7 Unusual Ingredients to Forage for This Fall

Getty Images With a little knowledge about when, where, and how, you too can forage like a pro thisĀ autumn, and reap some mighty tasty...

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Foraging for Morels - MSP

by tex.s.toast 11 years ago

So having just decided to do the Bayport Cookery morel feast i was most dissapointed to learn of its closing. I was curious if anyone had successfully gone out hunting these little guys and if s...

Quince for foraging (or reluctantly buying)

by bgbc 10 years ago

Anyone know where there might be quince lying around waiting to be used?! My tree had a paltry handful and I left them too long to make decent jam. I can't bring myself to pay the $3.99/lb they wer...

ROME Brief trip report on foraging for food in August

by racheldebarcelona 10 years ago

Hello, I benefitted from helpful advice from this board about August closures before our recent trip to Rome (thank you). In the event it might be useful to someone next year, hereĀ“s a report back...

So, what are you foraging and eating? - moved from Ontario board

Full tummy
by Full tummy 11 years ago

I recently picked some stinging nettle tips and turned them into a delicious soup. Last year, I decided not to weed the purslane from my garden, let it grow big, cooked it and served it with pas...

"What are you foraging and eating" thread has been moved

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 11 years ago

That thread is now on the General Chowhounding board, here: http://chowhound.chow.com:80/topics/627887#4772565 Thanks!

Buying Foraged Morels

by TDotFoodie 11 years ago

Hi Hounders, I see from other posts that morel season is off and running for the adventurous mycophiles - but any tips on where the non-forager can buy Ontario foraged morels (i.e. not commercia...

Safe Mushroom Foraging...?

by CindyJ 11 years ago

How can you tell if wild mushrooms are safe to eat? I live in the heart of southeast Pennsylvania's mushroom country. Is it possible that some spores from the nearby mushroom growers found their...

Foraging for shellfish in Maine?

by sufunsified 11 years ago

Hey all! I've been entertaining fantasies of digging for shellfish while my family is taking Memorial Day up in Maine (and combining said briny delights with fiddlehead ferns, ramps, rhubarb, and ...

Michigan Morel Foraging

by JanPrimus 11 years ago

I am getting antsy to go Morel hunting here soon. I have not been in a few years and the person I went with got me so lost getting to his spot that I doubt I could ind it again. I can say that it i...

foraging ramps/fiddleheads

by trev80 12 years ago

Looking for tips on where to forage some ramps and fiddleheads this spring. I can never find any!

The Accidental Mushroom Forager

by ktb615 11 years ago

So I have a story for everyone. Yesterday, my wife and I were at our financial advisor's office dropping off some paperwork. When we went to leave, I just happened to look at their flower bed by ...

Wild Game & Foraging [split from S.F. board]

by Fine 11 years ago

I'm a bit curious and too busy (and lazy) right now to look it up, but federal law has always, as far as I know, prohibited fresh game being sold. I suppose it could be farm raised. Do you happen t...

What are they foraging for in Central Park?

by ultbil 11 years ago

I've seen a few people picking through leaves in Central Park, looking for white "pods". I've heard that it's a delicacy. Anyone know what these are? Thanks.

Sustainable Foraging

by Pincus 12 years ago

With the recent interest in ramps, wild morels, chanterelles, etc. and the ease of passing information around as to where to find these things, I wonder if this foraging lifestyle is sustainable, o...

Foraging for edible plants in New England?

by greygarious 12 years ago

I know that there are books on mushrooms, but can anyone recommend any books, websites, or other information sources on edible plants that grow wild in New England?

ISO info on foraging for edible plants

by greygarious 12 years ago

I know that there are books on mushrooms, but can anyone recommend any books, websites, or other information sources on edible plants that grow wild in New England?

mushroom foraging in MA?

by rebs 12 years ago

are there farms that offer mushroom picking/foraging similar to how farms offer apple picking. i think someone told me about one near the cape, but i'm not entirely sure. i'm sure there are wil...

Foraging for wild edibles & ramps in New Rochelle?

by kiarrith 12 years ago

Hey guys-- I went out to Nature Study Woods today hoping to find some tasty snacks...I was especially hoping for some ramps--wild leeks. However, all I found were skunk cabbages...I did not w...

Foraging In The Wilderness - Johnny Carino's

by chino wayne 17 years ago

The Mrs. was burned out from a rough day at the office the other day and I had received a cancellation for a business dinner I was going to host, so I called the Mrs. at her office in lovely downto...

Foraging for berries in SF?

by Philip 12 years ago

Do you know of some great spots (though not somebody's yard) to forage for blackberries (or ollalieberries) in San Francisco? I'd like to make something this weekend, but don't want to spend $$ on ...