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Chowhound's 13 Most Popular BBQ Recipes

With 4th of July weekend on the horizon and a whole lot of summer on its heels, we've collected our most popular BBQ recipes for you to make the most of grilling season. You've got the grill. You've...

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Grilling questions: all you cooks--must have gas, what grills do u prefer?

by claire 16 years ago

I am in the market for a gas grill. I'd like to spend no more than $500 as I've had a windfall... I can't have charcoal, so bear w/me on the gas thing. Weber? other brands? which ones to avoid...

Stoopid Grilling Question, #2

by galleygirl 16 years ago

I have two grills at my disposal, and I know they're not the best...One is a Weber Lil' Smokey Joe, a mini kettle drum with cover, uses charcoal. The other is a strange gas grill, with no lavastone...

stoopid grilling question--to PAM or not to PAM?

by PayOrPlay 16 years ago

I have finally used up the complimentary can of "PAM for the Grill" that came with the gas grill we got as a housewarming present when we moved into our new house. This seems to be hard to find any...

Easy, Healthy Fish Dishes (but no grilling)

by Lila 16 years ago

I think I'm going to stop by the fish market on the way home from work. I'm getting sick of my standard dish - Salmon broiled with sweet soy on top, with a side of bok choy and rice. It's supe...

Urgent * Grilling Pork Tenderloin

by Nancy 16 years ago

I would love to hear your favorite recipes for preparing pork tenderloin, especially interested in any recipes you may have on how to grill it. Also, I'd appreciate any tips on how "not-to" overcoo...

Need recommendation for grilling pan

by A 16 years ago

Hi, I need to replace my grilling pan, and would really appreciate recommendations. Which grilling pan do you use- and why do you like it? Thanks in advance, A

Speed still grilling?

by foxy lettuce 16 years ago

Hi, Haven't seen any recent posts about Speed's hot dogs. Anyone know if he is still working? I know he was thinking of retiring the last time I went (spring of 2002) and passing the magic on to hi...

Where to buy Korean BBQ grill for home?

by emily s 16 years ago

We would like to try our own home grilling in the same style we find in Manhattan's little Korea. Any suggestions of good outlets or internet sites selling these retail, or decent alternatives?

Grilling lobster

by fatboy 16 years ago

Recently, I tried, urging the urging of the in-laws, grilling lobster instead of boiling or steaming them. We used a gas grill, preheated it until it was nice and hot, then put the whole lobsters r...

Grilling Chicken, logistical questions

by EyesTooBig 16 years ago

I'm making a simple dinner for 7 friends. I've decided on pasta (small rotelle, corkscrew, springs, or whatever they're more appropriately called) with 3 types of sauces (all store bought, pls. do...

"Grilling for Dummies" - any reviews?

by bunnyr 17 years ago

While shopping in Border's book store for some music book bargains, I ran into this book in the aisle. I took a very quick look at it, but had to move on. Have any of you seen this? Is it worth ...

Good Fish For Grilling ?

by Chris 17 years ago

Hi. I am going out to Fire Island this weekend and would like to try grilling some fish. Can anyone recommend good types of fish and/or marinades I can try?

Grilling Kielbasa

by Hippo 17 years ago

I want to grill kielbasa tonight, and the only recipee I've found says you should simmer the kielbasa in water for 15 minutes, and then grill for 10 minutes. Trying to NOT USE THE STOVE (since it i...

Thanks for the suggestions about Q-ing, grilling my ducks.

by Hershey Bomar 17 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions about Q-ing, grilling my ducks. I did the easiest thing. Always my favorite choice. I didn't steam them first, soak them in milk,or anything special. I did what the m...

Grilling sides

by Bobfrmia 17 years ago

I could use some fresh ideas for side dishes on the grill. What does everyone grill for sides with beef, fish, chicken or pork? Thanks

Reflections on Grilling in a Snowstorm

by dude 17 years ago

Cooking Monday night's dinner inspired me to wax poetic... I apologize in advance. Grilling steaks in falling snow Flakes reflect porch lightÂ’s glow Must use 3rd burner to get temperature high A...

Los Angeles grilling etiquette

by Nhowe 18 years ago

I have a slightly odd but pressing question about grilling etiquette. My wife and I just moved here from Manhattan, where you don't need to worry about such things unless you're rich enough to have...

Grilling Beef Short Ribs?

by Pappy 18 years ago

I have a great Korean marinade recipe. It is recommended for bone-in, beef short-ribs. I believe, the regular-cut kind is specified (i.e. two-three inches of meat covering the same amount of bone...

Grilling Fish and Veggies

by The Rogue 18 years ago

I am back to the healthy grilling fish and veggies on my propane grill again. Hey it's practically summer out. I had a ok adjustible fish grilling rack but my sister swiped it. I would like some op...

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