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ANSI Standard for dry martinis

by stevewi 6 days ago


EvergreenDan commented 5 days ago

Cork Irish Gin: where?

by Tony Miller 8 years ago

My dad was an inspired amateur bartender, and took particular care in refining his martini recipe. After a number of ...


kevinfcraughwell commented 8 days ago


Gin Tasting? What to serve?

by YAYME 25 days ago

I'd like to have gin tasting party. have four distinct kinds of gin: Old Tom, London Dry, Genver, and a local light &...

outRIAAge commented 25 days ago

St. George Terroir

by tim irvine 4 months ago

Anyone tried this? If so, anyone been brave/crazy enough to try it in a martini? It is very good, IMHO, but you can...

TVHilton commented 2 months ago

Gin advent calendars to count down to Christmas

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

"...Gin fans will be rejoicing up and down the country - because you can now buy an advent calender filled with 24 di...

tim irvine commented 3 months ago

Help I can't chooses which Gin to use for a Gin and Tonic

by Sami7 4 months ago

Which brand of Gin is better for a Gin and Tonic, Tanqueray No.10 or Hendricks Gin? Also between Bombay Saphire an...


Indy 67 commented 4 months ago


Need Help in choosing which brand of Gin

by Sami7 4 months ago

Which brand of Gin should I use for Gin and Tonic, Beefeater Gin or Bombay Sapphire?

The Chowhound Team commented 4 months ago


ISO Ninebark Napa Spring Punch recipe

by lexuschef 4 months ago

Earlier this year I went to Ninebark in Napa for brunch. The restaurant is now closed, unfortunately before I was ab...

davis_sq_pro commented 4 months ago

How do these gins compare flavor-wise?

by SBackes 5 years ago

I've been on the hunt for a nut-free gin due to allergies. I've heard back from 5 companies so far and definitely ha...

tim irvine commented 6 months ago

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My sister loves Italian Sailors

by pattymm 6 months ago

My sister's favorite drink is a red gin and tonic--gin and red Cinzano with a splash of tonic water and a slice of li...


Ungava Gin & Chic Choc Spiced Rum

by jammy 7 months ago

I tried these two Canadian spirits for the first time this week. Wow! Smooth, flavourful, absolutely delicious! The c...


lagatta commented 7 months ago

Bourbon and summer; gin and summer

by tim irvine 9 months ago

We love old fashioneds. (Or, for the purists or recipe police, drinks very similar to old fashioneds made with diffe...

stevewi commented 9 months ago

Would Pimms be a good way to introduce non-gin drinking friends to Gin-based drinks?

by YAYME 9 months ago

I think a Pimm's cup is delightful and I think my friends would like it if appeared in a non- threatening strawberry ...

ThatsTheSpirit commented 9 months ago


Martini Time

by munchkin1 9 months ago

Fellow Chowsters: What are the best snacks to serve with traditional gin-vermouth-olives martinis? Thanks and Cheers!


munchkin1 commented 9 months ago

Best Pairing for a Gin Martini.

by escondido123 5 years ago

I mentioned to someone that I had a yen for a gin martini and a wonderful nibble. I say a crunchy clam cake, my husb...


munchkin1 commented 9 months ago

Best "cheap" gin?

by scratchie 6 years ago

I like Tanqueray just fine, but the last time I was in the liquor store, I was considering whether I really need to b...


HungryJackass commented 10 months ago

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Montreal Gin Festival (Ginapalooza, Apr 27 - May 11)

by CaptCrunch 10 months ago

Hello Guys, Apparently there is a gin festival happening... hmmm.. right now. Also, I live on the moon and neve...


by YAYME 10 months ago

Hey guys, I made some bitters that kickass! I've been making tinctures and playing around with flavors and this what ...


Lafoofoo commented 10 months ago

What's the Deal with Dirty (and Extra Dirty) Martinis?

by invinotheresverde 7 years ago

Could someone please explain the allure of gin/vodka mixed with olive brine? I love olives, and all things salty, bu...


Alessandra_A commented 10 months ago

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