Fondue Pots

How to Make the Best Cheese Fondue

Dipping bread and vegetables into a pot of hot cheese fondue makes a fun and delicious meal, but what's the secret to ensuring a fondue is smooth and well flavored? Whether you want to use the classic...

Copper Pots Legion Industries Infos

by TJFRANCE 4 years ago

Hello All, can anyone tell me about LEGION INDUSTRIES from WAYNESBORO in the USA? Are LEGION UTENSILS and LEGION INDUSTRIES the same? I see on their website the date 2012 in the price catalog...

What kind of pot is this?

by ChallahGood 2 years ago

I got this "pot" at a garage sale. It gives off a very 60s or 70s vibe. It feels ceramic or clay almost, but the exterior is porous yet strong. I was going to use it for baking but it started givin...

St. Albans... Soft and Cuddly

by DonShirer 3 years ago

Just had my first taste of St. Albans, a soft spreadable cow milk cheese from Vermont Creamery. Modeled after St. Marcellin, is is aged 11 days(!) and packed in a small 3oz. crockery bowl that can...

Current suggestions for fondue pot?

by ThomasGault 5 years ago

There are lots of older posts with suggestions for fondue pots. Does anyone have a more recent pick that is better? I know that CI likes a Trudeau model. Anything better for cheese and broth?

Fondue Pots -- Electric or Something Else?

by CindyJ 12 years ago

I need to shop for a fondue pot for a gift, and I know nothing about them. Should I get an electric one, or one that's a little more versatile (moveable) that's heated by candle-power or sterno? ...

Cooking fuel for fondue pot?

by MCFAC 6 years ago

Hi, does anyone have a favorite fuel for cheese and/or chocolate fondue? I picked up a vintage cooker, it has a copper burner, with a ceramic and mesh interior, and it has an adjustment for raising...

I need Sauterne wine for fondue, but can't find it anywhere.

by librarianjen 11 years ago

Are there any acceptable substitutes? None of the liquor stores around me have it, and many I call are confusing it with the sweet dessert wine, sauterneS. Any recommendations? Thank you!

How much is my Dehillerin copper fondue pot worth?

by DrCarmen 6 years ago

I bought some tin lined copper pots and pans from Dehillerin in Paris in the 1960's, including this approximately quart sized fondue pot. The tin lining is in good shape. It burns white gas. I w...

Suggestions for a small Fondue pot?

by desidude 7 years ago

Hi friends, I hope everyone is doing well in the New Year. I am interested in buying a small Fondue set - Pot, forks, flame burner for occasional use at home. I am quite an amateur cook in th...

Wedding Gift - Fondue Pot

by snax 8 years ago

A girlfriend of mine is getting married in a few months time. She asked me 3 years ago that if she "ever gets married, can you buy me a found pot?". Do I keep my word? Or do I buy her a dutch o...

Do you own a fondue pot? And what's in it?

by alliegator 8 years ago

I got a fondue pot a few years ago and used it often, but kind of got burned out on it. It's been in the back of my cabinet for a while. Maybe some of you have a favorite recipe (savory, sweet, w...

unenamelled cast iron fondue pot

by rtms 10 years ago

I picked up an unenamelled cast iron fondue pot from the thrift store. Because I'm not sure of what type of fuel to use I have enjoyed a fondue yet. Do I need to season the pot first? Thanks

Use fondue pot as saucepan?

by Nana5 10 years ago

I bought a Henckel enamelled cast iron fondue pot to use as a saucepan - so far it works great, no hotspots, keeps food warm a long time and impervious to acid. Has anyone else ever done this? An...

What Kind of Fondue Pot?

by ApartmentDweller 12 years ago

First off, I'm not even sure that I "NEED" a fondue pot; maybe I just "WANT" one!!! I've had my eye on an enameled cast iron 1.5-quart one, very reputable brand. The manufacturer claims that it...

Help with Fondue Pot?

by christof 13 years ago

Hi, I'm new here but there's one thing I'm having really big trouble with. I really want to start experimenting with fondue, but I can't find the right pot. If you have been to melting pot or la...

Denatured vs Isopropyl Alcohol for Fondue Pot

by brappnyc 12 years ago

Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the right board for this question, but here goes. I just bought a fondue pot that takes denatured alcohol for the flame. I've seen various posts saying that you can...

Potluck - I'd like to use my fondue pot...

by Foodrat 14 years ago

...which has been sitting in it's box since I received it 3 years ago as a weddng present. Any ideas for something savory? I don't want to make a traditional cheese fondue, nor do I want to mak...

Question about fondue pot

by LCarroll 15 years ago

Not sure if this is the right area to post my question. I received a non-electric fondue pot but it didnt have any instructions. I just need to know what to use to keep fondue hot after I make the...

Fondue Pot

by Keri T. 16 years ago

For an engagement gift I am planning on buying a fondue pot for my friend, does anyone have any opinions on the different ones out there? I saw that All-Clad makes one, has anyone tried it? Thanks

Electric fondue pot - leave it out during a party?

by julesrules 17 years ago

I received an electric fondue pot as a gift and I'd really like to use it! I'm throwing a baby shower soon and a New Year's party - but they're both mill-around, snack on the buffet-type events rat...