Gift Ideas

Need the perfect gift for a food lover? Ask like-minded Chowhounds for suggestions and share the best gifts you've gotten.

Stocking Stuffers for the Food-Obsessed

Sometimes a stocking stuffer is so on point, you like it better than any of the larger presents under the tree. Give that kind of gift. The present for the gourmand in your life doesn't have to be expensive...

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Cookbook Gift Recommendations Needed

by zook 3 years ago

I'd like to buy a cookbook gift for each of two friends who cook. One tends to cook for large family gatherings with a basic, no frills, no fussiness style. She tends to look at a recipe and then...

Gift Certificate Ideas for SF Foodies

by PrometheusOnFire 3 years ago

In the past couple of years, SF Chowhounds have stepped up with some great gift certificate ideas. Thank you! Blue Bottle's coffee of the month deliveries and The Cheese School's classes have both...

Bacon Jam

by mgs68 3 years ago

I want to make some Bacon Jam and give out as gifts. I have a standard recipe but any out of the box ingredients I could add to set my Jam apart? I was thinking JalapeƱos or some chipotle powder? T...

Beginner's Guide to Canning?

by ilikepotatoes 3 years ago

I want to give out apple sauce for Christmas. I've read a few PDFs that say I need a pressure cooker and need to know the PH level of apple sauce. This seems kinda weird to me because I have read...

Store-bought Spice Mixes and Condiments Recommendation

by ad7yn 3 years ago

Hi guys, please recommend your favorite US grocery store-bought spice mixes or condiments. (Preferrably American or Mexican) To give you a little background, my mom and I do a quarterly exchange...

Booze-laced marmalades

by DeepSouthOfFrance 3 years ago

Love making sharp-flavoured marmalades. Over the next few days, I want to make batches of grapefruit-and-Campari, and lime-and-gin as Christmas gifts. Question...obviously if I add the booze before...

Thanks Clammer Dave!

by mollybelle 3 years ago

We splurged over thanksgiving and had Clammer Dave send a batch of Capers Blades to family in Colorado, and for a group used to big chewy bland gulf oysters it was nearly a religious experience! I ...

Gifts for risotto lover

by olives12 3 years ago

I have a friend who cooks risotto all the time, and I want to get her a basket of nice risotto tools for Christmas. However, I'm at a loss for what to include besides a nice wooden risotto spoon. A...

Freezing Candied Sage

by changingwoman 3 years ago

I have an abundance of fresh sage and would like to candy some for holiday gifts. Does anyone have actual experience in freezing candied herb leaves and if so, any tips would be much appreciated.

Storing candied orange peels

by rainey 10 years ago

Last year I made candied orange peels and set them aside for Christmas gifts. By the time I was ready to wrap them up for giving they had developed fuzzy and colorful bits. =o This year I'm ma...

Purdue - Health Food Birthday?

by ryatho09 3 years ago

I have a sister who is doing Grad school in Purdue and has her birthday coming up. I would like to get her something, but she doesn't tend to like to be given sweets as she's very into health food ...

Wedding Favors

by sandylc 3 years ago

Hi! My son and his fiancee are thinking about putting out little bags of homemade caramels as wedding favors. Does anyone know how far in advance we can make and wrap these and still have optimum...

Alternatives to sending flowers?

by Chris VR 17 years ago

When a special occasion comes up (birthday, engagement, baby birth), I like to be unique and not send the cliched flower arrangement. I'm looking for suggestions for interesting (preferably food ...

Open Table Gift Card

by traceykuz 3 years ago

Has anyone bought an Open Table gift card? I wanted to get a Anniversary gift for a couple who loves to dine out, but didn't want to limit them. They eat out in NYC & lower Westchester often. I hea...

Montreal people... what is hard food to find?

by pinkpajamas 3 years ago

We have an American friend who lives in Montreal and, as a gift, we might send him some "hard-to-find-in-Montreal food." He mentioned tortillas, which, as Chicagoans, is easy enough to remedy. But ...

Recommendation for best cookie cookbook or pie cookbook or combo

by davisesq212 3 years ago

My sister in law is a big dessert baker especially cookies and pies. Her birthday is coming up and although she doesnt have many cookbooks (she usually just searches the net for recipes), I would l...

Transporting homemade donuts

by iheartcooking 3 years ago

Hi hounds! I would like to being my boss some homemade donuts to show my appreciation for her supporting me- they're her favorite. She likes filled donuts but I can make glazed or powdered, since...

Local B'ham Spots for College Students

by Guilty Gourmand 3 years ago

Have family friend that will be attending Samford in the Fall and would like to get some gift cards for area establishments as graduation gift. What might be fun local establishments to support th...

Meal delivery services, Chapel Hill?

by LulusMom 3 years ago

Hi Everyone, A friend just had a baby, and I'd love to help out by sending her a meal. I'm sure they're able to come up with the idea of ordering pizza, so I'd like to try to send something a bi...

Looking for Wakatake Onikoroshi Sake

by walkie74 4 years ago

Hey folks, I'm trying to find a bottle of the stuff as a Christmas present (yes, I could order it online, but I don't want to pay for shipping). Any idea where to look?