Gift Ideas

Need the perfect gift for a food lover? Ask like-minded Chowhounds for suggestions and share the best gifts you've gotten.

Stocking Stuffers for the Food-Obsessed

Sometimes a stocking stuffer is so on point, you like it better than any of the larger presents under the tree. Give that kind of gift. The present for the gourmand in your life doesn't have to be expensive...

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Gift for Salami Lover

by tealightful 2 years ago

Hi All- I'm looking for suggestions about a Christmas gift for a real salami lover! The gift needs to be between 50-65 dollars. Anyone have salami that sells online that they truly think is the bes...

Best New England cookbook?

by fortywinks 2 years ago

Longtime lurker but this is my first post. What is the best New England cookbook? The last post I found was a few years ago. I’m on my honeymoon here and would love to cook some of this food when I...

Shopping in Vienna?

by lotsoforegano 2 years ago

A couple questions. For our first trip to Vienna, does anyone have advice on stores where we could buy food (or food-related) presents to take home that are: (1) not terribly bulky and (2) diffi...

Healthy snack ideas to gift

by vanessa7 3 years ago

For Christmas, I gifted my in-laws a 12 month “subscription” of baked goods for my FIL and healthy snacks for my MIL. The tricky part is that my mother-in-law’s diet is pretty strict (no dried frui...

Special dinner

by bxgirl 2 years ago

I would like to give a restaurant gift card to a special couple. The problem is, one person in the couple is a real foodie, and one is not. I know they have been to Perry Street, steakhouses, an...

Need help from Raleigh Hounds please

by LulusMom 2 years ago

I want to give our babysitter a gift certificate to the best, most special restaurant in Raleigh. She just got married and asked for "experiences" for gifts. I'm thinking since this is a wedding gi...

Dutch oven gift help

by nararabbit 2 years ago

I currently work for a kitchen company and am leaving soon to go to school full time. I want to wrap up any last minute gift purchases before I lose my discount. I want to give my friend/mentor & h...

Cookbook Printing

by teajoygreye 2 years ago

I'm planning for Mother's Day: my mom lost a database of all her recipes a couple years ago, and I thought it would be nice to try to get together a collection of family recipes from various relati...

Easter Treats to Ship

by hotoynoodle 2 years ago

I have a few friends with little kids and i'd like to ship some Easter goodies. Am not great with free-handing royal icing decorating so not keen on messing with that. Will make "marbled" coo...

Best gift for a food lover?

by fooddreaming 3 years ago

My best friend birthday is in a couple of weeks and I want to give her something unique. She loves running, food and also like to collection hats. I did my research and I food this site that for ev...

Teacher's gift - filling a mug

by pumpkinspice 3 years ago

I bought a bunch of super cute Kate Spade mugs for my daughter's daycare teachers, they didn't come in a fancy box so I am looking to fill them with something (I have 12 to fill and the facility is...

LA restaurant recommendation for a gift

by LauraJeanMC 3 years ago

My son just moved to LA and I'd like to give him a gift card to a nice restaurant. Any recommendations? He is an artist working for Nickelodeon. He is a fabulous cook and loves anything different...

Present for a Chef

by mash1982 3 years ago

what can I give as a small birthday present to someone who is professional chef from Italy? Budget up to $100, but would prefer to spend less.

Suggestions for treat box

by dzh115 3 years ago

I am wanting to give a few of my coworkers a small box with baked treats. Ideally it would be an assortment of not too sweet small items that keep well for a day or two at room temperature. I have ...

Gourmet Walnut Gift Tin Help!

by aw1338 3 years ago

Hi! I'm trying to find these walnuts that my boyfriend was gifted once and loved. It was an assortment of different types of walnuts, some covered in chocolate, sugar, etc., in a gift tin and the o...

Help me figure out this Christmas present

by _A11is0n_ 3 years ago

My mom asked for a "cast iron pan to make cornbread and pineapple upside-down cake." ...So I am assuming she meant a skillet and not a cast iron cake/baking pan but what size? 10in? 12in?

What homemade food gifts are good for mailing?

by alohanancy 4 years ago

Hi! Thank you in advance for your help! Instead of buying Christmas gifts for my extended family I think I'm just going to make gift baskets. I figure they are just as likely to be thrown away a...

Copper Tips - Early Christmas!

by Cam14 3 years ago

There was a warehouse deal Santa Claus couldn't pass up and I have an early Christmas gift. A beautiful set of Bourgeat copper, 8 pc., 4 pans and 4 lids. Wow! Love the sturdy look and the cast...

Seattle-specific travel-friendly food or kitchenware gift

by nepenthes 3 years ago

I'm going to a wedding of two chefs in New York. I'd love to bring them something they can't get at home, especially if there's a chance I can bring it as a carry-on. A big ol' chinook sounds oka...

Gift for a Mexican/Mexican-American family

by JBinOC 3 years ago

Any ideas of an appropriate, impactful food (or beverage) gift for a Mexican/Mexican-American family? Wife + husband have lived in Southern California for about 25 years after emigrating as ad...