Frozen Food

The deep freeze is here. Find what you need to know about frozen food, from storage suggestions to favorite frozen foods to recipes using frozen foods.

This Easy Spinach Pesto Ravioli Is a Weeknight Freezer Hero

There are some nights where you just don’t feel like grilling or baking or even sautéing a piece of chicken. Sometimes all you really want is a plate of pasta—something that can come together in only...

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Palatable frozen foods

by JonParker 7 years ago

I cook dinner most nights, which I mostly enjoy doing. But sometimes I'm just not really up for it, and would like the option to pull out a TV dinner and toss it in the oven. The problem, of course...

Cooking frozen potstickers

by SandraV 15 years ago

A bit back, I made a batch of Alton Brown's Perfect Potstickers and froze what we couldn't eat in a single sitting. I'm not sure now though how to cook the remaining potstickers. When fresh, th...

Frozen Mussels

by DaisyM 9 years ago

I've just found frozen, cleaned mussels. I know I can steam them in marinara or a wine sauce...but is there anything else interesting I can do with them. They cook up so quickly and are so sweet....

What to do with whole frozen lobsters?

by scoyart 5 years ago

So my husband went to Aldi last week and picked up 5 frozen whole "Maine" lobsters that they had on special. I've never cooked lobster, fresh or frozen, so I have no idea what to do with these. I...

What can I do with frozen cheese ravioli?

by QueenB 13 years ago

I've got some frozen cheese ravs that I would like for dinner tonight. I'm just tired of the same old tomato sauce that I serve with them. Any ideas on some new, yummy ways to eat them? Either...

Traveling with frozen foods to beach vacation

by Yankeegirl28 5 years ago

Hello all, We're planning a beach trip for spring break to Florida. It's essentiallya two day drive (leaving Friday afternoon and arriving to our vacation home Saturday evening). Usually we sh...

Recipes for Commercially Frozen Blueberries and/or Strawberries

by masha 12 years ago

A while back I purchased a bag of frozen blueberies and one of strawberries, and they are just sitting in my freezer. What can I do with them -- aside from making a sauce or smoothies, neither of ...

Embarrassing Frozen Foods You Always Keep on Hand?

by dinnercraft 11 years ago

I always, always maintain at least one box of Stouffer's Macaroni and Beef in my freezer at all times, in preparation for some kind of "emergency" scenario that never seems to come. In fact, when I...

Shipping Frozen Food

by ChefJules 6 years ago

Hi all, I need to ship some frozen dough pastries overnight. However; I'm not really sure the best way to do that. Any suggestions? They are apple turnovers.

For Breville Oven Owners--Frozen Food Button

by kaleokahu 6 years ago

So, I finally picked up one of the BOV800s for the beach house last week. In going through the manual, it's clear as mud exactly what the Frozen Food button does. Emails to Breville yielded onl...

frozen hamburger patties??

by kseiverd 7 years ago

My favorite is Omaha Steaks "steakburger". Individually vac sealed. From rock hard to grill ready after less than 30 minutes in room temp water. And really tasty, imo. What brand of pre-forme...

My Nemesis: Frozen Whole Chicken...

by Resplendent 7 years ago

((Sigh, enter rant))... I know better than to freeze whole chicken, because no matter what I try in terms of defrosting methods, the darn thing will never, ever properly defrost. I usually shop ...

Big Farma hypes frozen food with TV campaign

by greygarious 6 years ago

I noticed a TV promotion about the value of frozen food: http://howfreshstaysfresh.com/ Brought to you by those mom-and-pop shops, Conagra, General Mills, and others. Pictures of produce pre...

ISO dollar stores that sell fresh, chilled, and/or frozen foods

by greygarious 6 years ago

I live in the area circumscribed by Routes 128, 3, 93, and 495. There are any number of chain dollar stores, "Lot" stores, etc., but I have yet to happen upon any that have fresh, refrigerated, or...

Locally made frozen foods worth stocking

by hyperbowler 6 years ago

A thread on frozen dumplings sold by Kingdom of Dumpling got me thinking about stocking my freezer with some other local treats. What else worth eating is out there? Let's restrict this to pre-f...

Costco Frozen Lobster Tails

by SarahInMinneapolis 7 years ago

Has anyone tried them? They come 8-9 to a box for @ $90 a box. Cold water. 7-ish oz a piece, if memory serves. Assume you thaw them correctly (overnight in fridge). Again, anyone tried them?

Frozen Bread?

by OrganicLife 13 years ago

This is probably a very stupid question... I have a weird thing abotu frozen foods so I never buy them. However a type of bread that I want to try (Ezekiel Sprouted Grains) is only available fr...

The Frozen food section.

by emglow101 7 years ago

Are there foods you like to purchase from your grocers frozen food section ?I do like the frozen peas and spinach.I like them for a quick vegtable sauted with garlic and oil .

How long for frozen foods in car?

by Sarah 7 years ago

If we bought the following from a Costco-like store and have an ice chest w. froz ice packets, how long will they last in the car: Meats and cheeses Froz veg, desserts Rotiss. ckn -- you get wha...

Frozen Foods In Ceramic (etc.) Non-stick Cookware - Fractures?

by SoloSoulCook 8 years ago

I have been searching for high durability non-PTFE non-stick cookware to use on induction top burners. Someone told me that they had some of the newer ceramic based non-stick, in which the ceramic...