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Master Sushi Chef Nozomu Abe Reveals His 5 Prized Kitchen Tools

Welcome to “Kitchen Essentials,” a new series from Chowhound where chefs and bartenders from around the country invite viewers into their kitchens and bars, unveiling the five tools that are simply...

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'Rocking' Santoku - What's Your Opinion?

by ChefCurry26 5 years ago

I've been researching multi-purpose knives as I prepare to purchase my first high-end knife. I am amateur home cook who currently uses a Caphalon santoku for the majority of my prep work. I've de...

Japanese chef's knife: Tojiro DP or something else?

by alanbarnes 11 years ago

I've about decided to replace my kitchen workhorse, a Henckels 8" chef's knife, with a 210mm gyutou. Unfortunately, I haven't found any Japanese cutlery in Sacramento other than Shun, Global, and ...

Tojiro DP 240mm Gyuto

by Arbez 5 years ago

I sharpen this knife with a 1k Cerax and 5k Rika, 10 deg back bevel and a 15 deg microbevel(which is back sharpened to 10 deg). When I perform horizontal tip swipes on a onion, it tends to wed...

Santuko (Santoku) Knives...Need advice!!!

by Phoebe 13 years ago

I'm interested in purchasing a santoku knife and have a few questions. For those that own one...Do you actually use it or does it just sit in the drawer? Also, wondering how much can I expect to pa...

CCK KF1912 Review (Small Chinese stainless steel slicer)

by Chemicalkinetics 7 years ago

This is a review of the stainless steel CCK small Chinese slicer: KF1912. The CCK carbon steel knives are well known through numerous internet knife forums and words of mouth. Yet, the stainless ...

Kitchen steals and deals for Ontario

by Nevy 5 years ago

Caitlink and Hal2010 post regarding The Bay and Sur La Table deals got me thinking of thread where Ontario CH'ers can post good finds on pots, pans, stoves, ... heck even utencils or knives. Anyth...

Miyabi Japanese Knives

by roycey 10 years ago

Hey everyone, I am looking to buy my first japanese knife and I am deciding between Miyabi and Hattori. I couldn't find much information on Miyabi since it looks to be quite new, but Henckels is...

Global Sai Knives

by Jessiet 6 years ago

I am a bit of a knife geek. I probably own 35-40 knives, and somehow can't resist buying new ones, ever looking for that perfect knife. I currently have a Global chef's (which I really, really li...

About to pull the trigger on a Shun Nakiri Premier. Why shouldn't I?

by Pheelicks 5 years ago

After doing some self-assessing of my cooking style, I've come to the conclusion that my main action with knives is on vegetables and fruits. I am certainly a carnivore and am mostly happy with my ...

buying a new knife

by CookingBear 5 years ago

Hello, I’d like to buy a new knife. My typical use is cutting a big onion for tomato sauce (I’m Italian) with a rocking motion. I’m vegetarian. I believe the knife I have (see pic below) is stam...

Shun Serrated 6 inch "Ultimate Utility" Knife: why not sold in Japan?

by drrayeye 5 years ago

Shun offers a rather well regarded ugly duckling utility knife in the "American" Classic, Premier, Kaji, Sora, and Edo lines market, but not in Japan. http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/859...

kitchen essentials for extremely small studio (>150 sq. ft.)

by bloodboy 5 years ago

I would like to redo my gf's kitchen equipment in her super small studio. I just wanted to see what you feel are the most important things to have in arsenal so she can cook anything comfortably. ...

Santoku knife- What do you use for that you wouldn't use a chef knife?

by ejpnyc 11 years ago

In-laws want to buy us knives as anniversary gift. Mother in law swears by Wusthof Santoku knife (one with a shorter blade). What do you use this kind of knife for that you wouldn't use a regular c...

Shopping for carbon steel chef's knife: Gyutos, bunkas, brands on a budget, and how to choose?

by Bratscher 5 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm a home cook who is researching and shopping around for a chef's knife to replace my low-end knife I've been using for way too long. I spend at least a handful of hours in the k...

Knife Sharpening Where Should I Go?

by tatertotsrock 11 years ago

Does anyone know of a great place to get my knives sharpened/edged and all that good stuff? I'm in Glendale and would be willing to travel if I have to. Any suggestions and links will be much app...

Shun Knives

by CCSPRINGS 9 years ago

Looking at Shun knives and wondering if anybody has some feedback? They seem to be rated well. I have been wanting to treat myself to a piece or small set of cutlery. Any help is appreciated. T...

Help me shop for a Nakiri!

by sherrib 5 years ago

Hi All, I am looking for a Nakiri. Preferably a carbon steel with a Wa handle (I use pinch grip so my preference is really just for the looks.) I prefer carbon steel because I am in love with ...

Bob Kramer Essential 7-Piece Block Set | Sur La Table

by troukhad 5 years ago

I would like to make very expensive present (it worth it!). Do you think I can get any better knives set for $680 (sake) than this one http://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO-1551613/Bob+Kramer...

What knives do I need!!!

by Dexinthecity 5 years ago

Moving to a new apartment that has a pretty decent sized kitchen and I think it's time to get some good knives. I was thinking of getting a full set of Wusthof Classic Knives, however, I'm not sure...

Knife Toolsteels... What Do We Really Know? An Earth-Returning Counterexample

by kaleokahu 9 years ago

Inspired by discussion in another knife thread about esoteric very hard toolsteels cladded with softer ones, and the history, uses, ramifications, and relative advantages and disadvantages of this...

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