Create a Halloween menu with the help of fellow 'Hounds--get ideas for festive cocktails and mains, plus weigh in on the best Halloween candy (and get recipes to make your own at home!).

How to Carve a Pumpkin Like a Pro This Halloween

There are many ways to decorate pumpkins these days, but the classic way to carve a pumpkin is to pick up a sharp kitchen knife and get to work. With Halloween approaching, here's a step-by-step guide...

Lights out and darkness prevails or game on for Halloween?

by mushroomaffairs 11 months ago

I don't know what to do for Halloween, if there will be trick-or-treating on my street or not, my city recently advised against it but I was talking with a few of of the nabes and they are planning...

Outdoor Halloween Movie Night at Davis Family Vineyards, 10/31

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 months ago

"Davis Family Vineyards is hosting an under-the-full-blue-moon movie night featuring Stephen King's 'The Shining" this Halloween night and you're invited! Your 'movie ticket' will be a $32 wine ...

Just in time for Halloween... rabbit blood

by kindnotnice 11 months ago

My French girlfriend raves about civet de lapin—a rabbit stew that requires that the reserved blood be used for the accompanying sauce. So far all the usual suspects, from Dartagnan to Ottomanelli...

Pumpkin Patch

by Cityplace 2 years ago

Any recommendations for Pumpkin patches to take my son this Saturday? Looking for great homemade pumpkin pie, as well as the pumpkins themselves.

Gelato Dolce | Laguna Beach

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Before Halloween I had a chance to try Gelato Dolce when it was offering special spooky flavors named after Things that Go Bump in the Night. Huge selection in this former 31 Flavors and it was bus...

Carving the Pumpkin and Knife Selection

by Autumm2 4 years ago

Setting the scene. . . you have 2 pumpkins to be turned into Jack-o-lanterns, which knife do you reach for for carving? This year one of our pumpkins had flesh over 2 inches thick, so carving ...

Halloween dinner party

by vanessa7 4 years ago

Planning a Halloween dinner party and wanted to get input on my menu. Appetizers: Barely Buzzed lavender espresso cheddar Bonne Bouche goat cheese Proscuitto (on wooden stakes) Main co...

Homemade Halloween Candy

by maccrogenoff 4 years ago

Hi All You Sweet Tooths, I made the raspberry lollipops from Ottolenghi/Goh's Sweet. They are beautiful and delicious. I plan to make another batch. I also plan to make caramels, toffee and fudg...

Halloween Party for Kids and Adults

by PeachLakeBaker 4 years ago

I'm having a Halloween party for kids and adults. It's next weekend, and so far, more than 20 adults and about 15 kids are coming. The kids are about ten years old. The party will be in a local ...

Halloween Puns

by JungMann 12 years ago

Halloween is on the way and I'd like to set my tables with tongue-in-cheek dishes for the guys and ghouls coming to celebrate the night. A selection of cheeses is a blasphemous pun waiting to happe...

ISO cheap and plentiful cheesecloth

by twinkienic 4 years ago

Any recommendations for where to buy cheesecloth? I am, admittedly, using it as part of Halloween decorations, so the focus is more on getting as much as possible for as cheap as possible, and qual...

Finger food make ahead party menu

by tweet13 4 years ago

I'm need helping planning a halloween party menu. I'm trying to achieve a menu which I can make ahead of time and can be served at room temperature, or items that I can just reheat at party time. ...

Please Evaluate my Halloween Cocktail Party Menu

by bblonde 9 years ago

Green apple martini punch Bloody Mary Ghoulish Fingers (salami wrapped around mozzeralla) Deviled eyeballs (deviled eggs) tortilla rollup bones (cream cheese, cheddar, green chiles and tortilla...

Chocolate Eyeballs in D/CH

by Remsleep 5 years ago

We're not a big Halloween family, but we do like to have a nice selection for trick-or-treaters. My favorite Halloween candy, both to give and to have left over, is chocolate-caramel "eyeballs". Th...

Found Halloween Candy

by syrup09 5 years ago

This morning while getting my apartment ready for pest control treatment I found a bag of Halloween candy. I'm wondering is it ok to eat or give away?

Is a Halloween pumpkin edible?

by doc_k55 14 years ago

I hope this isn't a dumb question. We never carved it and it's been outside. So first, is it still good? (no brown spots, still hard and orange). Second, is it edible?

Halloween and Peanut Allergies

by jlafler 14 years ago

Our daughter, who is almost two, went trick-or-treating for the first time this year. She's allergic to peanuts, and after she went to bed we ended up discarding about 80% of the candy in her bag. ...

Buying Halloween Candy: How Soon is Too Soon?

by 512window 6 years ago

Every year I have to buy candy to hand out to the trick or treaters. Every year I play a game of chicken with myself. If I buy the candy too early, I know that I will eat a lot of it, because, ch...


by sampras66 6 years ago

Any ideas for halloween? Not to crazy crowded hopefully .

Criticize my three day Halloween itinerary

by findingsacramento 6 years ago

My girlfriend (vegetarian) and I (meat eater) are visiting Portland over the Halloween weekend to watch the Griz-PSU football game and Shakey Graves. Please let me know if there is anything I shoul...