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Home restaurant: still going strong and still good value

by svl 18 years ago

We (five of us) went to Home on Market and Church last night. For those who don't know, this is the restaurant that used to be called John Frank. It wasn't doing so well with its somewhat-expens...

Restaurant Week - Is it such a good value?

by Jim Zurer 18 years ago

Based on my dinner at Tosca and reading other reports, I am moved to inquire whether RW is a good deal or not. It sounds like Pappy got his money's worth and then some at Prime Rib, but it seems t...

visiting for the day- good value eats in koreatown?

by mpong 18 years ago

Just visiting the city for the day and will be in midtown- does anyone have recommendation for good, authentic, affordable korean restaurant in the koreatown area? Thanks!

Best Upper Westside non-starch real food good value restaurant: Dynasty

by foodforyou 18 years ago

on B'way and 110. The chef is from Chengdu, Szechuan (many dishes are laced with brown Szechuan peppers) and you can talk to him in your best Mandarin (he is often seen sipping tea on the front tab...

Good Value Red Wine

by howardS 18 years ago

Last night at dinner we had a above average Cotes Du Rhone Village.It was a St. Gervais fom Eric Texier (2000) about $12. Prob mainly Grenache.Smooth,well balanced,good intensity.Went well with our...

good value eats in frederick, md?

by mpong 18 years ago

Hi everyone, any tips on chow-destinations in frederick, md? thanks!

Vienna good value recommendations in the city center

by Snazzy 18 years ago

Sorry this is a last minute request but my friend and I have decided at the last minute to go to Vienna Austria for the weekend 15th-18th February does anyone have any recommendations for good valu...

Good value Manhattan restaurants

by Bica Anderson 19 years ago

I'm looking for recommendations for really good--but not really expensive--Manhattan restaurants. $50 to $70 for two, but not dives. Charming places that have good atmosphere and excellent food, bu...

Lawry's Prime Rib - a good value

by sunnyla 19 years ago

I know we're not in the habit of touting such mainstream, known places, but I just have to sing the praises of this place. Since I hadn't been to Lawry's in over 6 years, in my mind it's always b...

Good value at Merge

by Chowbabe 19 years ago

Went to Merge's (W. 10th St) "Sopranos style Italian dinner" last night, and despite the persnickety host and a bartender full of attitude, we enjoyed the meal. For $25, it was a great value--so mu...

Tangerine on good value list

by Bill 19 years ago

I was told that Tangerine is a good value because they have massive portions that you can share so you can get away with one app and an antree for two and get out uner 40 bucks for a full mean w/o ...

paris hotels

by shirley stamen jaffe 20 years ago

please advise on small good hotels in paris for end of november.()last two weeks)........good value..not super expensive........thanks

surprisingly good value urban chic

by Judy Leibovitch 20 years ago

A friend described The Universal Cafe as being as "good as Delfina's at half the price". Although JB and I haven't eaten at Delfina'a, yet, we decided we couldn't ignore such an intriguing lead. ...

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