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Pondering silverware...

by Lady Grey 4 years ago

Sterling silver flatware, I mean. I'm not using what I have, would like to sell it, but am not finding good ideas. I know there are options like Replacements, that buy for very little, but then...

Electric Flavoring Fork

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

"...The handle of the fork incorporates a rechargeable battery and electric circuit. When the user inserts the head of the fork into the mouth with food while pressing a button on the handle, a cer...

Antique plates or kitchenware?

by pamalamb 12 years ago

Is there a place in Boston (or not too far from the city) that sells antique/vintage plates, silverware, and kitchenware? I've been amassing a collection of pretty plates, etc, for food photograph...

Help finding a solid wood flatware chest

by GibsonGirl55 4 years ago

My husband and I ran across a vintage set of silverplate flatware that had been stored away and forgotten. The pieces are badly tarnished and earmarked for professional restoration. I'd like to fin...

Serving Food in Silver Serving Pieces ....

by MMRuth 11 years ago

I decided to pull out and polish some silver serving pieces to use for lunch on Sunday. I'm not sure I've ever actually used them before, and am wondering if I need to be wary, in terms of affecti...

Best Stainless Flatware?

by dulcie54 4 years ago

My DH and I recently splashed out for new dinnerware and went with Heath in the Coupe style. Now we need to ditch our old sort of fancy silverplate. I want clean, modern, heavy, and high quality....


by toitoi 11 years ago

Why, when you order a pie or cake-like dessert in the United States, you only get a fork, even if ice cream is served with it? Why not a spoon too? In Europe, for all desserts, you get a spoon ...

Stainless Steel Flatware

by sandiasingh 4 years ago

An everyday set of SS flatware I bought at Crate & Barrel 30 years ago needs to be replaced. I've looked at their designs and would you believe they still have it the one I got? (Dune). My old...

Crazy but curious question, newer silverware ink? stamped country of origin or laser etched?

by comfortablynumb 4 years ago

I'm noticing on some of the newer pieces of Silverware I get, as opposed to older/vintage silverware the country of origin is now stamped on the bowls of spoons and below the tines on forks. I got...

Affordable, but decent quality flatware, does it exist?

by comfortablynumb 4 years ago

I'm looking mainly for by the place setting or single pieces as I live alone so don't really need a whole set. That said, I'm having a real hard time finding something that's both affordable and d...

Flatware buying tips?

by zackly 4 years ago

I need a new set of "everyday" stainless flatware. I'm thinking a service for 8 roughly 45 pieces. The set this is replacing that I bought online is an Oneida brand. I was never thrilled with it be...

Butterup Knife

by kaleokahu 5 years ago

Who has one? http://www.momastore.org/museum/moma/ProductDisplay?storeId=10001&catalogId=10451&langId=-1&categoryId=11470&parent_category_rn=11470&productId=199171&keyWord=Butterup%20Knife&purpose...

Decent Flatware set for around $100?...

by PutSomethingTogether 5 years ago

Looking for a 20 piece SS 18/10 18/8 set. I want a modern casual pattern that feels good in the hand. I also prefer a rounded dinner knife as opposed to a pointy one. The toughest part of what Id l...

cleaning Silver Plate

by jessica 13 years ago

Another cleaning question, sorry all! I have a collection of silverplate utensils I use for everyday eating (oneida community plate in case this makes a difference). I polished them about 2-3 mon...

Your fantasy place setting

by law_doc89 5 years ago

Eating is supposed to be fun, unless we live in pure subsistence. My fingers, and a hollowed gourd are enough for subsistence. About a decade ago, I saw a set of Tiffany silver on eBay ( why?) t...

Going insane re: scratched stainless steel

by Orange_Blossom 8 years ago

Hi all, I am looking for something like a combination of reassurance and a bit of schooling right now. I am used to cooking with sub-par pans (my mother hardly cooked so I was at the mercy of...

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