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Luck of the Irish! Find excellent Irish food near you--like soda bread, corned beef, and boxty--plus chat with Chowhounds about Irish cooking and recipe tips.

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Irish Soda Bread... pre-make the dough...

by dancingmo 5 months ago

I am going to make a bunch of my favorite loaves of Irish Soda Bread (about 8 of them). Can I make the dough FIRST? ...


dancingmo commented 5 months ago

McCann's Irish Steel Cut Oats for One?

by westside 11 years ago

After developing something of a habit of starting my day with a bowl of cinnamon laced oatmeal, I decided to do a bit...


lrphillips commented 5 months ago

Irish Cookbook Recommendations?

by HabaneroLady 7 months ago

I'm Irish-American, but you'd never know it from my cooking. I'd like a good cookbook covering traditional Irish cui...


HabaneroLady commented 6 months ago

Best whiskey for an Irish Cream?

by nooodles 11 years ago

I have limited knowledge of whiskey. What I have had, ironically enough, is fairly pricey single malt scotch like Ard...


OpheliaMelinda commented 7 months ago

Irish Bars

by curiousgeo 10 months ago

Thinking of meeting up with my cousin one evening after work for a beer and a simple (but hopefully tasty) meal. Look...


sugartoof commented 10 months ago

Free Irish breakfast Bloomsday event at Bloom's Tavern

by ratgirlagogo 1 year ago

Fun on Bloomsday! This bar has good food, and you can't beat free. Plus you should grab the chance to meet Malachy Mc...


TheDescendedLefticleOfAramis commented 1 year ago

Irish coarse ground wholemeal flour

by dac1 8 years ago

Does anyone know where to find Irish coarse ground wholemeal flour (e.g. Odlums) in the Portland area? It's a mus...

MacGuffin commented 1 year ago

Places to find back (British) bacon now that Fresh n' Easy is gone?

by walkie74 1 year ago

So last year, I made an awesome St. Patrick's Day dinner of cabbage and back bacon. Fresh n' Easy had the bacon, call...


Sablehart commented 1 year ago

Best Irish breakfast in Boston

by Lindy 11 years ago

Hi there, just wanted to see if anyone knows a really good spot for a full Irish breakfast this Sunday - it is my hub...


5thAndNowhere commented 1 year ago

Bailey's Irish Cream has solidified - can it be salvaged for baking?

by subrosa39 4 years ago

I tried to pour some Bailey's Irish Cream but it had separated into chunks. All that was left in the bottle was soli...


sdcinvan commented 1 year ago

More odd cheese names

by DonShirer 1 year ago

I'm a sucker for cheeses with funny names, as I've noted before. Maybe too much so, since I've tried the first three ...

grayelf commented 1 year ago

What kind of cookie to serve with Irish Coffee?

by blue room 4 years ago

I'd prefer not a cake or sweet bread, but a cookie. Anything traditional?


Sterlingskitchen commented 2 years ago

Irish Bangers

by somethin_gd 2 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy authentic Irish Bangers locally (Dracut, MA) or online?


donlan commented 2 years ago

Irish supplies

by tweetie 2 years ago

after a long hiatus we are looking for supplies for a home cooked Irish breakfast to feast on before the all Ir...


tweetie commented 2 years ago

Where to buy Irish boiling bacon in Washington, D.C.?

by cg123 2 years ago

Does any one know where I can buy Irish Bacon ( aka Irish boiling bacon/back bacon) in Washington, D.C.? Thanks!

tommyskitchen commented 2 years ago

Murphy's Irish Stout in Calgary, Alberta??

by Dawnerson 5 years ago

Hi everyone...I have been told about this beer by a friend of mine from the UK, she says that "Murphy's Irish Stout" ...


Barlow commented 2 years ago

Dinner near the Westin Dublin?

by LM225 2 years ago

We're going to be arriving on a Saturday evening and would like to have a nice dinner near the hotel. Price is not a ...


LM225 commented 2 years ago

Where to purchase Irish moss in Toronto?

by charxchar 9 years ago

I've checked at Noah's and at The Big Carrot - no luck there. I have no other leads. Please help!

kwass commented 2 years ago

Your favorite Twin Cities Irish breakfast

by MarkG 2 years ago

I know of the Anchor and The Local where they serve an authentic Irish breakfast on sundays. What do you think of the...


gildeddawn commented 2 years ago

Made Boxty Irish Potato Pancake

by FillmoeSF 2 years ago

Thank you for your comments and help. I did make the boxty, substituting mashed sweet potatoes for the white and usi...

sunshine842 commented 2 years ago

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