Hot Dog

Sausage + bun = simple pleasure. Find the best hot dogs in your area, discuss recipes and grilling techniques, and share your favorite toppings with other Chowhounds.

If You're Not Spiral Cutting Your Hot Dogs, You're Making a Huge Mistake

Want to make the best hot dog ever? Spiral cut it and char it on the grill. Here's how and why to do it. We first declared...

Benkyodo in San Francisco's Japantown [San Francisco]

by Hiko Ikeda 19 years ago

Although it is not a restaurant, "seated" eating--or drinking can be done inside the store, in addition, it is larger than many restaurants in the city. What do you guys think of this historica...

What do you do with "Hot Dog Water"?

by ipsedixit 9 years ago

You know, the water that you use to boil hot dogs (assuming you boil them)? Seems like such a waste to just dump it. I'm thinking Hot Dog Water might be good for making oatmeal, grits, or eve...

Big Ed's Hot Dogs Danbury CT

by Whampo 5 months ago

Does anyone have the recipe Big Ed used for his hot dog chili? I hear they are no longer in business. I blame the mall, if they had not killed the fair Big Eds would probably still selling dogs at ...

Hot Dogs

by llpcdpm 7 months ago

What are the best hot dogs without added nitrites? They give me migraines.

Abe's hot dogs in Wilkes Barre

by chet 12 years ago

I was wondering if anyone ever had the delicious hot dogs from Abe's Hot dogs on South Main st in Wilkes barre, pa, his hot dog sauce is out of this world, and I searched the web for meat hot d...

Best Pigs in Blanket (store bought)

by zackly 8 months ago

Forgive me if I asked this before but this is an important issue to me this time of year. Pigs in the Blanket are most everyone's favorite guilty pleasure hors d'oeuvre. The brands around here (sub...

What brand Hot Dogs have "Snap"

by fooddude 14 years ago

ok...i live in OC and SD and I am looking for hotdogs in local grocery stores (pavillions, ralphs, smart and final, etc., etc.) that have "snap". My question is, how do you know if its a good hot...

Devil Dawgs

by bighound 7 months ago

Lunch at Devil Dawgs, a highly rated Chicago dog and sausage institution. Large menu of hot dogs, sausages, sliders and chicken sandwiches. Along with fries, rings and shakes. The meat in casing me...

Dog House Drive-In | Albuquerque

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

My original target for my first bite in New Mexico of my May visit was Dog House Drive-In. However, when my travel day got off track, i switched to Duran's for table service and more comfort for a ...

Shoestring Famous Chili Dogs | Placerville

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

A sign for Chili Dogs pulls me in like a moth to the flame. On a gray and drizzly afternoon in May, I ducked into Shoestring in Placerville.

The Frankfurter Hot Dog Supplier

by rjohn40787 5 years ago

Does anyone know who supplies the kosher hot dogs for The Frankfurter hot dog stand on the waterfront? Do they sell their dogs to the general public?

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

by knucklesandwich 6 years ago

This came up recently. I say it's not, and and conferring sandwich-hood upon every snack involving bread and protein sets a dangerous precedent. Your thoughts?

"Bar S Beef Franks": has anyone tried them?

by FoodFuser 12 years ago

Rachel ray just gave them a top rating: http://www.rachaelraymag.com/cooking-tips/favorite-foods/and-the-wiener-is-big-bite-best-overall-hot-dog/article.html I've encountered Bar S as a "cheap ho...

Regional hot dogs

by kdibble 1 year ago

What are some good hot dogs brands around the country. In Hartford we had grote & weigel and i really like them. We also had Hummels out of new haven. I don't mean a hot dog stand. I mean the brand...

Natural casing hotdogs

by foodiehousewife89 1 year ago

I'm originally from the bay area of California and had a craving for home. So I got some casper’s hot dogs because I love the snap of the casing. I was just wondering, what does everyone think ...

CUPID'S Chili for Hot Dogs

by laptopps 9 years ago

My father LOVES Cupid's Hot Dogs and ate there back in the 1950's (at the Cupid's in North Hollywood.) We have since moved out of state but I make sporadic trips back to the Los Angeles area. You...

Pigs in a blanket - what sauce or dip?

by Sarah 10 years ago

Planning this as one of many snacks for a party -- what sauce if any? For kids and adults..

Coney Island Hot dogs in new castle?!?!? [Pgh]

by Jenny 17 years ago

Last night on ON Q there was a segment on a potential race track in new castle, whilst interviewing the townspeople about it they spoke to a gentleman who owns a Coney Island Hot Dog shop there! ha...

Tailgate Dogs & Sausages open in New Rochelle...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

It is at North Ave. and Eastchester Road, New Rochelle, just up the road from IONA and across from New Rochelle High School. Tailgate Dogs & Sausages opened a month ago serving a variety of hot dog...

Natural Casing Hot Dog Brands in NYC Area?

by zackly 2 years ago

I'm looking for an all-beef natural casing hot dog available in the NYC CT or Westchester suburbs. I know the usual suspects like Nathan's and Sabretts but I'm wondering if there are some other bra...