Keep Your Gut Healthy with These Probiotic-Heavy Foods

Even if you have a healthy digestive system, chances are, over the past few years, you've become aware of gut bacteria and how important intestinal flora is to our overall health. You may also have...

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Fermentation Book Recommendations, Please

by ninrn 5 years ago

Hi, I'd like to start doing some home fermentation. I'm particularly interested in making my own kombucha, yogurt, and kimchi. Can anyone recommend good books on that subject? I was all set...

Korean stir-fried caramelized kimchi, shrimp, mussels, and Parmesan

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

What grabs me about this is the Korean/Parmesan angle. I apologize to anyone looking for a detailed recipe, because this is straight from today's NY Times, and has me fascinated. It's more a descri...

Kosher kimchee

by mrsphud 5 years ago

My friend loves hot and spicy dishes. She loves kimchee and wants to make her own but all the recipes she can find seem to include shellfish or tons of sugar. does anyone have a good recipe to share?

Homemade kimchi in South-west CT?

by samhandwich 5 years ago

I live in Danbury. Anyone know an asian market (or anywhere else) near-ish that sells homemade kimchi? Thank you!

Kimchi smoke- a new 'Southern' Korean bbq restaurant

by Monica 6 years ago

http://www.kimchismoke.com/ Soft opening currently and takeout only for now. I will most likely visit tomorrow. It's not a typical Korean bbq restaurant it seems. It looks like a Sourthern bbq ...

Korean Fusion – Kimchi stuffed pork chops

by hannaone 6 years ago

Kimchi can easily be used in many non-Korean dishes/meals. It goes extremely well with pork. Take a few thick cut pork chops and make a “pocket” in the meat by cutting an X in the center of the c...

brown kimchi still good?

by anatta 6 years ago

This is my third time making kimchi. First two attempts were highly successful. This time, half of the surface kimchi has turned brown (see picture). Beneath the surface, it's still nice and ...

Our perception of "authenticity"

by joonjoon 6 years ago

I had an interesting experience watching some Korean food programming last night. Over the years I would occasionally see recipes posted by various people for Korean food. Being and having grown...

does kimchee go bad?

by kare_raisu 15 years ago

i brought back a container of homemade kimchee from a korean friend in chicago to california, havent dived into it yet about a month later. visibly, olfactorily seems ok...any warning signs i shoul...

Mr. Kim Chee Lee

by curiousgeo 6 years ago

Love this shop at S. King and Kaheka. Lots of choices, but both their won bok and cucumber kim chee are excellent (looks hot but isn't). Freshly prepared, delicious and reasonably priced, try it an...

Jarred Kimchi on Long Island?

by Cemota 6 years ago

Suffolk County preferred, anywhere between Ronkonkoma and Riverhead. King's brand is fine, I'm new to Kimchi and not ready to make my own yet. Made a slapped together pork fried rice out of leftove...

Fizzy-tasting kimchi -- did I do something wrong?

by OhZenobia 6 years ago

I've made napa cabbage kimchi many times using Maangchi's recipes. This batch sat in the fridge for about two weeks before I tried it, which is unusual. This is also the first batch to have a fizzy...

Is it okay to bring Kimchi to work/school yet?

by soypower 7 years ago

Growing up, I wouldn't have dared to pack kimchi for any lunch to be eaten in a closed room situation. But I'm wondering, now that kimchi has gained popularity and is being made with more refined ...

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