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Grilling & Smoking In The Winter, Yes/No?

by jmcooler 1 day ago

Do you partake? If so, what are some of your favorite items to throw down over coals or wood chips when the snowflake...

DuffyH commented 9 hours ago

Shiny or Dull? Aluminum Foil debate

by itryalot 6 years ago

At work today, we were having a discussion about shiny side vs dull side. Which side touches food? When BBQing, whi...


rainyfg commented 4 days ago

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Carrying case or cover for Kettle Pizza

by nuraman00 17 days ago

Is there a good carrying case or cover for the Kettle Pizza? This official one needs the have the Kettle Pizza dis...

Cooking at higher temps bad for your health?

by newbiefor1 26 days ago

What Temperatures are we talking about here? I never burn my food but I like to bake chicken at 400 and up and I lik...


Dogboa commented 24 days ago

Grilling -- then immediately freezing?

by tonbo0422 7 years ago

I have to grill on a small Weber on my balcony because grills aren't allowed in my building (!) so I have to keep it ...

hotoynoodle commented 1 month ago

Need a Rub for Grilled Pork Tenderloin

by DuffyH 2 months ago

We're planning to grill pork tenderloin tonight, and need a rub for it. We'll be serving it simply, with mashed or ba...

DuffyH commented 2 months ago

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4+1 Tips for Grilling in the Fall

by HipHop 2 months ago

The fall is approaching quickly, but it does not have to stop you from your favorite hobby, grilling. I actually li...

BBQ season, all year every year

by HipHop 2 months ago

Anyone other BBQ fans around here? My favorite thing to do on the weekend is to get the whole, big, extended family t...

PhotosAndFood commented 2 months ago

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Roasting Hatch Chilis

by Dogboa 2 months ago

This was my first experience using the rotisserie basket and roasting chilis in it. There was a learning curve as wit...

Table Talk with Steven Raichlen of Project Smoke

by The Chowhound Team 4 months ago

Summer may be almost over, but grilling season keeps going strong—as you are demonstrating with the mouthwatering dis...

Steven_Raichlen commented 3 months ago

Best frozen burgers for large 4th of July party?

by dmarkj 6 months ago

I'm trying to find good frozen hamburger patties for 4th of July. Obviously, frozen burgers aren't nowhere near as go...


zackly commented 3 months ago

Pork shoulder cooking time?

by soleado123 9 years ago

Howdy y'all, The weekend before the fourth of July I cooked a Boston butt for the first time. I cooked it outs...


ESotomauir commented 4 months ago

Former 'Hound JB Bannister Seen on Chopped!

by ninrn 4 months ago

Surprised no one has posted about this already: Great former Chowhound JB Bannister competed recently on Chopped Gril...

meatn3 commented 4 months ago

Can a rare steak cook itself wrapped in tin foil?

by earnestlearner 9 months ago

Can a rare steak cook itself wrapped in tin foil ? Ordered a steak that I always get via delivery medium rare. ...


dave9 commented 4 months ago

Grilling Corn on Gas Stove

by somervilleoldtimer 4 months ago

I don't have a grill. I want to grill shucked corn on top of my gas stove, kind of like the way I roast marshmallows...

dave_c commented 4 months ago

Salting Orange Slices

by Fickle_Fautress 4 months ago

I am wanting to use thin navel orange slices as a pizza topping but am concerned about the water content. Thought abo...

motleymeals commented 4 months ago

Self-Catered Wedding - Grilling Out

by ericapatton 4 months ago

We're planning on hosting our wedding reception for 80-100 people this October at a state park group shelter, and bec...


ricepad commented 4 months ago

ISO branzino

by ume 5 months ago

I'm just wondering if there are any places where I can buy a branzino to grill in the Vancouver BC, Canada area. I b...


betterthanbourdain commented 4 months ago

Pressure cook chicken before grilling...YUM

by riverwalk 8 years ago

We tried pressure cooking our bone-in chicken pieces before grilling on the charcoal grill, and wow! It's so much be...


saultite commented 5 months ago

Oysters that won't open

by walkie74 5 months ago

So I've been told all my life that if a cooked oyster doesn't open, it should be tossed. But my brother is telling me...

coll commented 5 months ago

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