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Here's How to Guarantee Clean Water in the Wilderness

Clean water is a necessity when camping, hiking, or backpacking, but can be hard to come by in some situations. Here's how to ensure you always have potable water on hand in the wilderness. Whether...

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48 hours on the stove?

by Soop 5 years ago

Made some rabbit ragu, any idea if it's still safe to eat after 48 hours (covered) in the pan I cooked it in?

SS bowls and electric hand whisk safety

by silverrose 5 years ago

I may just be being silly, but I attempted to make my first buttercream yesterday, so opted to use a stainless steel bowl as a bain marie (double boiler), then whisk the egg whites in it until cold...

Is it safe?

by josephine 5 years ago

ok, I hate to ask....but.... Left some stuffed shells out in the car in a cooler with just some ice in a zip lock over night. stuffed with ricotta, parm and moz cheese with an egg. it was not ho...

Does this count as reheating twice? Lasange

by Angie82 5 years ago

I made lasange yesterday. I cooked the meat sauce (minced beef and bacon lardons) and then left in the pot with the heat off and lid on whilst I made the white sauce. I then assembled the whole thi...

Advice for fixing my apple butter disaster?

by kaitlynmarie 5 years ago

This is my first time posting here, so I want to say hello, and thanks to everyone here for giving me some awesome ideas while I lurked. Now that I have an account, time for the real questions. ...

A Potholder That Really Works and Doesn't Fall Apart

by MissDior 5 years ago

I've bought a million (well, a dozen) potholders from 99 cent stores and (a) they work better than a folded up towel, but not brilliantly and (b) they fall apart pretty quickly. Should I keep wi...

Can I safely use this ground beef?

by Dondeestaluigi 5 years ago

Came home from the store, accidentally left it out for 2.5 hours. Feels room temp. Can I use it to make meatloaf right now?

how long can i leave brisket uncooked in fridge?

by missbonnie 5 years ago

Today is Tuesday; I am buying a brisket today that i want to serve on Saturday (will cook Friday.) My question is, is that too long for it to stay in the fridge? Or do I need to freeze it and take ...

Carrot cake

by bxgirl 5 years ago

Can carrot cake be kept out of the refrigerator for 2 days after baking? It will have no dairy product, and no frosting. Thanks

brown kimchi still good?

by anatta 5 years ago

This is my third time making kimchi. First two attempts were highly successful. This time, half of the surface kimchi has turned brown (see picture). Beneath the surface, it's still nice and ...

browning chicken in advance

by ronojo 5 years ago

I'm going to be making a chicken recipe where I brown the chicken first and then cook it in a sauce in the oven. Will I be running into safety issues if I brown the chicken and let it sit out for...

not eating the bay leaf- why?

by Spencer 13 years ago

I've always heard that you are to not eat the bay leaf in dishes. Why, does it make you sick or something?

What do bitter almonds look like?

Miss Needle
by Miss Needle 7 years ago

I purchased some raw almonds from a bulk bin about 2-3 weeks ago. I haven't eaten them until today. I ate a few and it was delicious -- very strong almond flavor. They were from Spain, if that make...

Rustlers Burgers Left Out for 7Hrs Ok?

by AnthGood 5 years ago

Hi, Was hoping someone could offer some advice. I went to Tesco's today and bought two Rustlers burgers. The Chicken Sandwich Burger and their Cheese Burger. Drove home and then left them in...

Would you have cooked this pork roast? I'm worried it's bad.

by vvv03 11 years ago

I bought a pork roast at the grocery store Friday, haven't gotten around to cooking it until today. It has a "sell by" date of Feb 25 (tomorrow). When I took it out, it didn't smell BAD, but it sm...

BC Oysters

by LotusRapper 5 years ago

B.C. oysters sold for raw consumption recalled due to possible bacteria: http://www.vancouversun.com/health/oysters+sold+consumption+recalled+possible+bacteria/11299874/story.html

cauliflour dimemna

by NOMOSSMAMA 5 years ago

I froze some chopped, fresh cauliflower (I didn't blanch it first) in my deep freeze. The cauliflower has turned a light brown color in the freezer. I suspect that while I was on vacation, we...

Line caught wild salmon, ok to eat raw?

by Mikechowhound 5 years ago

Caught Wild Salmon in northern california, outside of SF bay today. Is this fish okay for sushi or poke-like dishes?

dill pickles

by jackieklein 5 years ago

I made these dill pickles yesterday. (Vinegar dills) a few hours after I processed them I noticed the white stuff on the ends of the cucumbers where I had cut the ends off. I can't seem to find any...

Need Advice

by Jambino46 5 years ago

Does anyone know what would cause a bottle of root beer to be hard to open and taste like vinegar. I only took a sip but I'm kinda worried about getting sick. I can't find any information about thi...