Lockdown in Florence: How One Italian Family Is Coping by Cooking

Over the past month, life as we know it has been irrevocably altered. The new normal, as we’ve been prone to call it, revolves around staying indoors as much as possible, finding a semblance of community...

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A month in Florence, tea shops, groceries and dining out?

by mlgagnon 4 years ago

I will be attending a field school in Florence for the month of May. Followed by 4 days each in Switzerland, Paris, Amsterdam and London. I will have an apartment, and am looking forward to coo...

Florence and Venice--favorites, bakeries, and reservations?

by emiliewasmyeve 4 years ago

Hi, everyone. Heading to Italy for the first time, next month. Wanting to eat, mostly. I've been reading through all of the back posts and making lists. Looking for further recommendations--any ...

Delicious Gluten-Free Eats in Florence

by raisingmygirlglutenfree 4 years ago

We are going to be in Florence for a few days in May with our young daughter who has celiac disease. We are foodies who love great food & wine, and we have instilled a love of good food in our daug...

Help planning a day trip from Florence

by Multifoiled 4 years ago

We're planning a trip to Italy for this April. We've been to Florence a number of times and even spent a week in Tuscany one year with Monteriggioni as our base. That said, we are including Florenc...

Culinary Tours and Cooking Classes in Florence

by ferrett1 5 years ago

We will be in Florence this April...I'm so excited, my first time in Italy and I'd love to hear recommendations for the best culinary/foodie tours and cooking classes in the area.

Italian Name for Tuscan Fried Vegs

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 5 years ago

What's the proper term for the Tuscan fritti of fried vegetables, flowers, and herbs? I've googled variations of "Verdure fritti/fritte" with little luck. And "fritto misto" is usually a broade...

Long trip report: Florence, Siena, Langhe, Rome

by lisaonthecape 5 years ago

Last year, I promised a trip report from Umbria and Le Marche that I never delivered. Mostly, we ended up cooking at our rented apartments and only had a few meals out which, frankly, were not that...

Florence, Aug. 13-15

by ItalyFan 5 years ago

My son and his fiancé will be in Florence from August 13th to the 15th (I know; worst.time.ever). Does anyone have any insights on what may be open on those days? Markets, museums, restaurant, ge...

Northern Italy Recommendations

by CACulinary 5 years ago

Heading to Italy in mid-August, and would love any restaurant, winery, cooking class recommendations for: FLORENCE, SIENA, BOLOGNA, MODENA, PARMA, PORTOVENERE and LAKE COMO. Right now, all we h...

Food Itinerary for Rome & Florence/Tuscany

by jstarr 5 years ago

Heading to Italy in a little less than 2 weeks and looking for some advice on meals. Looking to eat the classic dishes in both regions, and have read a bunch of great threads on Chowhound. In...

Tuscan places to visit and eat in, after Lucca?

by curioussheridan 5 years ago

We will be in Lucca for ten days in early May, then have another six on our own. Where should we go to experince more of Tuscany and its food? (Not so interested in wine). We are considering Mont...

Kitchen shopping in Rome and/or Florence

by L.Nightshade 10 years ago

We will be in Italy in October, our city visits include Rome and Florence. I'm not big on shopping but I would like to find a place selling cooking supplies, in either city. I'm specifically looki...

Venice and Florence with Kids

by dngmt 5 years ago

Heading to Venice and Florence this August with our two kids (ages 10, 12) who love their food like their chef mom but don't quite have the bandwidth to sit through lengthy gastronomic meals - woul...

Long though incomplete/imprecise Florence review, including taking one for the team...

by SueFH 7 years ago

I'm not nearly as savvy as many of you, but I so appreciate all the advice and suggestions I've received in planning my trip to Italy I want to share what I can. I also don't have notes handy at t...

2 Meals in Florence- Any recommendations?

by statecollegian 5 years ago

I will be in Florence for 24 hours with my husband on a Saturday in March. We will be staying near the Uffizi and would love recommendations for one lunch and one dinner. We are simply looking for ...

Florence: Special Commendation for Buca Lapi

by AlexRast 5 years ago

I'm motivated to write this by an exceptional service experience at the aforementioned location. Those of you with long memories or effective search skills may remember that I've got a steak obsess...

Rome, Florence and Venice Report

by dloons 5 years ago

Hello Chowhound Friends, We are just back from ten days in above cities. As I profited from your advice allow me to report. Background: we are a family of five traveling, kids 17, 15, & 12 ( al...

1 vegetarian and 1 fish/meat lover in venice/florence/rome

by DTLAcouple 5 years ago

Hello, We are a couple with 1 vegetarian (not vegan) and 1 fish lover visiting Venice, Florence, and Rome from March 4 to March 19. Any tips on restaurants/bacaro where we can both have a nice ...

Italy in August (long): Florence, Bologna, Venice, Milan

by ninkat 5 years ago

First, let me say a warm thank you to all of the advice and help from Chowhounders near and far. This was my first trip to Italy in 30 years, and my first trip to most of the cities I visited, and...

Trip Report: Rome, Florence, Siena, & Venice - September & October 2015

by mcneala 6 years ago

We visited Italy in late September-early October and offer this (late) report. Thanks to all here for your suggestions, they were extremely helpful. Rome ************* Our first big meal in Ro...