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You can use this tag to discuss food in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio. We also have tags for each of the individual states, as well as many of the cities within them, which you can browse here.

Our Cheese-Stuffed Juicy Lucy Is Pure Burger Perfection

Summer is here, grilling season has commenced, and burgers are back on the menu (like they ever left). When you're ready for something other than the standard cheeseburger, it's time to learn how to...

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NY style deli sandwich in SE MI

by HungryinSEMI 13 years ago

I have looked near and far for a decent NY style deli and have come up empty. Does anyone know of a joint that serves up decent heroes with some Boars Head cold cuts? Why can't Nino make sandwiches?

It's looking like breakfast in Kankakee...

by GroovinGourmet 13 years ago

Anyone know Uncle Johnni's? Saw a nice rec on another board, and it fits the travel plans perfectly. We'll be heading through town off I-57 on the way to Joliet, so any other good breakfast ...

Central MN: St. Joseph Meat Market (St. Joseph)

The Dairy Queen
by The Dairy Queen 13 years ago

Driven by curiousity generated by the "funeral hotdish in a smoked brat" on display in the meat case at the State Fair (in the Dairy Building next to the butterheads--see link to photo below), we h...

Duluth, MN/Superior, WI and en route to Duluth from Twin Cities?

The Dairy Queen
by The Dairy Queen 13 years ago

So, I’m heading to Duluth (Minnesota Point). I’m envisioning barbeques and picnics on the beach, leisurely walks and bike rides along the shore, maybe a picnic on a sailboat… We know we can sto...

Madison chow

by checkman 13 years ago

We are going to be in Madison Wis for a few days. Any suggestions, must-eat's, must-avoids? Will take suggestions for bfst, lunch & dinner. Thanx.

A Week in Decatur, IL??

by Big D 14 years ago

My partner has to spend a week in Decatur becoming certified as a police chief. I'm looking for food spot recs for him as his sole chowhound buddy. He's a pretty casual guy that appreciates all goo...

roadtrip from chicago through WI, around lake superior, through MI and back. where to eat?

by lettezilla 13 years ago

we're a couple of foodies recently moved from london. we're doing a smallish roadtrip around lake michigan and superior from chicago. i'd love to have some food/snack/ice cream/drink destinations i...

How do I find CSA's in/around Columbus, Ohio [moved from Home Cooking board]

by Diane in Bexley 13 years ago

I guess we are a little slow to the party but I have been reading about the concept of a CSA and it appeals to me,. We have several farmer's markets we visit throughout the growing season and none ...


by Chuck 14 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant in the area listed above? We're going to be there on an errand on Wednesday and do not know the area at all. Off I-57 (at the Bradley exit) is the basic strip...

Taylor falls,MN-eats?

by ramekin 14 years ago

Hi- we are heading to Taylor Falls from the TC this Sunday for a day trip.We don't eat red meat and prefer veggie options.Anything chowy that way? Thanks!

North Shore-Duluth-Two Harbors-Lutsen

by MayrMN 14 years ago

My husband and I are headed up to Lutsen Friday, for the first time in the summertime, and I don't want to get stuck eating just anything. I'm open to anything 'special'. Fancy or just down-hom...

coming to Grand Rapids, MI

by luv2eat 15 years ago

Will be staying at the Amway Grand DeVos Place this weekend for business. Need a few suggestions for lunch and dinner. Doesn't need to be fancy, will have a car so driving a bit is no problem. Than...

New York to DeKalb to KC

by Challi 16 years ago

A good roadtrip is coming up but I'm nervous about eating on the road. If anyone has tips for a couple of chowhounds that aren't into BBQ (in fact we'd appreciate knowing of any vegetarian stops a...

What's Memorable in DeKalb, IL?

by Neal Yonover 16 years ago

I'll be in DeKalb next weekend and I've never been there before. Can anyone share any food recommendations? Thanks. Neal

Bubble tea in Dayton/Cincy area

by Mai 17 years ago

Anyone know where to get bubble tea in the Dayton or Cincinnati area? I know there is a bubble tea shop in Columbus, but I can't justify driving over an hour each way just for a craving. Ahhh...w...

Chowhounding in Dekalb/Sycamore/Aurora?????

by moviebob 18 years ago

Help! I am trapped by HBO in Dekalb while we film a project here! I am looking for place in Dekalb,Sycamore,Aurora, that have good vegitarian meals !!!! I am not a "trendy" place person, so if y...

Breakfast/Lunch: Downtown Cleveland

by Jim Dorsch 18 years ago

Looking for a good breakfast place in downtown Cleveland, near Renaissance Hotel, Hilton, etc. Classic breakfast joint with a counter would be nice: hash browns, eggs, sausage, etc. Extra points fo...

Diners/Breakfast in DeKalb?

by Michael S. 18 years ago

Hi everyone, On my way to Des Moines this weekend, I'll be near DeKalb around breakfast time on Friday. Can anyone recommend any good diners or breakfast spots? I think I'll be more in an egg pla...

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