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2 1/2 hour Layover - want Pizza

by duckduckgoose 14 years ago

I have a 2 1/2 hour layover at O'hare. Is there any way to experience Gino's East type pizza in that amount of time? Any good deep dish in the airport? Any place close by? Any place that will del...

[DFW] 5 Hour Layover...

by extramsg 14 years ago

My wife made a mistake and didn't notice the tickets she chose had a 5 hour layover going through DFW. I figure that gives us a good 3 hours or more if we want to explore. Not a lot of time, but en...

Long Layover at LAX -- help

by Taylor 14 years ago

Help me hounds. Have a layover from 7:00pm until 2:00am Thursday night waiting for a flight to Asia. Is there anywhere near LAX worth taking a cab to for dinner?? Or should I just accept my f...

8-hour layover suggestions?

by Thea 14 years ago

I'm arriving into O'Hare on Sunday at 11am, flight leaving 7pm. I've never been to Chicago and would love a lunch as regionally great as possible, or maybe a suggestion of a great neighborhood wit...

heathrow layover

by kristen 14 years ago

hi all-- i have an 8-hour layover en route to spain at london heathrow. any recs for lunch nearby? i'm willing to venture outside of the airport. thanks!

10 hr layover in Korea

by milgwimper 14 years ago

Hi, I have a friend who will have a 10 hour lay over in Korea. i was wondering if anyone had any places near Inchon airport to eat, and sight see. Thank you!

Miami layover update

by janet of reno 14 years ago

Since several of you were kind enough to give suggestions for my long layover, here is my update: First of all, as it turned out I had three hours on the way to Central America, so used that to go...

JFK AirTrain. Long layover to Jamaica, Queens or Howard Beach?

by photis 14 years ago

I’m meeting friend this afternoon who has 4 hours between flights at JFK. Is there any place to sit, eat, and drink within close walking distance of the AirTrain. Liquor license or BYOB possibility...

layover in frankfurt

by angella 14 years ago

my husband and i will be in frankfurt on july 17th for an overnight connection. we will be staying nearby the airport. we need a great dinner recommendation for that evening.

Amsterdam - Schipol layover Tues 10 pm to 9 am

by vicki_vale 14 years ago

Hello hounds! I've got a layover coming up on a Tuesday night in Amsterdam. I'm planning to stay near Schipol at a budget hotel, or perhaps forgo the hotel altogether if getting to/hanging aroun...

Dulles Airport Layover

by Bob 14 years ago

I'm meeting someone for lunch who has a lay over at Dulles for a few hours. To avoid going in and out of many layers of security, is there any place on the airport grounds with at least acceptabl...

46 hour layover in LA - comments please

by estufarian 15 years ago

I’ve elected to switch my 15-hour layover, followed by a red-eye (travelling on points) to give us Fri 11am to Sunday 9am layover. This gives us time to explore (we’ll have a car) and have a couple...

Madrid Airport Layover

by TSR 15 years ago

It looks like I will have a 12-hour layover in the Madrid airport, which seems enough time for a focused chow excursion. I've never been there before, so I am looking for advice. I am constrained...

6.5 hour layover in Toronto-what should I do

by Russell 15 years ago

I just received a change in flight info and now will be in Toronto for a 6.5 hours layover from Paris to San Francisco(but will have to go through customs). So I figure I have 3 hours to do som...

Long Layover in San Juan

by jackbud 15 years ago

So next Thursday I will have a 7 hr. layover at SJU on my way to Virgin Gorda. So, I am looking to find a great lunch place that will help me refresh after my red eye flight. I was thinking of goin...

layover in philly: what to eat?

by Me 15 years ago

i have a 2 hour long layover in philly on my way to europe and about 3 hrs on my way back. are there any local types restaurants in the int'l terminal? or is there any good cheap eats spots i could...

Detroit (DTW) layover...anything good at the airport?

by Lynda 15 years ago

Have a layover in Detroit at the dinner hour. Seems to me that someone mentioned that there is now decent food in the "newer terminal". Can anyone offer suggestion? Thanks.

3 hr layover at Detroit (DTW) time to go and eat what?

by Sweet Willie 16 years ago

I've got a 3hr layover at the Detroit Airport. I land at 11:45am and depart at 3:30pm, this is on a Sunday. I will already have my boarding pass, so all I'll need to do is go through security. I ...

Denver Airport layover

by Crystal Wood 16 years ago

I'm looking for a great steak, near the Denv Int airport, that's open on Sunday afternoons. Thanks

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