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Sausage + bun = simple pleasure. Find the best hot dogs in your area, discuss recipes and grilling techniques, and share your favorite toppings with other Chowhounds.

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Hot Dogs at Andy & Greg's in Charlote N.C.

by DirtDobber 9 years ago

When Greg passed away several years ago, we lost a favorite treat. Well guess what. There is a grill in a little comm...


paul28025 commented 3 days ago

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs (at a random rest stop in NJ)

by BostonBestEats 20 days ago

WEEKEND IN PHILLY, PART 1: Nathan's Famous chili dogs (lol, at the Thomas Edison rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike!) ...

briansnat commented 7 days ago

Best Hotdogs in Conn.

by Alienkeeper 12 years ago

For a great HotDog in Conn. Go to Blackies in Cheshire.Don't forget to try their relish. That's what makes the HotDog...

cwdonald commented 15 days ago

Steakhouse elite burgers and Hummels hot dogs

by Bethy1 18 days ago

Does anyone know where the heck to get Steakhouse Elite burgers in south Central PA? How about Hummel Bros. hot dogs?...

cwdonald commented 17 days ago

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

by knucklesandwich 3 years ago

This came up recently. I say it's not, and and conferring sandwich-hood upon every snack involving bread and protein ...


GH1618 commented 22 days ago

CUPID'S Chili for Hot Dogs

by laptopps 6 years ago

My father LOVES Cupid's Hot Dogs and ate there back in the 1950's (at the Cupid's in North Hollywood.) We have since...


3littlejakes commented 29 days ago

Ruiz Sonoran Hot Dogs - Tucson

by gordon wing 1 month ago

my first visit to Tucson - and the first thing I did was to get my rental car and head out to Ruiz Hot Dogs on S.6th ...


andrewtree commented 30 days ago

What do you do with "Hot Dog Water"?

by ipsedixit 6 years ago

You know, the water that you use to boil hot dogs (assuming you boil them)? Seems like such a waste to just dump i...

tim irvine commented 2 months ago

Red's Hot Dogs @ 111th Western

by Phil 13 years ago

Here's for for all you old time Southsiders. What happened to Red's Hot Dog's/Drive Inn that was near 111th and Weste...


timboe commented 2 months ago

Banh Mi Dog @ Dapper Dog | The Castro - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Approaching the City late last night, I asked Siri where I could get a hot dog at that hour and she directed me to Da...

Melanie Wong commented 3 months ago

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Nassau Coliseum

by Gastronomos 3 months ago

At least they got Nathan's and not Sabrett:

Poached Hot Dogs

by FoodFundi 3 months ago

Hey Guys I always found the idea of Poached Hot Dogs gross - I felts a Fresh Dog belongs directly on the grill but...

HeidiCooksSupper commented 3 months ago

Who has best hotdog in NC?

by bowserd 8 years ago

I love hotdogs and have visited many parts of NC. I was wondering who has the best hotdogs in NC, Please give me yo...


brentk commented 4 months ago

"Bar S Beef Franks": has anyone tried them?

by FoodFuser 9 years ago

Rachel ray just gave them a top rating:

Karl S commented 5 months ago

Great HOT DOGS up and down the state!

by bennyboy1 10 years ago

Sometimes when I am travelling I wish I knew where a good hot dog place was located... In Sacramento, Weiner Works...

glbtrtr commented 6 months ago

Sabrett's hot dogs at Albertsons?

by rockhead 12 years ago

I remember reading a thread not too long ago stating that Sabrett's hot dogs can be found in the Kosher section in so...


bobby123456789 commented 7 months ago

Nathans Hot Dogs

by erly 7 years ago

This is an ongoing discussion here. It always comes up as unavailable. Went to the AC Centre and discovered that th...


abigllama commented 7 months ago

Flo's Hot Dogs - huge dissapointment!

by vchase 8 years ago

Maybe my expectations were too high, but I couldn't believe how average I thought Flo's Hot Dogs on Rt.1 in Cape Nedd...


gutreactions commented 7 months ago

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Niles Ice Cream Sweets & Eats | Fremont

by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

Winding my way through Fremont's Niles District last week to avoid freeway congestion, I spotted an ice cream parlor ...

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Hot dogs and hamburgers from Brooklyn Kitchen (Williamsburg)

by Blumie 9 months ago

It turned out to be a beautiful Labor Day weekend, so I grabbed a fresh bag of briquettes and fired up my Smokey Joe....