Stuck on a layover? Chowhounds can direct you to a quick place to eat and ways to get a local experience all over the world.

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Early Evening Dinner Recommendation

by egnejn 4 years ago

My husband and I have a long layover in JFK, on a Saturday in May, and have time to go into the city for an early dinner (around 5pm). I am overwhelmed with the options. We like all kinds of food. ...

Overnight layover in Beijing

by katnat 4 years ago

Hello China old hands, we will be on an overnight layover in Beijing (and our first time in China). Arrive about 8 pm, leave the next morning about 8 am. Is it feasible to leave the airport and fin...

15 hour layover in PARIS. HELP!!

by adamhw 4 years ago

Its my first time in Paris and I have a 15 hour layover and wanted to eat as much as I can and drink as much as I can in that time frame (i.e bakeries, restaurants, bars). Is there anywhere that sh...

Best bet for dinner near international airport

by whimsey 4 years ago

I'm going to be transiting Mumbai, with a very long connection between my incoming domestic flight and outgoing international one. I'd rather not stray too far from the airport since I don't know ...

8 Hour layover in Vancouver

by markadamowicz 4 years ago

Hi, I have an 8 hour layover 3pm - 11pm on Saturday January 15. Any advice on where to go and eat/see in that short of time? Here's the catch, I'll be return from Hong Kong and China (en rou...

Quick Bangkok trip reccomendations

by eng3 4 years ago

I will have a layover in Bangkok for for the first time but only for about 48hrs. Arriving on a Friday around 10am at BKK and departing on a Sunday around the same time out of DMK. I'd like to tr...

Airport to Federal Donuts - and back

by lemons 4 years ago

Flying into Philadelphia around 1 p.m. Monday and leaving about 6.30 that evening. Feasible to take SEPTA in to Federal Donuts near U of P, grab something and return? How much of a hoof is it from ...

Chinese near SFO

by Steve Posin 4 years ago

Meeting relatives who have a 6 hr layover at SFO. What Chinese restaurants might be a good choice in Millbrae or nearby? Fook Yuen? Hong Kong dim sum? Any recommendations?

Nice lunch in Philly

by maculapr 4 years ago

Hello, we have a 6-hour layover in Philly on our way to Florence for a meeting (yeah, I know, tough luck, haha!). Looking for a nice place for lunch (not Italian for obvious reasons), good atmosphe...

Where to eat INSIDE LAX

by alegramarcel 5 years ago

Hey chowhounds, I am going to have a layover at LAX. Not quite enough time to leave, at least not without stressing me out (about 3 hours), but plenty of time to have a nice dining experience, if ...

9 hour Rome layover

by fortie77 4 years ago

I am looking for suggestions for my 9 hour layover in Rome on Saturday 11/14. I land at 7:20am and depart at 4:50pm. I would like to see as much as possible but still enjoy food and culture.

6h layover LGA-JFK

by jokah 4 years ago

Assuming I can get out of LGA by 2pm, I have an 8pm flight out of JFK. Given the unpredictability of traffic, I plan to hop the E to the AirTrain so I think this is doable. Is this too aggressive...

LAX Thu 4:30p - 6:30p

by carcassone 4 years ago

Flying out of LAX on a Thu and I have a meal window of 4:30p - 6:30p (seated by 4:30 and out the door by 6:30). I have a rental car but don't want to wander too far from LAX and have to struggle w...

4 Hour lay-over @ Charles de Gaulle

by grubberoo 11 years ago

My wife & i are flying to Rome on Tuesday and have a 4 hour layover in Paris from about 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Are there any interesting lunch options at the airport or in the vicinity?We love good, ...

Dublin International Airport eats (in transit)

Food Tourist
by Food Tourist 4 years ago

Flying Etihad through Dublin (6 hour layover) - am a Canadian citizen so I might be able to leave the airport for a brief taxi or shuttle somewhere scenic and delicious? If not, are there any decen...

One night layover at Narita airport hotel

by LloydG 8 years ago

I am flying through Narita in a few weeks and I have a one night layover. I am staying at the airport Hilton but I'd love to travel to Tokyo for dinner. Can anyone recommend a good place where I ca...

MIA (Miama International Airport) American Airlines - Anything good to eat to take on plane?

by hhc 4 years ago

Will be doing a layover from SFO to MIA on a red eye flight and was wondering if anything good to eat for Breakfast one day and lunch another day or should I pack something from home? Flying on Am...

4 Hours in Philly - What to do and where to EAT!

by cjquinn77 4 years ago

I've never been to Philly, but I have a 7 hour layover before catching an international flight coming up in September. Instead of hanging around the airport, I'm gonna catch the bus downtown and ex...

20 hour layover in Vancouver, recs?

by wurstbear 4 years ago

Any recommendations? I'm planning to go to the night market, and maybe look for some good dim sum. It's my first time in Canada, and I know nothing. I know that I like poutine, apologies if thi...

HK 30 hour layover update

by ns1 4 years ago

Thank you HK hounds for all your advice. I tried as best as I could but a 40 minute flight delay proved disastrous. Also, HK heat/humidity in the summer is brutal. So here's what I was able t...