Discuss halal food: Where to find it, how to make it, and what you like about it.

What is the Difference Between Kosher and Halal?

Centuries before Michael Pollan came up with his Food Rules, two of the world's most significant religions laid down the laws for preparing and eating our sustenance. We see the halal and kosher seals...

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zabihah halal in the western burbs--Pita House

by Ann Fisher 17 years ago

I've mentioned before that there seem to be a lot of new middle eastern places along Roosevelt Road in the Lombard/Oakbrook Terrace corridor. Sure enough, Zabihah.com lets you look for zabihah hal...

Is there a "halal" steak restaurant in the Bay Area?

by foodlover 17 years ago

I've got some friend visiting and was wondering if there is a halal steak restaurant around here.

Halal Butcher

by Sammy 17 years ago

I am looking for a good butcher to get baby goat for curries. I go to a place on lex near 28th which is usually good when they have it but sometimes they run out and often they dont have chops. W...

Halal carts--all the same?

by Guy 17 years ago

I'm in the city 2 to 3 times a month (midtown, 27th-32nd St, 6th to 9th Ave), and am always enticed by the aroma given off by the various "halal" vendors. I've tried one and it was OK but nothing ...

Are there any good kosher/halal restaurant(s) uptown?

by Icy 17 years ago

Hi - I have some friends who only eat kosher/halal meats and I'd like to organize a get-together at a place where they have options other than vegetarian. Any ideas would be welcome! Thanks!!

TMW: Halal cart on E. 40th St. Update

by Sean 17 years ago

I know it was posted that the Halal cart (my favorite) on the NW corner of East 40th and Third Avenue was gone, but whatever happened, he's back! I was walking home early from work and spied him,...

Halal cart on E. 40th St.

by TMW 17 years ago

I read great reviews waaaaaaay down on this board about a chicken and rice cart on the NW corner of 40th and Third. Went there today and it wasn't there. There WAS one down the block close to Lex a...

Joy Halal Indian--46th and 3rd

by AndyK 17 years ago

Anyone know anything about this? Looks like a new "taxi stand" type place might be opening here. THere seems to be a brand new canopy. Could be a great addition to the dirth of cheap eats in the...

Halal Street Vendors

by Sean 17 years ago

Prior to September 11th, there was one of those Halal Chicken & Rice vendors in Liberty Park, that big concrete park southeast of the Trade Center across Church. He was, without question, the best ...

The Halal food cart at 31st and Broadway

by Jaysk 18 years ago

What do you guys think of the place? I saw that they generally have a couple of customers waiting all day so figured it might be worth trying. I just finished eating their food. I had chicken and...

halal curry chicken cart 6 Av/43 St

by Chow Charles 18 years ago

Does anyone know where the halal curry chicken cart long on the n/e/c of 6 Av and 43rd Street went? Always good, always a line, but suddenly gone! Help.

Halal or Veg Indian in Manhattan or Brooklyn?

by t 18 years ago

I need to take someone with strict Halal dietary preferences and I'm looking for a place that has a nice atmosphere too. Any ideas?

MIddle Eastern and Halal guide

by tony 18 years ago

Found this site while searching for something different. Thought it might be useful for Chicago chowhounds looking for different Middle Eastern restaurants. Link: http://www.zabihah.com/il_chi_nor...

new Thai & Halal Chinese, Woodside

by wrayb 18 years ago

On 61st off Roosevelt, across from the Woodside post office there have been two restaurants under construction for a while. Well, they are open. Khao Homm, the Thai place opened Wednesday. At...

Halal or Kosher meat shops in Manhattan

by lkjl; 19 years ago

Any good, clean halal or kosher meat shops in Manhattan, preferably Upper East Side?

Jersey City trek: no Mana; halal Chinese; Senegalese??

by steve d. 21 years ago

It's so gorgeous out today I decided to make the trek from my office (at Exchange Place) to the famed White Mana Diner on Tonnele Ave., being in the mood for a couple of greasy burgers. It was an ...

Halal Sidibousaid

by diligent 19 years ago

Has anyone eaten here? It's a few doors up from Shalimar, on Jones. Tunisian Mediterranean food, halal.

Halal Thai: 4th Avenue and Dean Street

by Niko McBrain 19 years ago

My commute necessitates a transfer at Atlantic Avenue-Pacific Street, and an uninterrupted wait in that miserable sweatbox is sometimes beyond bear. I was happy to see that a Halal Thai joint was o...

Halal Restaurants in LA and SD?

by jSam 19 years ago

We have a good friend who is a devout Muslim and only eats "halal"(also spelled Hallal) food, which is the Muslim equivalent of kosher--killed a certain way, no pork, etc. We can't take him out fo...

Chicken on 55th and 6th - Halal Yum

by Tara 21 years ago

There's the best cart on the corner of 55th and 6th. They have that great smelling chicken, which I guess has been marinated (too many years as a vegetarian has left me a little befuddled by meat ...

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