Kitchen Remodel

Everyone loves a makeover. Before a kitchen remodel, do your research here by chatting with Chowhounds who've gone through the same process. Learn from their missteps and successes and ask any question you have.

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Remodeling kitchen - worth getting both teppanyaki and grill?

by Belkisw 7 months ago

We are redoing our kitchen (my first time ever doing this) and have the option of getting both a teppanyaki and a grill, along side our 4-hob stove. Our place is in Spain, and we don't have a balco...

Designing a new kitchen

by beej210 1 year ago

Need some help from my fellow home chefs! We are designing a new kitchen from scratch. For those who have done it, what did you splurge on, where did you save? Any must do's or not worth its? ...

Old Butcher Block Restoration

by BillyMo 8 months ago

Woodworkers, I have an old HEAVY maple butcher block that has been in the family for many many years (late 1800's). Since the 70's it has really just stayed in storage out of sight and mind. I'm...

What materiel for your countertop?

by NathalieBou 8 months ago

Hello, I read an article about kitchen improvements in Money Magazine. Seems that granite and stainless are on the way out. Laminate kitchen countertops and warmer appliance finishes are on ...

BlueStar Pic

by mobiledynamics 9 months ago

Happy Holidays all. I know someone posted the pic I'm looking for but I cannot find that thread. For someone who has it, can you post a pic of the REAR derriere of the unit ? Maybe this might s...

36" or 48" Range with French Cook Top? Anyone?

by EatinginAustin 2 years ago

Hello, fellow Chowhounders! We are renovating our kitchen and are in search of a new range to replace our existing 30" Viking. We are happy with the Viking, for the most part, but since we are re...

New gas range recommendations?

by anyam 10 months ago

I’m remodeling my kitchen and need recommendation on good gas range, looking for great simmer and high heat range of temps. My budget is 3k and under.

French Porcelain hue

by penrichardson 10 months ago

I am contemplating buying the Pillivuyt bakeware. I also need serving pieces, but would rather not get the Pillivuyt because of the expense. When looking for the serving pieces, I see that there ...

Which type of range would you pick?

by dmarie979 10 months ago

We are doing a complete kitchen gut and I'm trying to decide on appliances. We are doing a 36" range with an additional single wall oven. Given the wall oven will be electric, would you go all gas ...

Bluestar and Bigchill Recall - Explosion/ Burn Hazard

by kuniewski 10 months ago

FYI to anyone on Chowhound with a BlueStar or BigChill gas range. Almost 10,000 ranges were recalled in the US and Canada on September 11, 2018 due to explosion/ burn hazard. Stop using your range ...

Totally chickened out. Pressure cooker

by seefoo 11 months ago

Haha. Man. 1st time ever! Totally feel like there is a bomb on my stove. I chickened our and decided it would be best if my maiden voyage was in the yard. :) Watching that pressure indicator no...


by penrichardson 11 months ago

Any suggestion on the best colander you have found? I will use it primarily for pasta, and veggies. The one I have is from Ikea, and the spaghetti gets stuck in the holes, and is a pain to clea...

36 Inch Pro Range (Wolf,Thermador, BlueStar)

by dl8675309 12 months ago

Hello - I’m building my home and have been going back and forth on which range to get. I’m between Wolf, Thermador, and BlueStar. Consumer Reports gives higher marks to KitchenAid as well. Any a...

Need advice please: Our range hood stopped working and needs to be replaced

by helpermonkey 12 months ago

Ok, so first off, I don't really know much about range hoods. I've never had one before we bought this house. The house was redone in 1979 and the hood was installed around then. It's a 40 year old...

Set for niece in new home

by bloodboy 1 year ago

I am buying a complete cookware set (individual pieces) for my niece and was seeking out suggestions/recommendations for essential pieces. She is in a small living area just like me. I know tha...

24-inch fridge dilemma

by Westminstress 1 year ago

Hi - I need to make a decision today about which 24-inch bottom freezer fridge to buy. Would appreciate your input! For reference, our current fridge is an LG, an earlier version of this one: ...

Powerful Range Hood Suggestions?

by danbandman 1 year ago

Need a range hood to match my super high BTU Gas range I just got. Everything I’ve seen (whirlpool/Broan) seems pretty cheap. Thinking I need 400-600 CFUs and looking for low Sones (noise). Wh...

Which Vitamix to get?

by servant31 1 year ago

Hey everyone! I’m looking into getting a Vitamix to replace a nutribullet. I love the nutribullet but I think it’s time to upgrade. I’ve been looking into the Ascent 2500, 3500, and the personal...

Kitchen cabinets-quote that almost gave me a heart attack!

by polish_girl 11 years ago

So I just received a quote for my new kitchen cabinets - $38000!!!!! I had to sit down for this one, just couldn't believe it. Are cabinets that expensive nowadays? It's based on about 42 feet, c...

A bit of copper decoration for the house?

by TJFRANCE 1 year ago

Some copper pots to clean to decorate the house. Are you coming to help me rub? lollllllllllll https://youtu.be/6I8ZHXdYEOk Regards, T.J.