Chowhound Gift Guide 2018: Housewarming Gifts That Go Beyond a Boring Candle

Putting some thought into a housewarming gift is essential. If you go with something generic (hello, Yankee Candle!), you’ll just be adding to the clutter your friend is already sifting through in those...

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Housewarming gift for foodie/cook?

by italiangrl77 11 years ago

I am going to a housewarming and wanted to bring a gift. But I have no idea what I can bring that the couple will actually use. I was thinking of stopping by Williams Sonoma this afternoon and pick...

House Warming appetizers

by MEalcentric 13 years ago

I am having a house warming party and having trouble thinking of good finger foods that will please, without me having to be in the kitchen the duration of the party warming up and cooking items. A...

Housewarming on a budget

by tastytamarind 12 years ago

We're having about 30 people over to an early-evening housewarming party next weekend, and our total budget is 200 bucks. Ideally, I'd like to have an assortment of finger foods/appetizers, a coup...

House warming budget challenge!

by sukmon 12 years ago

I love Chowhound! I respect all the comments posted and heed all advice given. Now I come to a obstacle. I am having a house warming for my friends, about 16 of them. But I need to be on a strict...

Ready Made Finger Foods for Housewarming?

by saturninus 12 years ago

I need some ready made finger foods for my housewarming party. No heating up required. Thinking about baked goods, cheeses (should I go to DiBruno's in CC or Italian Market?), crackers, bread, ve...

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