Honey: Cook with it, bake with it, stir it into your tea. Discuss your favorite types, the best recipes starring honey, and more with our community.

6 Tricks to Make Frozen Pizza Taste Like You Made It from Scratch

Better frozen pizza can be a matter of sourcing the right brand, or simply employing clever upgrades and hacks. To that end, here are six easy tips to make any freezer pizza taste homemade. It’s Friday...

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Musty flavor in organic honey

by JRC14 6 years ago

We don't use much honey and what we do buy usually gets tossed when it crystallizes after a year on the shelf. A couple of months ago I bought a small bottle of "certified organic" honey that was o...

Florida jelly, jam, honey

by Citydaughter 6 years ago

Looking for good Florida jelly in bulk with competitive pricing, for wedding guest bag near Palm beach gardens Florida. Also, any other suggestions for Florida items for gift bags.

Rhubarb mead

by OhZenobia 6 years ago

A group of friends and I have the opportunity to borrow some brewing equipment and plan to make mead, which we've never done before. I have been tasked with finding a recipe. A call to the local ...


by Aetna59 6 years ago

Is it ok to "liquify" honey so that I can pour it?

Cheese pairings for some honey I bought

by DGresh 7 years ago

On a whim I picked up a small jar of Italian Rhododendron Flower honey 'cause it just sounded so offbeat. The label says it will pair well with the following cheeses: Castelrosso, Pecorino Ginepro,...

Honeys from around the world--share your favorites!

by nofunlatte 12 years ago

Some of you may know that I was fortunate enough to travel to Cameroon last month (for work). I had some wonderful food experiences (which you can read about on this thread: http://chowhound.chow...

Warm Honey-Mustard Dressing for Spinach Salad

by galleygirl 16 years ago

Okay, so years ago, I used to go to this cutting edge(In my naive eyes) restaurant in Westport, in Kansas City...I can't even remember the name, but it started with a "P", and had something to do w...

Sugary honey

by noodlepoodle 7 years ago

My bottle of honey has gotten thick and sugary. I'm in the process of melting it in the top of a double boiler, but my question here is, do I have to cook it or boil it for a certain length of tim...

Cookies, Cakes, and Breads with honey

by drloripalooza 9 years ago

I'm looking for suggestions for recipes for cookies, cakes, and breads with honey, especially ones that would be good for the holidays. I have been given about 5 lbs. of honey. I love the flavor of...

Creamed Honey

by Ora 14 years ago

Just bought a tub of Trader Joe's raw unfiltered creamed honey. How do you use your creamed honey?

Why add honey or sugar to whole wheat bread?

Mr Taster
by Mr Taster 11 years ago

I know there must be a science related Cooks Illustrated-style answer for this, but I can't seem t find any information on it. Can any experienced bakers help me out with this? Does it have to ...

Is honey really...forever?

by Fida 7 years ago

I bought some gourmet-ish honey, and I unexpectedly need to give someone a little present...and I wonder if it's true that honey has an unimaginably long shelf life. Because this would be handy to...

Is there a decent store bought or packaged honey cake?

by chompie 7 years ago

Any reviews on Lily's, Osem, Whole Foods or others? Thanks! Heading out to find one now..

Honey Butter Potato Chips in the U.S.?

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

Anyone know where, or if, one can find Honey Butter flavored potato chips in the U.S.? I'm thinking in particular about the Haitai brand seen in the picture above, but any similar brand would do...

honey on pasta?

by InSearchOfTacos 10 years ago

whenever i dont have time to make a sauce, i add honey, cheese and nuts to plain pasta. i think its delicious and makes perfect sense to me! honey, cheese, nuts and bread is a combination thats w...

Tupelo Honey - is it real?

by JMWinCA 7 years ago

Hello! I'm new here, and I hope you can help me out. My brother-in-law is a chef, and one of his favorite things is Tupelo honey. I found some on Amazon for a screaming deal, but apparently some co...

Is it real honey?

by Puffin3 7 years ago

I pay $10 for a 500g jar of local honey. Fair enough. The other day I'm shopping at President's Choice. A 2000g plastic contain is selling for $20. The label just say's 'Honey'. Is it possible t...

Does anyone use a honey dipper?

by Soop 11 years ago

I got Donna some honey for xmas, so I figured I could get her a dipper too. But the more I think about it, the more awkward they seem. Does anyone use one? What are the pros/cons compared to u...

(for friday night) Pairing with Ottolenghi's Chicken with Hazelnuts, honey, safran (and rose water)

by Maximilien 7 years ago

Any suggestions for pairing with Ottolenghi's Chicken with Hazelnuts, honey, safran (and rose water) (recipe: http://www.ottolenghi.co.uk/roast-chicken-with-saffron-hazelnuts-and-honey-shop ) ...

What Can I Make with Honey Roasted Peanuts?

by kitchengardengal 7 years ago

Normally, a can of honey roasted peanuts is gone in a few days, leaving me with a tummy ache and wondering why I couldn't stop eating them. This time, they are kinda meh... not enough sweet, p...