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What's hot? Chowhounds discuss what foods are trending. Weigh in on the debates over the latest new things.

Food Trend Predictions for 2019

Full disclosure: I can’t see into the future. If I could, I certainly wouldn’t have drained my 401k for all that MoviePass stock. But I do have a feeling in my gut (which–full disclosure–is ample) regarding...

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10 worst dining trends of the last decade: Cupcakes, Kobe, Foam...

maria lorraine
by maria lorraine 12 years ago

The Chicago Tribune published a short article and slide show of the "worst dining trends," culled from chefs, consultants and "normal folks." David Chang is one who contributes -- though this lis...


Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 13 years ago

"Buzzwords include: Maple syrup. Mozzarella bars. Porchetta. Stevia. Gastropubs. The cuisines of Peru and other Andean nations, Korea, Catalonia and the Basque regions. Duck eggs. An attack on sodi...

7-11 Ethnic Food Trends

by alkapal 14 years ago

http://www.franchising.com/seven11/press/5547/ Has anyone tried the "Asian Rollers"? How about any regional specialties? I want some of those Latin-inspired dishes from the Florida region here ...

food trends for 2008......

by Apple.at.chin. 14 years ago

I'd like to see more -local foods please, prepared simply.... less- crusted, oversauced, and overembellished to cover up the poor quality of the ingredients.

Food Trends

by Dakota Guy 14 years ago

The National Restaurant Association's top-ten food trends for 2007,drawn from a broad national chef survey, is as follows [courtesy of New York magazine]: 1. Bite-size desserts 2. Locally gro...

food and wine trends -- North Shore

by jbroder 14 years ago

Hi. I am new to the area of food and looking for the hottest trends in food and wine on the North Shore. I would appreciate any input. Thanks!

Food trends: the next Pomegranate?

by Lyndalh 14 years ago

I'm wondering, Pomegranate in it's many uses has been so "trendy" for a while now, what do you, fellow Chowhounders, predict will be the next craze? Will it be Mangosteen for it's antioxident qual...

Food trends for 2007 - bacon desserts, wine automats at supermarkets, wattleseed ice cream ...

by rworange 15 years ago

I had The View on as background noise this morning and they had a segment on 2007 trends ... I can do without a biodegradable coffin, but I am contemplating having my ashes turned into diamonds and...

more gastropubs? food trends?

by m 17 years ago

just curious if anyone knows whether more spotted-pig-style gastropubs are slated to open in nyc... i was trying to think of what the next big food trend might be and that got me curious. anyone e...

Food Trends

by og kevin 17 years ago

I was wondering what I should be looking for when dining out a some of the newer SF restaurants as far as meal prepartion, style and substance. What would you say is the most dominant trend in fo...

new food trends for 2003?

by camille 19 years ago

Hello, fellow Chowhounds! I'm writing a story for a women's magazine on new things to try in the new year (2003). I'd love to hear your thoughts on new foods or types of cuisine or restaurants o...

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