Las Cruces


Visiting in Las Cruces

by squirrelsense 2 years ago

After searching Las Cruces restaurants online and seeing photo after photo of what looks like the same over-sauced, overly cheesy Mexican food at every restaurant, I'm wondering if there are any go...

ABQ - Las Cruces - Tucson - Cottonwood

by versicle 7 years ago

I'm taking a road trip later this month. I have a pretty good idea where to eat in Albuquerque, but is there anything interesting along the route above? Side trips up to an hour or so are fine. I'l...

Food in Las Cruces, NM (long)

by nate 16 years ago

I've been living in Las Cruces for about 4 years, and thought I should finally do a write up on what's good to eat here in case anyone is passing through. Unfortunately, it's a rather short list. ...

What are some good restaurants in Las Cruces

by mjtx 9 years ago

We will be in Las Cruces for the weekend with our children and grandchildren the youngest is 10) and would appreciate a recommendation for a good New Mexico style Mexican restaurant (one that cate...

Recs on drive on I-10 from Las Cruces to Long Beach, CA

by skypark 10 years ago

I'm travelling I-10 from Houston to Long Beach. On my second day, I'll probably be in Phoenix around lunchtime. Any suggestions for a delicious pit stop? Anywhere else along I-10 that I should b...

Quick trip to Las Cruces, NM

by digga 10 years ago

Boston 'hound here...We were in town this past weekend for a wedding, so most of our meals were planned (I won't report on those). Saturday: Breakfast at The Bean. We loved this place! It was k...

Eating in Las Cruces

by nissenpa 11 years ago

First time visiting the Southwest. I need a nice casual place to get lunch. Also looking for good dinner recommendations---can be fancy or casual. Can anyone recommend a good coffee/break...

Las Cruces, NM: Caliche's Frozen Custard hot fudge sundae with salty pecans, dessert ice and hot dogs

by rworange 11 years ago

On my rather long trip from the SF Bay Area to Central America, the one must stop place was Caliche's. SF is lacking in both frozen custard and Italian Ice. While this wasn't what I was looking...

Chope's near Las Cruces (long)

by desert rat 16 years ago

Ok...this was my "pilgrimage" to a place I heard makes great chile rellenos. I took 3 colleagues. We were all in town (Las Cruces) on a business trip. We almost got lost finding it. For those of yo...

Places to Dine in Las Cruces and Hatch?

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 12 years ago

Am planning a swing through southern New Mexico next month and was wondering if any Hounds have dining recommendations for Las Cruces and Hatch? Never been to either place. Thanks.

Phoenix to Las Cruces, NM

by kittyfood 12 years ago

We're leaving on Saturday the 21st of November . . . any suggestions for lunch or snacks on our drive from Phoenix to Las Cruces?

Gadsden Purchase Bar and Grill - Las Cruces, NM

by ciaogal 14 years ago

I am in Las Cruces on Business staying @ a hotel on Avenida De Mesilla. What can anyone tell me about Gadsden Purchase Bar and Grill? It is close enough to walk to....is it worth it? I am not loo...

Las Cruces takeout recs?

by Kochav 14 years ago

A coworker's close relative recently died. The family is located in Las Cruces. A bunch of us at work (in California) would like to get the family some gift certificates or somesuch for a restaur...

Roasted Green Chiles - Las Cruces Area?

by HowardCoone 14 years ago

Need locations for buying 20-30 lb. sacks of roasted green chiles Mid August in Las Cruces area. Also need casual, kid friendly restaurants with great but MILDER green chile enchiladas and chile re...

Las Cruces-El Paso lunch / Tucson B-fast

by amkirkland 14 years ago

I'm moving to Texas in a couple weeks and want to know where to pick up a quick, light breakfast (good coffee is always a plus) in Tucson and where between Las Cruces and El Paso to get lunch. They...

Las Cruces, NM: Meson de Mesilla/Pullaro's?

by Parker 16 years ago

Has anyone been to either Meson de Mesilla or Pullaro's? If so, how were either?

Seafood in Las Cruces?

by FT 17 years ago

talk to me--any good, moderately priced seafood in the Cruces?

Moving to Las Cruces

by Christine 18 years ago

Hello all, I will be moving to Las Cruces for a few months, starting at the end of June. I will be there on temporary assignment. I am not looking for restaurant recommendations, but more like...

need las cruces/mesilla/white sands recs

by mrnyc 18 years ago

we'll be out el paso way in april and are looking forward to getting to new mexico (as well as marfa/alpine/big bend border towns if we can). we like local food and holes in the wall type places....

any suggestions between Tucson and Las Cruces?

by lindy berry 20 years ago

We'll be leaving the frigid north in a couple weeks, headed for AZ, NM and TX. We don't need Tucson advice--we have plenty--but once we turn east from there, could anyone recommend anything memora...

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