Lobster Roll

7 Simple Rules for the Best Lobster Roll You'll Ever Make

No matter how far you are from coastal Maine, follow these seven tips and tricks and you can make the best lobster roll you'll ever eat, wherever you are. The ideal place to enjoy a lobster roll, without...

BBH and Ogunquit 9/20

by Joanie 10 months ago

I hate how dead these boards are now and since I just had some fun stops in Maine, figured I'd write them up quickly. First on Fri. was lunch at Day's in Yarmouth eating at a picnic table out back....

Best Place for a Lobster Roll?

by NShewmaker 2 years ago

Hi All, I will be heading to Boston next week and then down to Portland, Maine for a couple days. Looking for the best place to get a lobster roll in Portland. Full disclosure: I have never h...

Stop and Shop Lobster Roll

by Boleslaw 2 years ago

In the late 1990's, Stop and Shop would sometimes sell 3 lobster rolls for $11 with a regular price of $5. The lobster rolls were made to order with lobster salad at the fish counter and were a ba...

"Best Lobster Rolls" & Other Hyperbolic Claims in Orleans, Cape Cod

by SuzieCK 2 years ago

"Best Lobster Roll” & Other Hyperbolic Claims in Orleans on the Cape: A Mini Survey OK. So first thing to know is that every restaurant on the Cape that sells lobster rolls claims, on their sign...

Dogs and lobster rolls

by ElsieB 2 years ago

Looking for somewhere north of Kittery, south of Portland, not too far from 95, for lobster rolls... outside dining that is dog friendly. 4 humans and 2 v large dogs traveling.

Miller Brothers

by UnConundrum 2 years ago

Started our annual visit with stopping in at Miller Brothers, formerly the Fisherman's Grill. Met Tom Miller who was apparently the chef at Fisherman's Grill, so the food is essentially the same. ...

Neptune Oyster... how to do it? (Boston MA)

by BostonBestEats 4 years ago

No reservations, tourists galore, often a line and they'll call you when you seats are available (4 hours wait on a recent sunny Saturday late afternoon).... So, if I wanted to have lunch there ...

Looking for the better/best version of some dishes

by ioana503 3 years ago

Hello everyone. I will be travelling to Boston for the first time in a couple of weeks and I will be staying there for about a week. I am interested in trying out certain dishes and I need help fin...

DJ's Clam in Wantagh

by Gastronomos 4 years ago

I played LOTTO this morning: https://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/restaurants/dj-s-clam-shack-review-seafood-restaurant-in-wantagh-serves-new-england-flavors-with-a-tropical-twist-1.14615421

Fairway Pelham now has Lobster Rolls

by jcmods 3 years ago

The last two times I went to Fairway Pelham, they had Lobster Rolls in the prepared food section. Considering they only cost about $11.00 they are definitely worth it. I always wondered why the B...

Terminal 'E' Legal Seafoods. Lobster roll a safe bet?

by chefdaddyo 4 years ago

We prefer to eat before we fly. This location has an all day limited menu. I see they list their salmon from Farroe. Any guess if frozen lobster is used in the lobster roll? Thanks, much.

Maine Lobster Claw Preference: Crusher or Pincer?

by Man_Fuel 4 years ago

A friend and I have this ongoing debate about which lobster claw is tastier/better on a Maine lobster. There's a lot of discussion about tail vs claws in general, but I'm asking which claw do you p...

Lobster Rolls South County Rhode Island Recommendations

by thirstyboots212 4 years ago

Hi. I am looking for the best Lobster Roll between Narragansett and Westerly RI, ( off of Route 1 ). We prefer a place that has a menu offering food other than mostly fried, as not all members...

Maine Lobster Rolls in San Diego?

by EastCoastTransplant 18 years ago

Hi Everyone, During this time of loss and fear surrounding the fires, it seems strange to be inquiring about lobster rolls...my heart goes out to all who have been affected by the fires burning a...

Southampton Long Island - where can I eat a great lobster roll?

by adri57 4 years ago

I've searched the Southampton forums but find that most are years old, so I'm asking for updated help. I'll be going to Southampton from NYC on a day trip by train, so won't be very mobile once I'm...

Is Red's Eats in Wiscasset, ME still open for the season?

by Kristin 17 years ago

We're planning a trip up the cost of Maine this weekend and are looking for the best lobster roll. Does anyone know if Red's Eats is still open for the season?

The Definitive Oral History Of the Lobster Roll

by BostonBestEats 5 years ago

How did a humble hot dog bun crammed with the simplest of ingredients manage to attain rockstar status in the food world? We talked to the seafood slingers, chefs, glossy food-mag writers, and entr...

Best Lobster Rolls in Boston: Chowhound Lists

Dave MP
by Dave MP 9 years ago

We're starting a new series called Chowhound Lists, and the first post is about Lobster Rolls in Boston. Here's a link (it can also be seen currently in the Best of Chowhound Blog): http://www.chow...

Lobster roll sampling in Freeport, ME, St. George, ME, and Portsmouth, NH

by digga 5 years ago

Sat: We drove as long as cipollini/chowpup napped, which was Freeport…fantastic because we could make our pitstop at Maine Beer Company. We grabbed a few seats under the tent, put in a pizza order ...