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Two All-Purpose Baking Flours Recalled by FDA Due to E. Coli Scare

If you’ve purchased baking flour in the past several weeks you might want to listen up. Two brands of all-purpose baking flour—Hodgson Mill Unbleached All-Purpose White Wheat Flour, and Wild Harvest...

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How do you feel about waiters clearing dirty dishes and then serving food without washing their hands in between?

by johnb 4 years ago

Seems to me that's asking for transmission of germs. In some restaurants different people do these jobs, but I'm sure not in all. Are there any laws directed at this? I can't say for sure this is...

What would you do if you dropped dinner on the floor?

by gourmanda 4 years ago

Say you sauteed vegetables for the following night's dinner. When they were done you set the pan on the cutting board while getting something else. Except, whoops, you didn't center the pan on the ...

I have a friend who rarely puts food in the fridge who is still alive .

by emglow101 4 years ago

Holy cow . I'm up at my friends cabin on my annual fishing trip . Just finished eating dinner and I am cleaning up . I asked if the canned beets needed to be refrigerated . He said ," no " . Then...

Do you really need to *cook* frozen vegetables before using?

by Tartinet 4 years ago

I make a lot of vegetable salads in the summer, and I'd love to be able to thaw a bag of frozen vegetables (either on the kitchen counter or in the fridge) and have a head-start on my prep work. ...

living dangerously--just how expired can it be and still be edible?

by erikka 13 years ago

I know that expiration dates are there for a reason, but in general, how far past can you go and still be safe? Drugs are usually good for almost 2-3 past the expiration date stamped on the box. Wh...

What Foods have You Eaten That Were Past The 'Best By' or 'Expired Date'

by treb 6 years ago

I almost always eat something which has past the best by or expired date. Most of the time it's items like Peanut Butter, canned tuna but, lately, I've used dry yeast that expired in 2004, it was ...

Chicken life!!! Please answer!!!

by Mylovelysinger 4 years ago

So... Two nights ago I bought a Rotisserie Chicken at Walmart (heated) and brought it home but forgot to put it in the fridge.... And went to bed. Is say it was out about seven hours before I reali...

Refrigerate balsamic glaze?

by Tabaka 4 years ago

I have a bottle of balsamic glaze from Trader Joe's that I opened a few months ago and have stored in my pantry. I just noticed that it says Refrigerate After Opening (whoops!). The ingredients a...

Food Safety - Forgotten Bacon in Fridge

by freshlycured 4 years ago

I like to cure and smoke my own bacon at home. Half usually gets sliced and eaten right away, while a 2 lb slab/chunk gets vacuum sealed and frozen. About a month ago, I took out a package from t...

Raw asparagus safe?

by mickie44 11 years ago

Someone told me recently that asparagus, like fiddlehead ferns, must be cooked as it contains toxins. I've been unable to confirm this. If true, what toxins? Thanks.

Preparing food beforehand

by hildesofie 4 years ago

I am cooking a dinner at a remote place, and I want to do as much of the prepping beforehand. I am mostly looking to reduce the mise-en-place stuff such as cutting, dicing, washing vegetables etc. ...

Refreezing meat that defrosted

by hlinda1435 5 years ago

My freeze stop working and everything thawed, I had pre-breaded chicken strips in it. Can I refreeze them and they be safe or should I cook them and then freeze them? If I cook them will the meat b...

Barbecuing - Does ANYONE Think Of Food Safety When Grilling?

by MattHooper 4 years ago

I've always been conscientious about food safety when cooking (my family will say sometimes too much so). I'm the throw-it-out-if-any-doubt type. And I'm careful about keeping items that have t...

How Can I Tell if My Corn Meal is Rancid?

by soypower 11 years ago

I wanted to make some cornbread muffins this weeked but read that if my corn meal is older than 4 months, it may have gone rancid...I'd hate to make an entire batch of muffins only to find that the...

List of March/April Health Inspections…….interesting!

by redhatcharm 4 years ago


Fried Chicken Help Please!

by sloepoke 10 years ago

I made fried chicken for the first time last night, using Paula Deen's recipe (from her website, the Grandma Paul version). The oil was hot enough, the chicken pieces not too big, and I cooked them...

Am I the only one who lives in a magic house? A lighthearted look at ourselves & food safety

Sam Fujisaka
by Sam Fujisaka 11 years ago

I sometimes feel like I live in a magic house completely uncontaminated by food pathogens and in which food can be left out without spoilage or infection. Guests may come dirty, but walk through th...

Pil Pil Prawn

by CarlosBrigante 4 years ago

I have been served whole, fully shelled prawns in garlic and chili dozens of times in Spain, Portugal and France. However (!) almost every recipe online for Pil Pil Prawns starts with 'remove shell...

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