Food Myths

The Origins of Odd Food Names, from Funeral Potatoes to Welsh Rarebit

Most recipes and menu items sport pretty straightforward names that tell you what it is you'll be eating, like Chicken Noodle Soup, for instance. Some even allude to the preparation method: Slow Cooker...

The mystery of the cloudy stock

by Grunde 7 years ago

Hi everybody. I'm new in here, but I have read some advice in this forum that strike me as novel to say the least. In several discussions about making stock from poultry it is claimed that one ...

What Are YOUR Kitchen Superstitions?

by PotatoHouse 4 years ago

I grew up in an Irish-Native American home just rife with superstitions. I don't really hold to those anymore (I don't believe that hat placed on a table or bed is bad luck, but it is just plain ru...

seed and pit edibility: please dispel myths from my childhood...

by silence9 14 years ago

Hiya... I will sheepishly admit that I do not know if it is OK/safe to consume the seeds and pits of common fruit. Sometimes I just want to eat the entire apple, orange, grape, pomegranite, etc., s...

Food mythbusters . What's your belief or not ?

by emglow101 6 years ago

Never believed the pit in the guacamole would keep it from turning brown .Searing , does it keep the juices in ? What's this about keeping a cut onion out all night ? Don't freeze coffee ? I read t...

The questionable link between saturated fat and heart disease

by janniecooks 6 years ago

Great article discussing the source and evolution of the dubious theory that butter, cheese and red meat are bad for you. Don't know why the url is so long, but for now the article is available to...

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