Find the best food in Indianapolis. Discuss your favorite places and ask Chowhounds for their recommendations for the meals and cuisines you want.

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Fresh, local goat milk in Indianapolis

by bmorecupcake 7 years ago

Here in Baltimore, and on recent trips to Chicago and North Carolina, I can walk into a Whole Foods and pick up a carton of local, fresh goat milk. The Indianapolis Whole Foods sells only the ultr...

A few days in Indianapolis

by Njchicaa 7 years ago

My husband will be in town for a convention in a week. He asked me to find him some places with great food in the area. If I remember correctly, he is staying at a hotel (Mariott?) that is connec...

What to eat on the way to and from the airport in Indianapolis?

by jaybee 7 years ago

Hi all, I'll be in Indianapolis for one day next week on business. I land at 7 pm, so I'll need some dinner, and I'm flying out at 7pm the next day, so I need to pick something up on the way to ...

My Daughter & Boyfriend visiting from Tacoma, requesting lobster & seafood (he's Indianapolis raised)

by deweyweber54 7 years ago

Greetings All! Where should I take them Easter weekend? Adventurous hounds. We're in Concord Ma., but ready for a road trip. Thinking Market Basket for Bugs, cooked at home. Being mid Marc...

Lunch and Dinner in Indianapolis

by ImageGirl 7 years ago

I'm travelling with my husband to Indianapolis weekend of April 12. Any suggestions for interesting places for lunch and dinner? We're from Toronto and don't get a lot of good Mexican/Mexican-inspi...

Vegan In Indianapolis

by utekai 7 years ago

Looking for a list of restaurants in the North Indy/Carmel area that offers one or more vegan dishes and understands what that means, and serves it up right. Not just a restaurant that claims t...

Oakley's Or Libertine For Dinner TONIGHT? [Indianapolis]

by ViolentScarlet 7 years ago

Trying to plan a last-minute celebration dinner for tonight, and have narrowed the choices down to Oakley's or Libertine (or possibly Fogo de Chao if we're feeling hungry enough). Never been to ei...

Looking for a great find in Indianapolis

by Fuudie 7 years ago

Heya! Got a question that might be a little hard to answer. My dad is always eating value menu junk out of fast food places like Micky D's, Wendy's and Burger King. I really want him to stop bu...

Restaurants and food suggestions for Downtown Indianapolis

by Chemicalkinetics 7 years ago

Hi Indianapolis experts, I will be staying in Downtown Indianapolis (around W Maryland and S. Illinois) for 2-3 days. Any suggestion for food related stuffs? Obviously restaurant suggestion...

Indianapolis - Rehearsal Dinner Suggestions Please?

by rachelb 8 years ago

My son is getting married in Indianapolis in August, and we're looking for a nice spot for the rehearsal dinner in the downtown area, for about 30+ people. Any suggestions are much appreciated -we...

Indianapolis - Map of Downtown Restaurants

by Gottfried Mind 8 years ago

Found this on another site, and thought I'd post a link. It's a .pdf map of downtown Indianapolis that shows the locations of over 80 restaurants, and several hotels....... http://s36.a2zinc.ne...

Moving to North Indianapolis/Carmel Area

by ellen2321 8 years ago

I'm moving to the Northy Indy/Carmel area so I'm looking for some recommendations of places, generally take-out or casual. Especially: an Indian restaurant, a pizza place and any other fast and/or ...

driving from Denver to Indianapolis.

by jennbee 8 years ago

Hi all I will be driving from Denver to Indianapolis in a few weeks. We will be driving on I-70 through Kansas and Missouri and would love some recommendations of places to eat along the way. We a...

2012 Early July--Best Restaurant in Indianapolis

by ChowPup 8 years ago

I am arriving from DC to spend time with my Aunts at Sweetwater lake in Brown county. I was born in Indianapolis and know it well, however I was looking for a nice place to take them to dinner on ...

Indianapolis - Birthday Dinner Recommendations

by Wolftaz 8 years ago

We will be in Indianapolis this weekend and are looking for a special place to take foodie for birthday. Loves all types of food... Thanks in advance for any recommendations...

Dining for groups of 10 to 12 near Executive Drive Indianapolis West

by TheSippingChef 8 years ago

Hi there is a group of us in town for the FDIC staying at the Wyndham Indianapolis West. A lot of us coming from the Seattle area. Anyway...would there be anywhere descent within walking distance o...

Indianapolis (east) - casual, inexpensive, perhaps a brewpub? pizza?

by kroppinkris 8 years ago

I'll be coming to Indy at the end of March for the Science Teacher's convention (yes, all of us nerds in one place!). We're actually staying east of downtown and from what I've been reading, downt...

Good Ethnic Restaurants in Indianapolis

by pantagruel1 8 years ago

Coming to Indianapolis (from SF) for a conference, 3/30-4/1 and looking for alternatives to greasy chain restaurant food. I'm primarily interested in inexpensive or moderate ethnic and regional fo...

Dinner in Indianapolis - March 17 - Suggestions Please!!!

by cupidom 8 years ago

Hi All, I will be visiting Indianapolis for the first time with my girlfriend on St. Patrick's Day weekend for The Black Keys concert and the Pacers/Knicks game the following night, both at Con...