Frozen Food

The deep freeze is here. Find what you need to know about frozen food, from storage suggestions to favorite frozen foods to recipes using frozen foods.

The Coolest (and Tastiest) Costco Frozen Food Finds

Tied with trying to figure out which will be the fastest checkout line, it’s the biggest Costco dilemma: There's an item you want at a price that’s too good to be true, only the portion is just way...

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Diestel Turkey Ranch | Sonora Gold Country

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

The website for Diestel Turkey says: "Visit Our Ranch Planning a trip to Sonora or Yosemite area? Feel free to come by and visit the ranch." So I did. It's pretty close to Indigeny Reserve C...

Cooking Frozen Uncooked Lo Mein Noodles

by sandyinmd 3 years ago

I have a 16 oz package of Frozen lo mein noodles. They are uncooked. Normally they have to be boiled in water for about 5 to 6 minutes. But that's when they're fresh. Can I cook them from frozen wi...

Schwans Home Delivery

by mamamia 13 years ago

(the title should have the correct spelling - Schwans) On my drive home I was next to a Schwans delivery truck. I remember my mom ordering things from Schwans: Push Ups, Sugar Snap Peas, Chick...

Source for Frozen Passion Fruit Puree?

by Jeanhea 9 years ago

Has anyone found a local Seattle source for frozen passion fruit puree? The supermarkets, Uwajimaya and Whole Foods search failed to turn this item up. ----- Uwajimaya 600 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA

Frozen/Pre-made Samosa Wrappers in Vancouver BC?

by maddybacon 3 years ago

Anyone know where to grab them? The closer to downtown the better!

Defrost frozen fish in original plastic packaging. Safe?

by mike2401 9 years ago

Why does my fozen salmon purchased from store in plastic wrapping warn AGAINST thawing in its original plastic wrap? I've seen some packing that says remove from plastic, place on plate, and cov...

Trader Joe's Breaded Chicken Tenderloin Breasts

by cloudship 4 years ago

Does any one know who actually makes the Trader Joe's Frozen Chicken strips? I know they have a bunch of frozen chicken products, these are the breaded tenderloin breasts. These seem to be the only...

Frozen Chopped Clams, Chemical Free

by zackly 3 years ago

I'm looking to source frozen chopped clams that don't have added chemicals. I use them for stuffed clams, fritters, pasta etc. when I'm not in the mood for steaming/shucking. This (Sea Watch)was th...


by jibrat 3 years ago

I bought these dumplings (CJ Meat & Vegetable) on a cool day and they were sitting in my car for a bit...maybe like an hour or so then I got home and they were sitting out because I completely forg...

Canned frozen lobster: worth eating?

by stak 7 years ago

On sale right now at my local grocer: cans of frozen lobster for $15, regularly priced at $25. I assume it won't be as good as fresh but I wonder if it is good enough to even bother with. There is ...

Cooking instructions for frozen pot pie

by dmd_kc 11 years ago

And no, the answer is not, "Just check what Banquet printed on the box!" ;) Thanks to other posters here, I've decided on the meals I'm taking to a friend whose family is going through a rough pat...


Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 3 years ago

I just polished off the last of a big stack of frozen spicy lahmacun from a company called Kupelian, in New Jersey. Not great. Anyone have a tip for where to find better? Does Kalustyan's have ...

How to cook frozen steam buns

by hlbones 13 years ago

I got some frozen steam buns in Chinatown and tried to cook them. I steamed them in a bamboo steamer (over a wok); one for 15 minutes, the other for 20. I guess they came out done, but in both case...


by laura_de 3 years ago

Does anyone know where i can find bagel dogs. Costco cisco'd them. I haven't been able to find them anywhere. Im close to san leandeo. Thanks in advance

Can I cook a frozen pan of lasagna?

by laredo 9 years ago

I don't think I worded the title very well.......Sorry. Brain not working.... I have a nine-inch pan of lasagna, frozen, that was planned for dinner tonight, but alas it didn't thaw! Can I g...

In Praise of Mrs. Smith's Berry Pie

by zackly 3 years ago

I picked up one of these on sale for $2.00 last week. I don't know the regular price. I baked it off to have as one of many desserts for a group of family members who went to dinner last Saturday n...

HELP! - Bagel dogs, lots of 'em

by captainzen 15 years ago

Anyone have any idea where a person could buy bagel dogs in bulk, preferably on the Peninsula? Costco and Smart & Final used to carry them, but don't seem to anymore, at least the ones around th...

Recs for best frozen pans of lasagna in Woodbridge or Mississauga

by itryalot 3 years ago

Want to buy some meat and non-meat (open to things like butternut squash or ricotta/spinach) frozen lasagnas for a pot luck. Want good quality. Can't find much info, but read about Palma Pasta and ...

Optimum freezer temperature

by Boxman 3 years ago

Intellectual curiosity got the better of me this evening, so I'm turning to the experts. What is the optimum freezer temperature, for home use? Obviously, we want it cold enough to negate any s...