Transform That Sack of Potatoes into This Easy, Cheesy Potato Gratin

Lately, you might be buying in bulk to cut down on trips to the market, so it’s possible you now have double the amount of ingredients as you usually do laying around. While that’s fine with shelf-stable...

Gratin: Home Cooking Dish of the Month (December 2012)

by L.Nightshade 8 years ago

The dish of the month for December is GRATIN! This is our reporting thread. If you'd like to look at the voting thread, it is here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/879229 Most of the votes ...

Searching for Crabmeat Au Gratin

by Ballroomblitz 6 years ago

I'm searching for restauants in New Jersey serving the dish Crabmeat Au Gratin on the menu. Can anyone direct me ? Thank you in advance for any information or reccomendations.

Had a potato au gratin failure...need some pointers to fix it!

Heidi cooks and bakes
by Heidi cooks and bakes 6 years ago

Last night I made my first potato gratin. Here's what I did, and I need some critique to figure out where I went wrong. Started out with old russet potatoes that were stored in the fridge. In ...

Craigslist Copper

by justin89k 1 year ago

I'm looking what looks to be two tin lined brass handled William Sonoma Villedieu copper gratin pans on craigslist in my area for $150. One is 12x8 and the other is 10.5 by 7. The tin seem to be in...

I am mkaing Potato Gratin and want to know if I can slice the poatoes 4 hrs early?

by drewb123 12 years ago

I am wondering if I can slice potatoes 4 hrs earlier then when I need them. If I can how would you store them? Thanks

Help! Need a Soupy Gratin Fix

by hjordan 3 years ago

I messed up. It was getting late last night as I wrapped up assembling a vegetable root gratin, so instead of staying up another hour for it to cook, I decided to pop it in the refrigerator. Whe...

Potato Gratin Dauphinoise/ au gratin for a crowd

by zackly 4 years ago

I have to make a large portion of this for a Christmas party. I'm thinking I want to go all out and make Gratin Dauphinoise the French way with just potatoes, heavy cream , cheese, garlic and butte...

Help -- root veggie gratin in advance

by sweethooch 4 years ago

Hi -- I have a friendsgiving dinner next Saturday evening -- I volunteered to bring a veggie side and would like to do a root vegetable gratin. However, I'm away Wednesday to Saturday, driving ho...

Can a Le Creuset 3.5 qt brasier be used as a gratin pan?

by Tanjent 9 years ago

I just bought a risootto pan in red, 40% off from the LC outlet in Vacaville. That is the pan I went to the outlet for, but while I was there, I got a #36 cast iron au gratin pan, also 40% off. I a...

Gratin Dishes Dilemma

by munchkin1 4 years ago

I have been looking at Ina Garten's recipe for Coquille St. Jacques. She calls for 4 gratin dishes, capacity of one and and a half oz. I can't find any online. Can it be made in one large dish? Not...

1.2 mm for Copper Au Gratin?

by Seitan 4 years ago

I've been looking at copper au gratin pans on eBay lately. I've seen several listed as being 1.2 mm. Is this thick enough for oven roasting and stove top sauce making? Or is it only useful for ...

Nava Atlas - Spinach Leek and Potato Matzo Gratin

by CarNut 4 years ago

So first night Passover, we have a vegan who hates quinoa, and second night we have a vegeterian who is allergic to eggplant. I was looking at Nava Atlas' recipe for Spinach Leek and Potato Ma...

Le Creuset Cast Iron Oval Baker (gratin) new sizes

by Cam14 5 years ago

Just noticed today LC is offering again several sizes of the oval baker (gratin) in cast iron. For several years they have only had the 1 qt (too small) or 3 qt (too large) IMO. I have vintage #2...

Au Gratin Potatoes that are Creamy but not Runny

by pegasis0066 6 years ago

I am on a quest to make the perfect au gratin potatoes. I can get the flavor pretty much right but I struggle with the consistency. Lately I have been baking them until cooked, cool, and then re-...

Coconut Milk for Scalloped or Au Gratin Potatoes?

by dtud 13 years ago

I was reading the recent posts for scalloped/au gratin potatoes and was thinking about using coconut milk - and maybe some chilis or thai basil or even some curry paste. (I never have cream/milk o...

Looking for Perfect Au-gratin Potatoes

by Darla64 6 years ago

VD 2015 Dinner for 11. I read a post post here for a dish without too much of a sauce, which is what I am looking for just for plating purposes, but I have a few other questions. This will be m...

Parmesan Scalloped/Au Gratin Potatoes but not too sauce or creamy

by attran99 6 years ago

We went to a fabulous wedding last night where the served a Parmesan scalloped/Au gratin potato side along the filet. The potatoes were tender and had a strong Parmesan essence, but was not creamy...

Help with planning a meal around Anne Burrell's turnip gratin, please.

by ninrn 6 years ago

Hello, I want to make this very rich turnip gratin recipe from Anne Burrell for a dinner next weekend http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/anne-burrell/turnip-gratin-recipe.html, and I'm having so...

Argh, I hate you potatoes au gratin

by JudiAU 11 years ago

Yet another hopeful attempt at potatoes au gratin. Another dismal failure and waste of potatoes, gruyere, cream, and butter. I can make so many things but the things I cannot make I CANNOT MAKE...