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The Best Bourbons for the Kentucky Derby

There was a time that bourbon could only be called bourbon if it hailed from Bourbon County, Kentucky. Now, the term Bourbon has widened its reach to include selections from all over the United States...

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Louisville---without a car

by AnnBR 10 years ago

hello chowhounders. i will be in lousiville for a few days for a conference at the Marriott. My first trip to that fair city. Will not have a car though so my travel ability is somewhat limited. Pl...

Dinner on a Sunday Night - Bowling Green KY?

by wintersummer 10 years ago

We'll be in Bowling Green on a Sunday evening and are in search of a good dinner. I'm not concerned about price, just looking for good food. Previous posts on this board recommend the Brickyard...

Hot Brown in Winchester area

by suemac 10 years ago

Going to be in Winchester this weekend and my mom would love to find a good hot brown. KY girl though I am, I've never had one and would love to try. Any recommendations? Any other good restaurants...

Kentucky Diners,Cafeterias and Roadside Joints

by scrumptiouschef 13 years ago

I'll be travelling through Kentucky in August and need guidance on where to find the best of the region's food. I-75 through Northern Tennessee,Southern and Central Kentucky being of particular int...

Louisville for Sunday lunch

by ejohn 10 years ago

Wandering into Louisville but only have time for lunch, and it is on a Sunday! Can we get a glass of wine on a Sunday or is alcohol not sold? Any ideas appreciated, any price, any type food; someth...

Humana options?

by EatPayLeave 10 years ago

I am coming to town in a couple weeks for Humana & my group of 9 is looking for a few new options...we typically go full-out and have way too much great food & drink to match the intensity of seein...

Kosher for Passover Coke -- available in Louisville?

by LauraGrace 10 years ago

I had a look around Kroger today and didn't see any (they apparently have a yellow cap). Can any other Louisvillians point me in the right direction?

some good southern cooking off of I-75

by Bonessis 10 years ago

I've seen a lot of posts about bbq but was wondering if anyone knew of any places that serve down home southern fare, even if it's not a bbq restaurant. We're roadtripping from MI to FL in a few w...

Pork Tenderloin Sandwich.

by neumanme 10 years ago

Moved to Louisville area. Looking for a good place to get a pork tenderloin sandwich either in Louisville or over the bridge in Indiana.

Planning trip to Kentucky - Louisville to Cumberland Gap

by Scoffer 10 years ago

I'm planning an RV trip Kentucky to do some history research but I'm also a foodie. I want to find restaurants, mainly for lunch, that serve traditional Kentucky fare. But because of the RV I'll...

Nashville - NOLA - Vicksburg - Clarksdale - Memphis - Louisville

by staceybelle 10 years ago

I just returned from a too short southern road trip. Since I received much of my research here, and from friends while driving, I wanted to share my thoughts on our food stops. Outside of NOLA we o...

appreciate an update on cliff hagans-hazard,ky

by artmo 10 years ago

saw a review about a year or so old and it panned the venerable cliffs pretty good. has anyone been there lately? if so,how was it? on another note,my wife and i drove down to ken tex bbq in shel...

First Date in Louisville

by cmorrison 10 years ago

Hey, I'm having a first date in Louisville, KY soon. Can anyone tell me a nice lunch date restaurant? I'm trying to keep it simple, but then again, I'm wanting to leave a good impression on her. Ca...

LA Chowhounds: 7 Days in Nashville & Southern KY

Will Owen
by Will Owen 10 years ago

PART 1: Country Cookin' Mr. and Mrs. O made their annual pilgrimage to their old haunts October 7-13 this year, partly to visit friends and attend our annual gathering up at Wigwam Village and p...

Good cheap local cuisine or ethnic in Louisville on Sun, breakfast/brunch Monday???

by lostinnashville 10 years ago

Escorting a gaggle of 17-18 year old gentlemen from Nashville to Louisville for rapper Brother Ali @ Uncle Pleasant's on Sun the 15th. Show starts at 7, where can I find a good solo meal around 6:3...

Kentucky Bourbon Country Restaurant advice...

by bobgelb 10 years ago

OK..taking the wife to Bourbon Country...the area triangulated by Lexington,KY, Louisville, KY, and Bardstown, KY. (about a 50 mile radius). Going to visit the distilleries, and try the local bre...

Any Recommendations for Louisville, KY Restaurant Gift Certificate?

by Hungry Panda 10 years ago

Hi! As a non-Louisville resident, I need some advice on buying a restaurant gift certificate for a wedding present. I plan on spending about $100. I want a place with some romantic atmosphere an...

flying solo in Louisville

by jeffbatl 10 years ago

i will be at a conference in Louisville at the Hilton and am looking for decent restaurant with a bar. i will have a car so it doesn't have to be downtown. i basically just need a good beer select...

Dim Sum In Louisville

by Chandavkl 10 years ago

Since this topic doesn't seem to have been discussed I thought I'd mention that there is pretty good dim sum at Jade Palace in Louisville. This restaurant was a surprising find, as it not only ser...

Louisville - Magnolia 610. Can we eat at the bar?

by ciciNYC 10 years ago

Can we walk in & eat at the bar at Magnolia 610 at 7:30 p.m. or so on a Thursday night? We're in town for the St. James Court Art Festival. & I don't want to make any reservations because as an...

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