[Glasgow] Solo dinner near Glasgow Central Station

by Kake 6 years ago

I'm off for a long weekend in Glasgow soon! Although I'm meeting friends there, I'm arriving the evening before everyone else does, so will want somewhere to have dinner on my own on the evening o...

Southern Scotland, especially Glasgow

by LulusMom 8 years ago

Hi, We'll be touring southern Scotland with Glasgow as our base next month. My husband knows Glasgow well since he does work there about 4-5 times a year. I'd like to surprise him with something ne...

Glasgow, Edinburgh, Oxford, Bath, trip report

by macaraca 4 years ago

Most of a month May-June in London, but 3 nights in Glasgow and 5 in Edinburgh, plus side tips to Bath and Oxford. Rented apartments, so often only had lunch out. The SO doesn't drink wine, so ne...

Inexpensive eats in Glasgow, Scotland

by Canonical 6 years ago

Hey, all! My husband's traveling to Glasgow for a week and then spending a further 3 days in the area in August. He eats pretty much anything, though he's not a fan of potatoes other than fries (...

Glasgow report: breakfasts, dim sum, French, Malaysian

by Kake 6 years ago

Thanks again to everyone who replied to my question about food in Glasgow (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/1012636). Here is my report. Martha's, 142A St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5LQ Casua...

Looking for cool, funky, fun eats in Glasgow

by JoanArkham 6 years ago

It's probably too early to be planning this, but I'm really excited! We'll be in Glasgow for 6 days in mid-May. Husband is a pescatarian, I'm an omnivore (a bit squeamish about organ meats - I'm tr...

[London] Anywhere interesting for lunch in Uxbridge?

by Kake 7 years ago

Is there anywhere interesting to have a weekday lunch in Uxbridge? I've seen the 2011 thread on Uxbridge ( http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/780184 ) but the recommendations there are a bit further...

Nine Days in Glasgow

by dochoch 9 years ago

Hi Chowhounders! My wife and I will be coming to Glasgow on Tuesday for 9 days. We're staying at the Glasgow Menzies Hotel, and we're looking for recommendation for lunches and dinners. My wife is ...

Mother India in Glasgow

by PappyAustin 7 years ago

Coming from Stirling area and want to have dinner at Mother India. I see there are two locations in Glasgow. Going to Troon after dinner. Any reason to favor one location over the other?

Traditional Scottish meal in Glasgow?

by alfredck 10 years ago

We'll (2 adults, 2 children ages 7 and 11) be in Glasgow in mid-August and would like to have a typical Scottish meal. Recommendations on a family-friendly restaurant, preferably near the airport,...

glasgow dining

by millie_g 7 years ago

We haven't been to Glasgow for a few years and we are returning in just over 1 week. We have always enjoyed the ubiquitous chip, gandolfi, gandolfi fish and tinderbox (casual cafe) for modern S...

Glasgow in May

by nemis 8 years ago

First time in Scotland, we will be in Glasgow for seven days- our hotel is on the west end but all and any suggestions would be lovely. We are only two traveling, we love the culinary arts which in...

Thanks for the Scotland Recommendations! (Trip Report for Islay, Skye, Oban, Glasgow)

by _emilie_ 9 years ago

I'd hate to be all take and no give, so I thought I'd write up our take on the great recommendations I got from the boards here. Thank you everyone! If I had to make a short list of the top "must v...

Trip Report May 2012: Dublin, with some Glasgow, Edinburgh

by millerla 9 years ago

Dublin Day 1 Jet lagged dinner at Le Bon Crubeen, mostly due to proximity to where we were staying. Nice 25E prix fixe option for 3 courses, I had a nice grilled sardine and a very good braise...

Post 10pm Eats in Glasgow, City Centre?

by _emilie_ 9 years ago

Hey guys, I'm wondering how late-night the dining crowd in Glasgow is these days. We're going to be arriving in Glasgow fairly late (10pm) and fairly hungry. Are there any good dinner options at...

Business Lunch in central Glasgow

by Keshav 9 years ago

Please suggest a restaurant in Central Glasgow for a un-hurried business lunch that might. My research points to: Brian Maule Rogano Stravaigin Ubiquitous Chip Thank you and cheers.

Glasgow and Reservations

by _emilie_ 10 years ago

Is Glasgow the kind of place where I need to make my dining reservation a month in advance like here in NYC (or as I was just advised on Isle of Skye - months in advance!), or is it the kind of pla...

Classic Chippy, Glasgow and Edinburgh

by turkob 10 years ago

I'd like to get a quick bite of fish and chips at a typical chippy in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Any recommendations relatively near downtown? I'm having trouble picking between the options that...

Pizza in Glasgow

by Liz K 10 years ago

By the time we get to Glasgow, we'll have been in Scotland for 10 days, enjoying seafood and other local foods, and, knowing us, we'll be dying for pizza! Where's a good place to go, evening meal?

Grouse in Glasgow after the Glorious Twelfth?

by alfredck 10 years ago

Suggestions on a restaurant that will serve grouse after the start of the season? Just realized that we will be in the area (from California), and it seems that these game birds are a very traditi...