13 Make-Ahead Freezer Meals for Easy Weeknight Dinners No Matter What

Meal prep is great for knocking out various components to use in breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the week, but complete make-ahead freezer recipes can be even better for those nights you just...

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Is there such a thing as a mini-freezer?

c oliver
by c oliver 12 years ago

I have a large French door style fridge with a nice sized freezer below. But the freezer is getting really, really full (and a lot of that is CH's fault!) Yesterday I made about TWO GALLONS of tu...

Refrigerator - Bottom Freezer: Drawer or Door?

michele cindy
by michele cindy 12 years ago

We are going to buy a new refrigerator. I would like to get something with a bottom freezer, but I don't know which is best, a drawer or door model? Anyone have a preference? Why? Thanks.

Looking at Bottom Mount Freezer, but Single or French Doors?

by smiles33 12 years ago

We're looking at low to medium range refrigerators (under $2,000, preferably under $1500) with bottom mount freezers and would love some advice. We want black, not SS, to match the rest of the app...

Chest Freezer for Two

by Zedeff 12 years ago

Hello, I'm seeking advice on getting a second freezer and I really need to know what size is appropriate. The basic situation: I live with my girlfriend, we have no children, so there are just ...

What fridge / freezer thermometer do you use?

by sweet100s 13 years ago

I just discovered my freezer is 50 deg F and my fridge is 49 deg F. Am trying to figure out why now. (any tricks to pulling the fridge out easily?) Do you use a fridge / freezer thermomet...

freezer organization

by sloped 13 years ago

With the approaching holidays, I have begun to think a lot about how to maximize space in my freezer. We can't afford/don't have a place to put a second unit although we could certainly use one. ...

Fridge w/ below-zero freezer at sub-Sub-Zero price

by KRS 13 years ago

The freezer of my (GE) fridge doesn't have a separate thermostat -- just a vent into the refrigerator compartment. If I get the freezer down to zero, the refrigerator is below 32. If I get the re...

Cleaning an in-freezer ice maker- need help.

by AthenainVegas 13 years ago

I live in a house shared with three other roommates. I have stopped using ice, because of the buildup in the system. It is the kind that is inside the freezer, (not available from the door) and I h...

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators-Pros/Cons?

by elkgrovestella 13 years ago

The current fridge is running fine, but was thinking about down the road when it's time for a new one. Have always liked ones with the freezer on the bottom-grandma's was the one I always knew and ...

Help - Freezer cold, Fridge not, and getting warmer

by MMRuth 13 years ago

I have a smallish GE fridge, with a small freezer compartment on top. Today, the freezer is just fine (I have thermometers in both), but the fridge is warm and getting warmer - now up to 60 degree...

extra freezer (good in theory or good in practice?)

by eLizard 14 years ago

i'm thinking about buying a freezer to put in our cellar. i understand that, in theory, this can save me both time and money by buying in bulk when on sale and cooking large quantities for use lat...

I Love Bottom-Freezer Fridges, But ...

by amstrgy 13 years ago

It always seems to me that there's too much bottom-freezer and not enough top, even with the wider french door models. Am I the only one that feels that way? We live in an apartment where space...

new freezer

by Candy 14 years ago

I am finally getting around to replacing my old freezer that died. I want a frost free upright. The upright because of the space it needs to fit into in my garage. Any recommendations?

Bottom-Freezer French Door Refrigerator?

by sweetthang 14 years ago

We are planning to update our kitchen with granite and stainless appliances. We are looking at refrigerators and we are trying to decide between a traditional Side-by-Side or a Bottom-Freezer vers...

Freezer manual vs self-defrosting

by debastarr 14 years ago

A friend is moving out of town and is trying to unload a self-defrosting upright freezer. I have been thinking about getting a freezer for long-term storage to use for fresh poultry, fruit, and co...

Need new standing freezer. Manual or Automatic Defrost?

by AGM_Cape_Cod 15 years ago

I have had my freezer for longer than I have my husband (24 years) and now it is losing its seal. It is a manual defrost model. It currently has 5 gallons of homemade ice cream and sorbet in prepar...

The Essential Freezer [Moved from Home Cooking]

Will Owen
by Will Owen 15 years ago

Okay - I have GOT to get a chest freezer, and this time I really mean it! My top-of-fridge thing is too full for its own good, and I really ought to be doing as you suggest, Niki. Thanks for lighti...

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