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Can you handle the heat? Find everything you ever wanted to know about hot sauce, from under-the-radar brands that other Chowhounds love to technical answers about chile peppers.

9 International Hot Sauce Recipes to Set Your World on Fire

One of the best (and tastiest) ways to combat the summer sun is bringing hot sauce to the table. Though it may seem counterintuitive to fight fire with fire, sweat induced from spice will actually cool...

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mosco dumpling waters down the hot sauce!

by stuartlafonda 14 years ago

My friend and I are regulars at Mosco but as a public service I present the following, an experience of my friend a mere hour ago. He goes in and orders his ten dumplings and notices that the two h...

White & green cillantro hot sauce...help!

by lexpletive 14 years ago

I'm looking for the name and recipe of a sauce I recently had. It was a white and green cillantro hot sauce that was served at Mama's Empanadas in Jamaica Queens. If anyone has any guesses on wha...

Louisiana hot sauce

by Spencer 14 years ago

What is you favorite Louisiana hot sauce for cooking, or as a condiment, and why. Thanks, Spencer

Low Sodium Hot Sauces [moved from Manhattan board]

by billyboy 14 years ago

My friend here is NYC is trying to limit his sodium intake while cooking at home. He likes to add spice to his foods via hot sauces (chili, sambal and tabasco sauces) and is having a hard time fin...

Trini Hot Sauce?

by tacostacoseverywhere 14 years ago

I've found a couple of recipes for peppa sauce from Trinidad... Most involve plenty of habeneros, white vinegar, cheap yellow mustard, garlic, and onion. Anyone have an absolutely to die for recip...

NYC Halal Cart White and Hot Sauces

by kare_raisu 14 years ago

I am looking to recreate the sauces served at these famous chicken & rice carts. Any help would be appreciated. Ive been looking online for various pakistani styles of these sauces to no avail or c...

Sushi with hot sauce

by icejew 15 years ago

I find that I enjoy sushi best with hot sauce - in particular I am a fan of Uncle Brutha's No. 9 which is a Washington, DC hot sauce, sort of a mild smoked Serrano sauce with garlic and ginger flav...

Best brand of hot sauce

by Terri 19 years ago

My husband recently developed an strong liking of the Louisiana style hot sauce. He put it in almost everything, even fruits. We have been using the Crystal brand. It is pretty good but I would ...

hot sauce recipe

by Danimal 15 years ago

I have a big jar of cayanne pepper, some vinegar, salt, and some empty hot sauce containers. all of this stuff was just laying around. what do I do now?

Great Hot Sauce: El Yucateco

by applehome 15 years ago

We found this at a local taqueria and ordered on line - it is a Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero. It's got good heat, but very flavorful and aromatic. When you shake a few drops on something hot, ...

taqueria hot sauce

by beer786 15 years ago

how do you make the red and green taqueria style hot sauce.

hot sauce

by sw 15 years ago

I had some of this stuff on a flight the other day. It had some real heat, but the kicker was the flavor. Very good and you could actually taste the flavor, not just the heat. Wanted to pass alo...

Help with those little bottles of hot sauces, which is hottest?

by TUSCANY 15 years ago

Our daughter started this for me years ago, I think she thought it'd be funny to see her moms face fall off when testing/tasting. Can you tell me which ones are the hottest? I have about 20 of thos...

I collect little bottles of hot sauce

by TUSCANY 15 years ago

Our daughter started this for me years ago, I think she thought it'd be funny to see her moms face fall off when testing/tasting. Can you tell me which ones are the hottest? I have about 20 of th...

Crystal Hot Sauce - a shortage?

by ted_mateo 16 years ago

I just love this stuff. But since it's made in New Orleans, should I start hording it? Or am I being paranoid?

Mexican Food Web Site and Bufalo Chipotle Hot Sauce

by StriperGuy 16 years ago

Discovered some very good hot sauce while in SF and after googling it, discovered this very good Mexican Food web site. Bufalo Chipotle Hot Sauce is my new fave. Link: http://www.mexgrocer.com/

i love hot sauce

by hot sauce lover. 16 years ago

What is a nice non runny hot sauce for sandwiches ? I love tabasco but it is way to watery. I've used vietnamese siracha Used thai sweet chili sauce. used some oily chinese hotsauce that are ...

Let's talk Hot Sauce....

by Drew 17 years ago

How about a list of say 3 or more of your favorite hot sauces, (or any other spicy condiments)and your favorite uses of them. Here's a few of mine: Frank's Red Hot - Buffalo wings El Yucateco C...

Need hot sauce recipe PLEASE

by Kim Shook 17 years ago

I have more jalapenos than I can use in the next little bit (and more budding on my plants) and I thought I would make some hot sauce - just a vinegar based bottled-type hot sauce that will keep in...

Trappey's Hot Sauce Defunct?

by Rich Gould-Saltman 17 years ago

Just went in search of this company on the Web, and find almost all links to it dead or semi-functional. Did McIlhenny finally get their wish after a century and put'em under? RFGS

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