Kitchen Remodel

Everyone loves a makeover. Before a kitchen remodel, do your research here by chatting with Chowhounds who've gone through the same process. Learn from their missteps and successes and ask any question you have.

7 Photos to Make You Love Open Kitchen Shelves

Thinking about open kitchen shelving? Here are seven photos and ideas to inspire your kitchen refresh. Not everyone’s approach to keeping busy during quarantine is culinary in nature, despite the number...

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What would you like, and what would you like to see in a Kitchenware/cookware store?

by Andrew7291 1 year ago

In terms of pots/ pans, bakeware, utensils, gadgets, unusual hard to find items - maybe used in foreign cuisine, i.e., rolling mats, etc, must- haves and latest must-have gadgets, coffee makers, el...

Jade 36 gas range top?

by OaklandGal 1 year ago

Does anyone know anything about Jade residential gas range tops? I can’t locate any info online and it looks like they are no longer manufactured. Any info appreciated - btus, reliability etc etc. ...

Warming shelf help!

by beej210 1 year ago

In our last house we had a warming shelf above our range and loved it. In our new house we are redoing the kitchen and looking for a warming shelf. I can't seem to find where to buy one of these ...

Built-In or Integrated Refrigerator w/ SS Interior

by poleprince 1 year ago

My wife and I are getting serious about a kitchen remodel, planned for this summer. We've decided on the Capital Culinarian 48", as we previously had the 30" model and absolutely loved it. Re...

Kitchen redo

by GailC 1 year ago

I am moving into my new home. It was build in the mid sixties. We will be redoing the entire kitchen. I cook everyday and bake almost as often. My dream kitchen has a double wall oven and a gas coo...

Tell me about your induction unit(s) and experiences

by drrayeye 1 year ago

One uses the term "induction cooking" in the United States to refer to two quite different kinds of cooking with two quite different devices: 1. the plug in single hob, and 2. the stovetop. T...

CenturyLife-esque review of DTC cookware

by PaupersPride 1 year ago

Recently I purchased a new cookware set to replace my older (and cheaper) non-inducting set. Although I like to think I did my research, it was only afterward that I stumbled across CenturyLife's i...

Seeking advice on a good gas oven

by Adree1 1 year ago

Hello - I now am able to replace my well used Kenmore electric oven with a new gas freestanding oven. Any advice on a good brand or model that is easy to clean, reliable, and bakes relatively even...

Sink grids

by PiperBob 1 year ago

The secondary sink we put in our new kitchen came with a steel grid that fits the bottom. What's the purpose of the grid? It's not this sink, but it's the same grid.

Range Hood for Short Ceilings

by MaestraKarine 3 years ago

Just opened wall between kitchen & dining room. Range is not centered in the opening. Can't install wall mount hood because it will be visible on 3 sides. Chimney hoods are too long. Ceiling is...

Appliance budget of $15k - what would you buy?

by SwissyMom 1 year ago

First time posting, but I've been sifting through a lot of the appliance advice on here and finding it very helpful. My husband and I are preparing for a kitchen remodel (searching for the perf...

Kitchen Design book? Can’t place the name

by Westy 1 year ago

Not sure if it belongs in this forum or not: there was a book a few years back that featured slightly offbeat kitchens from around the world. Same author/artist did one for homes as well. It was no...

Remodeling kitchen - worth getting both teppanyaki and grill?

by Belkisw 1 year ago

We are redoing our kitchen (my first time ever doing this) and have the option of getting both a teppanyaki and a grill, along side our 4-hob stove. Our place is in Spain, and we don't have a balco...

Designing a new kitchen

by beej210 2 years ago

Need some help from my fellow home chefs! We are designing a new kitchen from scratch. For those who have done it, what did you splurge on, where did you save? Any must do's or not worth its? ...

Old Butcher Block Restoration

by BillyMo 1 year ago

Woodworkers, I have an old HEAVY maple butcher block that has been in the family for many many years (late 1800's). Since the 70's it has really just stayed in storage out of sight and mind. I'm...

What materiel for your countertop?

by NathalieBou 1 year ago

Hello, I read an article about kitchen improvements in Money Magazine. Seems that granite and stainless are on the way out. Laminate kitchen countertops and warmer appliance finishes are on ...

BlueStar Pic

by mobiledynamics 1 year ago

Happy Holidays all. I know someone posted the pic I'm looking for but I cannot find that thread. For someone who has it, can you post a pic of the REAR derriere of the unit ? Maybe this might s...

36" or 48" Range with French Cook Top? Anyone?

by EatinginAustin 2 years ago

Hello, fellow Chowhounders! We are renovating our kitchen and are in search of a new range to replace our existing 30" Viking. We are happy with the Viking, for the most part, but since we are re...

New gas range recommendations?

by anyam 1 year ago

I’m remodeling my kitchen and need recommendation on good gas range, looking for great simmer and high heat range of temps. My budget is 3k and under.

French Porcelain hue

by penrichardson 1 year ago

I am contemplating buying the Pillivuyt bakeware. I also need serving pieces, but would rather not get the Pillivuyt because of the expense. When looking for the serving pieces, I see that there ...