Heading to Jacksonville? Get advice on where to eat, from go-to restaurants for locals to must-try spots if you're just passing through.


Any JAX Foodies out there?

by burglover 4 months ago

I'm new to Jacksonville, by way of London, Los Angeles and New York. So you could say I've been spoiled by fantastic food options my entire life. Jacksonville is challenging, to say the least, bu...

Catering for 40 in Jacksonville/Ponte Vedra Beach

by EAppen 12 years ago

Hi all - My family is getting together this summer in Ponte Vedra Beach. We would like to have a great, local caterer/private chef provide food for the 40ish family members in our house. We are e...

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Fresh Eats? Kitchens with Clean Flavors

by fogfog 2 years ago

Looking for fresh clean flavors and no fear of fusion. Some kitchens seem to "muddy" the plates trying to do too much (no matter what city they are cooking in) Please brag on your favorite First Co...

Old-School Eats in Northern Florida?

by saltsmokesun 5 years ago

I'm looking for your favorite barbecue joints, meat-and-threes, seafood shacks, and other old-fashioned spots in the vicinity of Jacksonville, Gainesville, and St. Augustine. Especially anywhere se...

Christmas in Fernandina Beach

by BESSINFLA 4 years ago

Can anyone recommend a place r sat out m Fernandina Beach on Christmas Day?

Once more unto the breach--anything near I-95?

by Marty L. 5 years ago

Just checking to see whether there's been any improvement, at all, in recent years, on eats close to I-95. Still a wasteland? I'll be driving from Palm Beach to DC next week. I'm set in Charlest...

Jacksonville - source for fresh soba noodles?

by vcb1 5 years ago

I was trying to find these on Saturday - I went to two Asian markets, Publix and Whole Foods I could only find dried soba noodles. I had trouble finding peanut oil too but I finally found that at...

Jacksonville Eats

by Linda VH 5 years ago

We are going up for orientation at UNF in a couple of weeks. We'll be going back up fairly frequently as our 18 year old will be a freshman starting this summer. This trip we'll be staying at the...

Good evening in Jacksonville Beach

by mgm8v 5 years ago

Just had a nice low-key evening in Jax Beach. Started at Beachside Fish Market and had great local grilled fish, then headed to A&J's Ice Cream, a relatively new joint where the ice cream is made ...

Tis the season... the I-95 Southern Haul: coffee please.

by heids 14 years ago

We will be traveling through the vast culinary wasteland that is the Southern I-95 corridor for the holidays. All I'm looking for is a decent cup of coffee, and by decent (in this instance) I mea...

Late lunch or early dinner near JAX or north?

by dracisk 5 years ago

I'm going to be in Brunswick, GA, for one night next week, landing in Jacksonville around 1pm Tuesday. I'd love to have a late lunch or early dinner near the airport or somewhere between Jacksonvil...

No Frills Shrimp, etc near I-95 Jacksonville vicinity???

by erica 5 years ago

For the third year in a row, we will drive from NYC to south Florida in mid-December. We plan to spend a night in Eastern NC (BBQ, probably Bunn's this time). On to Charleston for 2 nights ...

Jax -excellent restaurant

by Hmunster2 5 years ago

Is there a restaurant, not chain, in jax that is considered exceptional, or at least way better than most? Looking for seafood, continental, almost anything that is great. Coming from, StAug, so r...

Russian grocery/deli in Gainesville/Jacksonville/Orlando?

by maralenenok 10 years ago

Hi guys, I wondered if you could help me out. My parents recently moved to Gainesville. So far they haven't found a Russian grocery store, or some other eastern European grocery that stocks Russian...

Dinner between Jacksonville and Brunswick, GA

by Hobbert 5 years ago

I'll be in Jacksonville for work in a couple weeks and am hoping to meet up with an old colleague who's in Brunswick, GA. We'll be getting together on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Any recomme...

Fort Lauderdale - Jacksonville (Savannah bound)

by DeBrazza 6 years ago

Hello all, In a few weeks I'll pick up a rental in Fort Lauderdale and drive I-95 (and adjacent coast roads) to Jacksonville and ultimately Savannah. I seek things remarkable, unusual, deliciou...