Lockdown in Florence: How One Italian Family Is Coping by Cooking

Over the past month, life as we know it has been irrevocably altered. The new normal, as we’ve been prone to call it, revolves around staying indoors as much as possible, finding a semblance of community...

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Itinerary advice and brunch

by SaraPA 4 years ago

I am trying to find a nice Sunday brunch in Florence in September. I am aware of Le Vespe and The Diner; looking for something, well, a little more brunch-y :-) Also not looking for a super exp...

Please help a solo diner traveling to Venice, Garda, Milan, and Florence in early July looking for recommendations

by vinominer 4 years ago

I am looking for restaurant and wine bar suggestions in Venice, Gardone (lago di garda), Milan, and Florence. I will be traveling solo in late June and early July and prefer to eat at the bar or so...

Italy Itinerary Comments welcome

by Bababooey 4 years ago

My wife and I get 9 days in Italy in early September. Looking for input/insights to help make this a great food/wine trip where we do things we wouldn't/couldn't do if our kids were with us: Da...

Solo diner in Florence

by vinominer 4 years ago

I am looking for restaurant and wine bar suggestions in Florence. I will be in Florence in early July and prefer to eat somewhere more fun for a solo diner. The place can be any price, though I wou...

Firenze dinner recommendations

by LABeam 4 years ago

Planning to be in Florence for 4 nights, group of 5 people. Staying in Oltrarno. I would really welcome some suggestions/critique. Not looking for cheap or bargain places but rather quality and ...

Rome - Florence - Cinque Terre - Venice in 10 days and a very tight budget!

by s0na 4 years ago

Hi, Me and my friend will be travelling to Italy for 10 days (May 1st week) on a very tight budget. This is our 1st time in Italy (or to anywhere else for that matter), we have zero Italian betwee...

Trip itinerary - Rome-Firenze-Siena-Modena-Bellagio - comments welcomed!

by 23dex 4 years ago

(Sorry - this turned into a very long post - I probably didn’t need so many words) Folks - we are going to be heading to Italy very soon - next week. I have been reading through a number of p...

Reservations? Rome/Florence/Lucca

by sasha1 4 years ago

We are about to take a family trip (less than a week away!), and I've done lots of research on which restaurants to go to. Now I'm trying to resolve a case of conflicting information. To rese...

Please Critique My Florence Restaurant List!

by jmui852 4 years ago

Hi, Our family of 3 will be visiting Florence for 4 days end of May before making it up to Osteria Francescana, we are avid foodies and are looking to dine at the best Florence has to offer. Aft...

Here's the Dinner Deal

by Carriejr 4 years ago

OK...here it is. One-off night in florence w/ my husband from villa outside city. staying overnight at St. Regis. Here is our quickie profile: we like great, good food. and great attentive, kn...

Trip Report - Italy North

by slvrspoon1 4 years ago

Gotta be quick but gotta give back.... 1. Lake Garda - Riva Volta not impressed. Re Lear in Montacesine good (both lunch). Nothing else around looked good unless you can eat the fatty parts o...

Trip Report, May - Venice, Florence Rome

by johnmart11 4 years ago

VENICE Alle Testiere - lunch on a Saturday. Among the first to arrive. Nice to have a choice of tables (some looked like they would be hard to get out of...). Great Venetian seafood and wines. Ser...

Florence trip report: April 29-May 2

by Multifoiled 4 years ago

Saturday: Taverna del Bronzino (dinner) As I stated in another post, I know this restaurant does not get a lot of love on CH but my husband and I have dined here 6 times now (each time we have visi...

Sostanza vs Fagioli vs Bettola for Bisteca Fiorentina?

by Pei 4 years ago

I've narrowed it down to these 3 choices for top-quality beef, but wanted to ask people's thoughts on the key differences. - which restaurant has the best steak? Is the steak different enough f...

Pasta Making Class in Florence?

by Hofman777 5 years ago

My wife and I are going to be in Florence and would like to take a pasta making class one afternoon/evening. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank!

Florence dinner choice

by cathleenmarie 4 years ago

We are returning to Florence for the fourth year in a row. We will be staying four nights. We are a party of five—my husband, me, my mom and two nieces who will be on their first trip to Europe. So...

Aperitif In Florence

by LABeam 4 years ago

I would welcome any suggestions of a place where a group of 4-5 people can come in for an aperitif in Florence close to the historical center or oltrarno

Venice, Florence and Rome - time to get this list pared down. Help!

by johnmart11 4 years ago

Looking to visit Italy the last part of May for the first time.We will be doing the three cities listed over the course of eight days (I know...). I have been reading all the recent posts and hav...

Butcher Dario Cecchini outside of Florence

by Scooter22 4 years ago

Hi, I will be staying outside of Arezzo the first week of July. I saw a butcher named Dario Cecchini has a shop just outside of Florence. He has a program called Butcher for a day where you pay h...

Rome & Florence Restaurant Recommendations

by TakeHumanBites 4 years ago

Hi, I'm planning a trip to Rome and Florence this April. I'd really appreciate recommendations for great, non-touristy Italian restaurants for dinner and lunch. Looking for great but not overly for...