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beef: grass-fed vs. grain-fed vs. organic

by neighbor 16 years ago

I quit eating beef after reading Fast Food Nation a few years ago, but now my dr. says my iron is low and I'm giving in--don't have patience or strength of conviction to get it through creative veg...

Variety meats from Grass-fed Beef

by amalia 16 years ago

Someone recently posted looking for organic/naturally raised variety meats. Marin Sun Farms in Pt Reyes Station sells them! The full range is offered at their shop, or they will bring them to their...

Milwaukee area restaurants serving grassfed beef?

by MkeLaurie 16 years ago

Can anyone recommend a Milwaukee-area restaurant that has grass-fed/pastured beef on its menu? Thanks!

in search of a grass-fed, organic FRESH HAM for Tgiving

by brian j 16 years ago

anyone know anyplace in the city to buy organic Fresh Hams? me and my cohort were hoping to bake a nice ham for our friend's thanksgiving dinner, but we're having trouble finding anywhere. whole ...

Where can one buy grass fed beef in bulk? (without having to drive north to where the grass grows)

by John Jabaley 17 years ago

Searching the web I've found a few ranchers in northern California who sell 1/4 or 1/8 of a steer, but they are only available once a year for pickup in SoCal, (usually January) or you have to driv...

ISO Grass Fed Beef

by MadCow 17 years ago

my boyfriend is threatening to be a vegetarian if the meat industry doesn't shape up. In the meantime, he'll eat the grass-fed and hormone/antibiotic free variety available for way too much money a...

any korean and vietnamese w/ grass fed or natural beef

by xiong xiong 17 years ago

Is there any korean BBQ or Vietnamese pho places in the bay area that uses grass fed beef or beef that is without hormone & antibiotic? i was going to make the pho myself, but even at Berkeley bo...

Grass Fed Beef Purveyors?

by Jason Valdes Greenwood 17 years ago

I'm looking to buy a share of a grass fed cow from a local farmer. Does anybody have any names of local farmers who raise and sell shares? Thanks, Jason

back to grass fed beef

by Deb 17 years ago

I ate at Il Buco on Bond Street last night and while they have a changing menu, they had a special using grass fed beef in addition to the other menu items which were either organic/free-range wh...

Jonathan White's new grass fed, all natural, raw milk, cheeses

by The Rogue 17 years ago

The past few Saturdays I have been making a pilgramage to Warwick, NY / Vernon, NJ to get some of Jonathan Whites fantastic grass fed, raw milk, cheeses at the new Bobolink Dairy Farm. The famous J...

Grasslands Cheese Consortium -Artisanal Cheeses from Grass-fed Herds,Wood-fire baked breads.

by The Rogue 17 years ago

Has anyone checked out Bobolink farms? See the link. This guy Jonathan White who I have read about in some food magazines as an artisinal cheesmaker started a consortium of cheesmakers who use milk...

Article on grass fed beef

by Baruch 18 years ago

Good article on grass fed beef and the challenges facing the industry. http://www.nytimes.com/2002/05/29/dining/29WELL.html

Grass Fed Beef

by wobblingknees 18 years ago

This is not an attempt to turn anyone into a vegetarian. It's meant instead to give people who care about food an opportunity to learn some interesting stuff about what they eat. The cover story fr...

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