It doesn't have to be Easter to enjoy ham's perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors. Whether you prefer it baked, glazed, smoked, or even fried, Chowhound's got the recipe for you.

Eat Cake for Dinner with This Multilayered Crepe Masterpiece

A crêpe cake is a beautifully layered affair that's usually (like most cakes) a sweet dessert treat. But this savory French ham and cheese crêpe construction is a fun and delicious twist that lets you...

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Where to buy a spiral cut ham for Thanksgiving

by magfitz 5 years ago

My father is hosting Thanksgiving and will be preparing a turkey, stuffing, and all other side dishes. Since there will be approximately 20 people, he has asked that I bring a spiral-cut ham (smal...

Deli ham

by readytocook 11 years ago

If buying ham at a grocery store.....what type of general ham is best for sandwiches? I know the brands vary from store/state, so I'm generally talking type (ie..tavern, virginia,etc..) I never kno...

Processed meat and cancer – what you need to know

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

"...a link between certain types of meat and some forms of cancer – notably bowel cancer – isn’t ‘new’ news – the evidence has been building for decades, and is supported by a lot of careful resear...

How big spiral sliced ham?

by danna 6 years ago

I'm planning to buy a spiral sliced ham to feed my husband's family on the Saturday after Christmas. I'll be cooking in my FIL's kitchen so need to limit the drama. How much ham should I figure p...

French ham in Toronto

pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 5 years ago

Where can I find French ham? Ideally centrally located or west end, but overall, I'd just like to know where to find it. Thanks!

Ham Collagen and lard

by San Antonio Sam 5 years ago

I cooked a bone-in, smoked ham to slice for lunch meat yesteday. I got short on time and also ran out of tinfoil so I just put it in the fridge still wrapped in the foil it cooked in. The outs...

Looking for Parisian ham!

by garrize 5 years ago

Hi there, new to Chowhound, so I hope I'm gonna find help here. :) I'm looking for Parisian ham in Manhattan. I tried a lot of American hams but couldn't find something close to Parisian ham. Pa...

Whatever happened to pressed ham?

by AbbyNormalOne 11 years ago

A couple of years ago, the deli at my local grocery said it had been discontinued. Apparently, they meant that in a global sense: I've not been able to find it anywhere, even searching on-line. ...

Country Ham in Bardstown KY

by ohso 5 years ago

If I had to make one stop in Bardstown KY for country ham, should I pick Talbott Tavern or Kurtz restaurant? Thanks!

what do i do with my ham?

by trefolo 5 years ago

I have a 20 pound ham that ive brined and have hung for one week so far in my works walk in fridge, is it safe to eat now? Should i let it hang longer? Whats the best way to cook it without it beco...


by Dogboa 5 years ago

Other than standard Cajun fare, what are some ideas/recipes to use this spicy, smoked ham?

Cooked Ham on the bone

by Delucacheesemonger 5 years ago

Used to getting this easily in Paris at a zillion markets but do not remember seeing in Philadelphia or environs. Cooked ham, room temperature, on bone thus requiring hand cutting. We are not tal...

Berkshire/Korabuta Boneless Ham in L.A.

by Burger Boy 5 years ago

Was wondering if anyone knew who carries a boneless (Tavern style) Berkshire/Korabuta ham, half or whole. TYIA

Curing Ham Confusion

by Puffin3 5 years ago

My butcher gave me about 2 T of what he referred to as 'Pink salt' yesterday. The last time I wet cured a 3 pound raw pork loin he gave me less than 1 t and told me that was enough based on the we...

Why ham on Easter? [split from Home Cooking]

by Diane in Bexley 11 years ago

A nice Jewish girl has a serious question - why ham on Easter (or why do Christians eat pork anyway?) Jews and Muslims adhere to almost the same dietary laws and it is highly unlikely that Jesus at...

Help! How do I deal with the net on my boneless ham?

by foxtailfarm 5 years ago

I got a couple of small uncured smoked boneless hams for our Easter dinner today. I just realized they have string nets around them. Everything i read suggests these should be left on while roastin...

Cooked Ham Hock - What to make?

by ciaogina 12 years ago

I was provided a cooked ham hock. What do I do with this -- do I warm it up and just eat it or can I do something else with it like make a soup or stock? Thanks.

A Ham.

by sandylc 5 years ago

We are looking for a great ham that won't set us back eight million dollars. So many hams these days have water added and resemble sweet pink rubber more than anything else. Ideas?

Ever have ham loaf?

by lynnlato 11 years ago

I have a recipe that was written by my grandmother. It's titled Mrs. Whipple's Ham Loaf. This has been a staple in our family for generations. It's a combination of ground pork, ground ham, brea...

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