in Portland, ME who "certifies" that they only use Maine lobste...

Lobster Roll Basics??

by MarkG 4 years ago

Can be served plain?? Or with Mayo?? Or with butter?? Which is Connecticut Style?? Which style is most common?? Have you ever seen a combo roll with all 3 styles together??

How many lobster tails are usually needed for a lobster roll?

by nycguy20011 4 years ago

How many lobster tails are usually needed for a lobster roll? I prefer lobster tail meat over any other part of the lobster, and it's cheaper to just buy the tail part ($9) instead of the whole lob...