Loaf Pans

9 Ways to Use Your Loaf Pan Besides Banana Bread

With the arrival of fall, baking season has officially recommenced, but if you're not ready for another round of banana bread just yet, your loaf pan can still get some action. These rectangular pans...

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Can a muffin recipe be baked in a loaf pan?

by lexuschef 10 years ago

I am wondering if I can use a muffin recipe to bake in a loaf pan. If so, what considerations do I need to make regarding cooking temperature and time? Also, how can I determine how many loaf pan...

Pullman Loaf Pans- Need Whole Grain Recipes And Storage Options

by monavano 10 years ago

I'm so excited to be making my own loaf bread (has anyone else notice how much sodium is in store-bough bread?). i just ordered this Pullman Pan on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/USA-Pans-Pullman-A...

Has anyone baked with paper loaf pans from Sur La Table?

by twj 10 years ago

I'd like to gift some friends with banana bread over the holidays and was wondering if anyone had any experience using the 8 X 3 paper pans that Sur La Table sells. Any feedback as to how they hold...

Pullman Loaf Pan - Where to find?

by Chipp 10 years ago

After calling dozens of places, I've come to the conclusion that either I don't know where to call, or these just can't be found without ordering online. Anyone care to help me out? I'm looking ...

Baking with large loaf pan

by hobbess 11 years ago

I'm a newbie to baking, and I think I may have bought the wrong sized loaf pan- I got a 10.5" X 5.5" X 3 instead of a a loaf pan that was 9 inches. Is this going to be a problem for baking all ...

Best loaf pan for bread and cake?

by visciole 11 years ago

My old loaf pans are shot. This time I want to get one just for bread baking; and one just for cake baking. Any recommendations?

All-Clad nonstick loaf pans

by gimlis1mum 11 years ago

Hi all, I have one of these pans that I love. It's stainless steel, 8x4" and has a sort of golden-colored interior. I wanted to buy some more pans in this line but I can't find them anywhere - not ...

What kind of loaf pans to buy?

by pickledginger 12 years ago

I'm getting into baking bread and need to buy my first loaf pans. I know, this should be a no-brainer since nonstick pans are cheap and easy to find, but I'm trying to get away from nonstick, so if...

Loaf pan: pyrex or metal?

by OakTownHound 12 years ago

Going through some hand-me-downs, and we can keep either the metal or pyrex loaf pans. Which are preferable?

My bread sticks to the loaf pans - help!

by Raeviola 14 years ago

I've just finished making my second batch of bread ever. This was a few loaves of whole-wheat, which are delicious. Yum! Before I shaped it and put it into my Pyrex glass pans, I oiled the pans...

What are these metal loaf pans?

by How 15 years ago

A friend gave me a metal loaf pan and suggested that I cook a few thngs with it. To my surprise, this pan, which looks quite ordinary, i.e. no fancy coating on it (in fact, it's quite fright--looks...

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