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It’s out with the box grater and in with the Microplane

by snax 10 years ago

I have only ever used a box grater and I actually found it bizarre that it was actually called a ‘box’ grater as to me it has always been a ‘grater’ or more like ‘the grater’ as I didn’t know ther...

grating veggies, bundt cakes

by superfinespot 10 years ago

i made my first zucchini cake tonight and i grated the zucchini with a carrot peeler. it created long ribbons and i went with it... but know i realize the recipe might have called for a cheese gra...

Grating ginger

by comestible 11 years ago

I tried grating ginger for an Indian recipe tonight. (Grating was called for in the recipe.) I was supposed to end up with 1 tbsp. grated ginger, and I started with a pretty hefty knob of ginger....

please help! I am looking for a nutmeg grater that has a cup/catch on the back.

by sugarcanejane 13 years ago

I am looking for a nutmeg grater that has a cup/catch on the back. Like the one that Alton Brown used on his show about eggnog. The cover for the grater could be put on the back of the grater to ...

Gira & Gratta cheese/grater in L.A.?

by Chowpatty 12 years ago

If you've been to Terroni, you've seen those cool Grana Padano cheese graters that store the cheese in the grater. By googling, I found out they're called Gira & Gratta -- has anyone seen those spe...

Sharkskin wasabi grater

Richard 16
by Richard 16 12 years ago

I finally got some real wasabi rhizomes, and am looking for a sharkskin grater. The rhizomes came with a metal grater, which will be OK, but I'd rather have the fineness that a samegawa one will pr...

Cheese Grating Boards

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 12 years ago

My cheap grater board thingee produces about .001 cubic milliters of parmesan cheese dust with every minute of ardent rubbing. Are some boards better than others, or is God just protecting my c...

Microplane Rotary cheese grater, anybody have one?

by drobbia 13 years ago

Just ordere the rotary microplane - I'm tired of passing the hunk of Parm. Cheese around a table for microplaning with hands that may not be as clean as I'd like. Anybody used it yet? Any Pro's or...

box grater vs. rotary grater?

by anonymoose 13 years ago

I love cheese but hate the thought of catching my fingers on a grater. So here's my question for you. Which is better -- a rotary grater with a fine and coarse drum, or a box grater with a hand gua...

Coconut grater in Philadelphia - who sells them?

by Smellchipper 13 years ago

Howdy! Am looking for a coconut grater and have been to three Indian groceries, an Asian supermarket and a Chinese restaurant supply place. No luck. In an ideal world I'd find this: http://www....

talking sushi details brings thoughts of wasabi grating

by epop 13 years ago

taking it to the proper level i wonder what restaurants in the area offer truly fresh wasabi, grated at the table. as a substitute i've thought of bringing my root to places but don't know how to ...

Cuisinart fine grater disc

by christy319 13 years ago

Does anyone have this? Cuisinart says it is ideal for nuts, parmesan, and coconut, but I want to know if it works well for potatoes. Sometimes I like to make certain types of potato pancakes with t...

"Box" grater

by sue 14 years ago

I just grated about 8 potatoes for individual potato kugels for Passover. The box grater side that I used seemed "dull". I seemed to have to exert a lot of effort to grate each potato. (I used the ...

Japanese Ginger Grater :: Where to find?

by Just Grate 15 years ago

I'm looking to purchase a ginger grater similar to the one pictured in the following link: http://shop.store.yahoo.com/wokshop/blowfishgrater.html I have checked a few local kitchen stores with...

microplane rotary grater

by j 15 years ago

i'm thinking of getting one to grate coconut. is it good for that? i bought an indian style coconut grater at an indian grocery but it sucks.

Electric and/or cordless cheese graters

by Bruin2 15 years ago

My wife would like an electric and/or cordless cheese grater. We have a manual one that requires turning a handle that for reasons not important is now hard for her. Is anyone using one and if so, ...

Grating chocolate: Hand grater, or Cuisinart?

by creepygirl 15 years ago

I have a recipe that requires grating 12 ounces of dark chocolate (chocolate will be melted). Is it easier to grate in the food processor, or on a hand grater? If I go with the food processor, sh...

Grating fresh ginger--why?

by creepygirl 16 years ago

I'm looking at a stir-fry recipe from How to Cook Everything. It calls for 2 tablespoons garlic and 1 tablespoon ginger, peeled and grated. The garlic and the ginger go into the wok at the beginn...

Grating ginger

by Tracy L. 16 years ago

I have several ginger plants in my yard and plan to use the root for gingersnaps, crystalized ginger and in squash soup. I am anxious to make these however I am always daunted by the fibers. I've h...

hand cranked coconut grater

by Thi N. 16 years ago

To whoever was looking for a hand-cranked coconut grater, my friends and I bought one at one of the Indian grocery stores in Culver City. I think it was the one on... er, Washington in the same lot...

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