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Professional Knife Sharpeners?

by Posenose 16 years ago

I know this isn't the usual sort of post, but I am having trouble finding a place to get my knives sharpened. I went to that place Stoddards in the Chestnut Hill mall and they said it would take 2...

Electric Knife Sharpeners

by JCap 13 years ago

I'm a person who's probably never going to take the time to get the stone technique down, and I've been unimpressed by a local place that sharpens knives. That's why I'm thinking about purchasing ...

Using knife sharpeners across brands?

by sloped 15 years ago

I have a Wusthof knife and the Wusthof "sharpener" - the kind that sits on the counter and you just swipe the blade through a couple of times. Can you use another brand of sharpener with a Wus...

Rachael Ray Knife Sharpener?

by heWho 14 years ago

Does anyone have any experience with this thing? My parents bought it to sharpen their knives and I'm trying to convince them not to use it. Any yea's or nay's?

ISO Knife Sharpener on the Westside

by BabyLitigator 14 years ago

I'm looking for somewhere to get my knives sharpened on the Westside. Although quality and cost are considerations, frankly, long-ish operating hours are almost as important (I used a place on Lit...

Professional Knife Sharpener?

by rareoccasions 14 years ago

Where I come from, you gotta give your chef-knife to a professional sharpner every couple of years (in addition to your occasional-home-sharpening). Do people do that here, or just get a new knife?...

My parents desperately need a knife sharpener in Carmel/Monterey ...

by MorganSF 14 years ago

My Carmel-dwelling parents have a ton of decent knives, but none of them is sharp. Does anyone know of a good knife sharpener in the greater Carmel area? I did a search and read about Melanie's ...

Professional Knife Sharpener

by tsb2001 14 years ago

Can anyone report a reputable place to have one's knives sharpened? I'm on the Upper West Side, but willing to travel anywhere in Manhattan. Thanks.

professional knife sharpeners in Baltimore???

by jp4401 14 years ago

I would like to get my chef's knife sharpened. I would like to go to a professional but I don't know where one it. Its just one knife. So do you know of any?How much does it cost to get it sharpene...

knife sharpeners

by maloralo 14 years ago

I've got a very nice and expensive set of knives that's taken a few years to put together. I thought the knives that I first got were still quite sharp until tried the the newest acquisition, whi...

finding a knife sharpener

by kerdragon 14 years ago

Am looking for professional knife sharpening in my area. How picky do I need to be? What should I look for or questions should I ask? I am looking in or near Chapel Hill, NC.

And the best electric knife sharpener is?

by leeson 16 years ago

I have a great talent for creating dull knifes when using a manual sharpener. What model of electric knife sharpener should Santa get me this Christmas?

need recommendation for professional knife sharpener in sf or berkeley area

by patty 16 years ago

Can anybody recommend a good knife sharpener in San Francisco or the Berkeley/East bay area? I know there is a knife shop across the street from the CCA, but I heard they were hacks when it comes ...

knife sharpener in Seattle

by seattlehounder 16 years ago

Our knives are in desperate need of sharpening. Any suggestions for a good knife sharpener in the Seattle area?

Knife sharpener

by Eva and Ziv 16 years ago

Having tested my step-mother's knife sharpener (from Williams-Sonoma, see link below) on her very dull (and mistreated) Wusthof knives, I decided to purchase one for use with my own Wusthof Classic...

Knife sharpener in Brookline area

by nomadfromcincy 17 years ago

I have a set of Global knives and I like to have them professionally sharpened every 2 years. Does anyone know of a good place to go, close to Brookline preferably? Thanks.

Recommend a professional knife sharpener(SEA)?

by missliss 17 years ago

I usually sharpen my own knives, but there are a few I just can't get a decent edge on anymore. I want to take the most often-used ones to a professional. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

Using Morty's Knife Sharpener

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 18 years ago

One of our customers for Morty's knife sharpeners wrote in with concerns about ease of use, wanted to cancel her order. We reassured her that it was extremely simple, and that we'd provide any extr...

knife sharpener?

by m'th'su 18 years ago

Anyone know a good sharpener in town you'd entrust with fine set of German blades?

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