Great Plains

You can use this tag to discuss food in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We also have tags for each of those states, as well as many of their cities, which you can browse here.
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Fun Restaurant/Bar with a Private room near STL

by Gretchen 16 days ago

We are hosting a team meeting at a hotel near the St Louis airport in a few weeks and are looking for suggestions a n...

Great Trip to St. Louis

by rlcole4346 7 months ago

Spent a few days in St. Louis recently with the grandkids. We arrived a day early for a date night. Had a great meal ...


rlcole4346 commented 6 months ago

What’s Good in Chesterfield and the Valley in St. Louis?

by ferrett1 7 months ago

We just moved to this area and would love your recommendations as the go to spots in this area. Some of our favorite ...

hill food

hill food commented 7 months ago

Regional Food Brunch/Lunch

by love food 11 months ago

Hi St Louis. We're headed to St Louis for a wedding. Looking for some Brunch/Lunch spots. Love some local fish. What ...

hill food

hill food commented 9 months ago

Lake Forest Pastry shop in Clayton Missouri

by tycointl 11 years ago

I was wondering if anyone out there could help me. I know that the Lake Forest pastry shop is closed and has been fo...

hill food

hill food commented 9 months ago

St. Charles and St. Louis

by madsdadus 12 months ago

Staying out near St. Charles this week. Had great barbecue at Sugarfire and Pappy's last week. Looking for other sugg...


ronakshah2000 commented 9 months ago

Das Bevo

by hill food 10 months ago

anyone tried it yet? the fried kraut and brat balls sound interesting, kinda wrong, but also kind of intriguing. I re...


FriendOfTheDevil commented 10 months ago

Fresh Fish Dinner?

by treydawgmt 11 months ago

I'm in Troy, IL for work and willing to travel 15-30 minutes. I'm looking for somewhere that might serve actual fres...


Kingdon commented 11 months ago

Pappy's and Sugarfire Smokehouses

by madsdadus 12 months ago

Had the good fortune of eating at both Pappy's and Sugarfire the last two days. quite a treat coming off a long weeke...


ddfry3 commented 11 months ago

St. Louis Sara lou Fried Shrimp and Tartar Suace

by ksphillips 1 year ago

Would love to find any recipe for the fried shrimp and especially the tartar sauce from this St. Louis favorite. I b...


ksphillips commented 1 year ago

St. Louis (or New York?) Style Fried Rice

by mopeyboy 7 years ago

Have lived in Los Angeles since 1982 and can't get that old style, dark colored, St. Louis fried rice. You know, the...


Yaqima commented 1 year ago

Toasted Ravioli on the Hill

by ohso 1 year ago

I only have an opportunity to stop at one place and I've nailed it down to three restaurants. Which one should I vis...


lemons commented 1 year ago

Where to buy soju in St. Louis?

by king920 1 year ago

Does anybody know where to find a decent selection of soju in St. Louis (preferably not county)?

hill food

hill food commented 1 year ago

Brains in St. Louis?

by Dulcie Mainwaring 9 years ago

Can you still get fried brains sandwiches in St. Louis? Or in Missouri for that matter? Thanks, Dulcie Mainwaring


GoStLCards commented 1 year ago

STL - aww Kopperman's

by hill food 2 years ago

we knew this day was coming, but... you're just never quite ready. http://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/dining/re...


lemons commented 2 years ago

Dinner in Town and Country

by anotherjennifer 2 years ago

My husband, my son and I are in St. Louis next weekend for a bat mitzvah. Our plane is scheduled to get in at 7 on Fr...


lemons commented 2 years ago

Visiting St. Louis Downtown

by rlcole4346 2 years ago

Have not been to St. Louis for a few years. Will be staying at Residence Inn downtown. Will be getting in late aftern...


lemons commented 2 years ago

Asiana restaurant (STL)

by barleywino 3 years ago

Huge menu of authentic, mostly non-Cantonese Chinese. Large portions at a very reasonable price. Very tender and fatt...

hill food

hill food commented 2 years ago

Fun and Family Friendly in STL

by hungrydrivers 2 years ago

We're coming to St. Louis tomorrow for 4 days. Two adults and one 4-year-old. We eat on the early side to accommodate...

hill food

hill food commented 2 years ago

Where to buy meat in St. Louis?

by wodicker 11 years ago

I know there is Schnucks, and I know there is a Whole Foods. Schnucks is no butcher, lets face it, and as for the la...

hill food

hill food commented 2 years ago