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Izakaya Izu -- any reports?

by Josh 16 years ago

I've been meaning to check out the recently-opened Izakaya Izu on 13th Street off University Place. They have a great menu and it looks like a nice space. Anyone have a report?

japanese izakaya/bar in seattle area

by Splat 16 years ago

hi there~ looking for recommendations for some izakaya (bar/tavern type place) in or around seattle. have seen the following names mentioned: maekawa bar maneki takohachi en any comments ab...

Japanese izakaya in SF?

by trellos 16 years ago

I'd really love a good izakaya in the city. Does anyone know of one? I don't mean a place with "sushi" in the name. I don't mean a place that serves some sort of fusion. I don't mean one of these...

Chinese hot pot in Atlanta? Also looking for izakayas

by PekoePeony 17 years ago

My brother and I will be visiting my dad (who lives in Marietta) this November for his 60th birthday, and we were thinking of taking him for lunch to a Chinese hot pot place. Can anyone recommend ...

Izakaya Restaurant, San Jose?

by Melanie Wong 16 years ago

Wondering how chowhounds feel about Izakaya Restaurant? Izakaya Restaurant (408) 452-8751 1335 North 1st St San Jose, CA 95112 Image: http://local.google.com/mapdata?-3NriGiZCoqQx8jKYaWxB6P9F...

Izakaya Mai Disappointment

by Yuko 17 years ago

Excited about a new izakaya in my neighborhood, my husband and I went to Izakaya Mai last Wed. We were the first people to get seated that evening, but the restaurant was full (occupied by mostly ...

Izakaya Mai Now Open - San Mateo

by Wendy-san 17 years ago

We had a great meal tonight at Oidon Sozai Corner, the izakaya next to Suruki in downtown San Mateo. On the way to Lele for coffee afterwards (an attractive cafe right across from the Century Cinem...

Japanese Izakaya in Toronto?

by JWh 17 years ago

There seems to be a big trend of "Izakaya Style" dining out west. Any chance this is happening in Toronto? If so I would love any feedback on Japanese Izakaya (bar, tapas style food)in Toronto.

Izakaya/karaoke bars to go to solo?

by StephanieR 17 years ago

No, I don't want to sing to myself in a private booth all night.... Just moved here and most of my work friends seem not too interested in this. In HK and Japan went to a few places that were sm...

Izakaya in the bay area?

by thejulia 17 years ago

Does anyone know of any good Izakaya (japanese pub style) around the bay area, (South Bay or city preferably). Looking especially for good ambiance. Limited but good food is fine.

Any IZAKAYA-style Japanese restaurant in this area?

by brooke 17 years ago

A few months back I made a trip to San Jose and was very impressed with a izakaya-style restaurant there (Tanto -- highly recommended!) Time passed and I think I cannot hold back the crave much lon...

Izakaya Merry -- Vanished

by Simon 17 years ago

I'd never been to Izakaya Merry and it's been on my hitlist for a while so i went by there tonight: it is gone, replaced by a place called "Sushi You".

Okinawan dinner at Izakaya Tanuki in Cupertino

by Bryan Harrell 17 years ago

The latest issue of the Japanese magazine Bay Spo has a review of a special Okinawan dinner now being served at Tanuki in Cupertino. I HAVE NOT BEEN, and being about 150 miles away, I may not get t...

Bay Area Izakaya, NOT Lakuni in San Mateo?

by Mark 17 years ago

Everytime I go to Toyko, I look forward to two things: All those great little yakitori shops and taking people to an izakaya. In my experience, most izakaya are what great little pubs should be,...

izakaya style dining?

by KellyBelly 17 years ago

Hi all, We're headed to Vancouver next week followed by a nice long stay at Point No Point resort (is this place really as wonderful as it looks in pictures? I hope! :) I've been saving all you...

Mugi: old school izakaya on West 58th

by squid-kun 17 years ago

A couple from Sendai runs this traditional and slightly quirky izakaya on a quiet block of 58th Street. They’ve been there for 28 years, largely under the radar, which appears to be the way they li...

Best Izakaya? Help!

by John Galt 17 years ago

I am a DC-NoVa hound. In anticipation of a rare trip to NYC (tomorrow!), a few weeks ago I posted and sought recommendations for life-altering chow in NYC. I received lots of good tips regardin...

Kasadela for great Izakaya and a zen vibe

by Mark M 17 years ago

Made a mental note to check out this little E Village gem based on a Nina W's recommendation many months ago. Kasadela is a tiny little Izakaya spot on C, just west of 11th. Ive been told the lite...

New Izakaya in Yaletown

by JWh 17 years ago

A new Japanese restaurant opened in Yaletown called Shiru-Bay (right next to Cactus Club)I think it is a chain from Japan (Izakaya style). Has anyone been? Would love some feedback. Thinking of try...

Izakayas/Sake bars in Vegas??/Commander's Palace

by Canchito (J. DiStefano) 17 years ago

Hey Vegas Hounds, I'll be going out to Las Vegas for the 6th (and hopefully last) year in a row for business from 5/20-5/25. My question: since I'll be on expense account the whole time, it might...

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