Are Whole-Wheat and All-Purpose Flour Interchangeable?

If you’re in the middle of mixing up a batch of muffins, can you substitute whole-wheat flour instead of the all-purpose flour that the recipe calls for? The short answer: no. Whole-wheat flour makes...

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Would Cake Flour or Corn Starch Work In A Bechamel Sauce? (In Place Of AP Flour)

by Atomic76 6 years ago

After trying just about every recommended method/trick for making a smooth cheese sauce from scratch, my favorite method so far is to just toss a few slices of American cheese (Land O Lakes brand, ...

Interesting thickening agents

by lucia 17 years ago

I'm the kind of cook who wings it a lot, mostly based on experience, and I'm really interested in understanding the properties of ingredients. You can almost categorize cuisines by the thickening...

What's a good self-rising flour?

by Mariee_monoxd 6 years ago

I'm new at baking, and my teacher told me that the Washington self-rising flour was a good one, and I've used it, but I recently ran out and the store I bought that is pretty far away from home, so...

Which Flour to Use for Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Jessiet 8 years ago

I am in search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie flour. I have some good ideas for a recipe, and frankly, it won't stray far from the classic Toll House Cookies on the bag of chocolate chips. ...

Sourcing Organic Artisinal Bread Flour in Dallas

by seabird20 13 years ago

Fellow hounds, I have taken up (and become addicted to) bread baking at home. From baguettes to ciabattas, Czech rye breads, pain ordinaire, you name it, I will try it. So far I have been mak...

Can you brown a dough made out of bleached flour in the oven?

by Moggi 6 years ago

I had to ask because it's beyond the instructed cooking time on the recipe and it's still stark white.

SE Mich. pastry flour source?

by Ignatz 15 years ago

OK southeastern Michigan, I need to find a good pastry flour for pie crusts. Can anyone suggest a source? Major groceries seem only to have the usual brands. West side/Ann Arbor preferred. Also...

00 whole wheat pasta flour

by ItalyFan 6 years ago

I'd like to make some whole wheat pasta. Does anyone know a source for this and has anyone tried it? TIA

Recipes using rye flour without other flours?

pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 6 years ago

I am moving in less than 2 weeks and trying to clean my pantry. I have about 2-3 cups of rye flour I'd like to use up. I used some of it today in a recipe for rye bread, but that only used up 3/4 c...

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour: Does it exist here?

by DishyDiva 13 years ago

Where in Toronto or the GTA at large can I get whole wheat pastry flour? I'm referring specifically to flour made for baking cakes and pastries and not regular whole wheat. Please let me know i...

Want to make bread but don't understand ingredient. Please help!

by JLBeans 9 years ago

I finally got my hands on a recipe for Breakfast Bread like the one found at Publix grocery store. The recipe calls for 8 Tbs of "wheat gluten" (in addition to 6 1/2 cups AP flour, 2 packets yeast,...

please help

by auggie11 6 years ago

I am trying to make a coffee cake directions calls for a not self rising flour .Which one do I use unbleached or bleached

Dallas - best flour tortillas?

by jasmine_bay 12 years ago

I've tried the flour tortillas from Central Market in Plano and from Aparicio's (Plano Tortilla Factory) on 18th St in Plano. I found them both to be good, but are there any better? Are there any ...

What type of flour should I dust on Sweet Potato to make Crispy Sweet Potato fries?

by vanity021 13 years ago

I've given up on trying to stay on the healthy side when attempting to make sweet potato fries. Have tried soaking them before baking and they still turn out soggy. Even deep fried them and all t...

Heirloom Frosting Recipe Question - help!

by macrogal 14 years ago

So I have just discovered my grandmother's famous frosting recipe, which is essentially the following: cook flour and milk together let cool completely beat with crisco, butter and sugar ta-d...

Flour in SD

by honkman 6 years ago

We have recently started bread baking and are still looking for unbleached whole wheat bread flour and multi grain bread flour - has anybody seen them in SD (we looked at the usual suspects, WF, Br...

flour going bad

by Magreth 6 years ago

hi guys just started baking cinnamon rolls and i had few questions 1> how can you store them so they can be fresh to eat next day? 2> if you accidentally use bad flour or yeast can it cause the r...

self rising flour-

by oisters 6 years ago

I recently bought self rising flour, but not sure what to use it on. So it sounds like, I can use this flour to bake any recipe with and recipes that asks for baking powder, i won't need because o...

where to get flours for bread baking in East Bay?

by indigirl 6 years ago

Surprised to find Berkeley Bowl & Telegraph Whole Foods both lacked the King Arthur organic bread flour & Bob's Red Mill "Ivory" whole white wheat flour I had been using in LA. Also interested in h...

Has anyone ever tried weighing flour to test the weight vs volume relationship?

by Dylan 6 years ago

On the label, all purpose flour supposedly weighs about 30g for 1/4 cup, or 120g per cup. However, when I weigh mine, I always get more like 150g per cup. (Using King Arthur AP flour.) That's a...

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